MLM News: The First Lady Of Network Marketing Coffee Companies & Co-Founder Of OrganoGold, Now V.P. At VidaCup

Hello Vidacup Nation!

It is with great excitement that we make a huge announcement.


We are pleased to welcome Carrie Ruelle as a new Vice President. Carrie began her network marketing career at the age of 23 in 1995 and within two years she ascended to the top ranking position in her first network marketing company. Over the next 10 years, Carrie obtained valuable experience as successful field leader in several network marketing companies.

Subsequently Carrie was a co-founder and executive of two direct sales companies in the healthy coffee arena. In 2007 she co-founded OrganoGold and in 2011 SereniGy, with both companies achieving multi-million dollars in annual and operating in as many as 50 countries. “Vidacup International embodies every criteria I established for my next venture. Their executive team possess the work ethic, values, philosophies and vision that confirmed this was the right place to invest my time and talents and achieve my dream of growing a company to the Five Hundred Million dollar mark and beyond. I’m excited to bring my passion and experience to Vidacup and happy to join forces with a company that puts people first.” says Carrie.

Carrie is a valuable addition to our team.  Her experience in establishing the foundation of two successful companies in our space will help us ensure best-in-class operations that our Brand Promoters can rely on. She’s passionate about building high-performance teams and we know her contributions will be felt by our staff, seen by our field leadership, and quantified by our growth.   These are truly exciting times to be a part of Vidacup. In the coming days and weeks you will see more news being released so stay tuned!

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MLM News Report: Zeek Reward Confusion Clarified, Network Marketing Success Stories & Direct Selling News Story

In this week’s MLM News Report, Troy Dooly clears up some confusion on a recent Zeek Reward video and some tax questions. And shares some exciting success stories from across the Globe, and sharing a great covery story from Direct Selling News on the MLM Coffee Industry.

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Inside the Amway Sales Machine – By Dennis K. Berman at Follow on Twitter @dkberman.

LAS VEGAS—Holly Chen is a former first-grade teacher, just over 5 feet tall, with a taste for sequins. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her, but this 68-year-old grandmother is one of the most prolific salespeople on Earth.

Ms. Chen is a kingpin of the emotions business. Over three decades, she and her husband have become the single largest Amway Corp. distributor in the world, motivating a commission-based army of some 300,000 salespeople. As members have recruited new reps, the network has spread from Ms. Chen’s base in Taiwan across Hong Kong and mainland China to Chinese immigrant communities in the U.S., France, Spain and Russia. Read The Full Story Click Here!

Why Home Parties are an Effective Business Model – Guest Blog Post by Deb Bixler 2/10/12

There are many different types of business models to use when starting a home business. One of the most successful models is the home party plan. It is no surprise that many business began with home party selling. What do you call those re-usable plastic storage containers in your kitchen drawer? Yes, you call them Tupperware – but that’s the company name, not their actual name. Tupperware became so popular that we now know the products by the business name. All that name recognition from a home party business!

In its most basic form, the home party plan business is a method of product distribution through independent contractors. These contractors are often referred to as consultants. This type of business is also known as direct sales. Read The Full Article Click Here!

Direct Selling Has a Future in Turkey, The Figures Say – Hakki Ozmorali

We always call direct selling a “people business”. Being a people business, demographic and socio-economic factors play a vital role in the growths of indvidual companies and of the industry as a whole.

According to GfK’ study sponsored by Amway Europe in late 2011, of the 1,487 men and women surveyed, 65% said they had positive attitudes towards self-employment. Maybe more importantly, this is even higher among those who already had full-time jobs (76%) showing this attitude did not merely stem from desperation. The numbers speak for themselves… Turkey is calling! Read The Full Article Click Here!

Direct sales or network marketing companies allow women flexibility, financial security – By Heather Collier ~ Flourish

The direct sales, or network marketing, industry is big business. Need proof? Just look at Tupperware — 65 years after debuting and carving out a place in pop culture history, the company still rakes in more than $2 billion in sales each year.
And for the women who sell products ranging from bags to kitchen supplies to weight-loss methods, direct sales is a chance to earn a full-time or supplemental income on their own terms, on their own schedule. Read The Full Article Click Here!

How direct selling changed my life – By Noor-Jehan Yoro Badat

Times are tough and everyone can do with an extra income. Four women tell us how they earn it with direct selling.

ROSHNI DAVID from Lenasia South has been an AMC Cookware consultant for 15 years.

I’ve been buying and using AMC products for over 30 years. Because of the confidence I have in the cookware, I thought: “Why not sell it myself?”

A consultant came to my home one day to show me things that I wanted to add to my collection. I told her that I was keen to join, which I did straight away.

I had been working for a corporate company for 30 years. But having a laatlammetjie (late child), I needed the extra money. I was a part-time AMC consultant for 15 years, and last year I decided to do it full time. Read The Full Article Click Here!

Make Your Employees Motivated Missionaries – Jessica Herrin Founder/CEO of Stella & Dot

As your company grows, you can’t plan for revenue growth alone. You need to plan for leadership and culture growth as well. Here’s how Stella & Dot does it.

At Stella & Dot, we are in the midst of rolling out our annual strategy for our new fiscal year to our employees. As a management team, before rolling out our 2012 company goals, we did what every management book would tell you to do. We worked backwards from a three-year plan, we focused in on 2012, we broke it down by function and provided measurable objectives with great clarity. Textbook. Read The Full Article Click Here!

Direct Selling NewsHow Direct Selling Met the Coffee Market – by Sarah Paulk

America has a love affair with coffee. Every day, more than half of the country’s adult population admits to habitually downing a cup of joe—the liquid equivalent of 146 billion cups each year. And America is not alone. Coffee has captured the adoration of the entire world as well. Second only to water, coffee ranks as the most consumed beverage on the planet.

The relationship Americans have with coffee has evolved in both price and presentation over the years. The simple five-ounce nickel-cup of coffee from the 1950s is a thing of the past, now replaced by gourmet roasting systems, organic beans and 32-ounce servings. Retailers ranging from Dunkin’ Donuts to burger giant McDonald’s have jumped on the gourmet coffee bandwagon, priming consumers to not only expect more from their coffee, but to pay more as well.

AL International Inc. has experienced impressive sales growth with the addition of coffee to its product line. CLR Roasters, the company’s retail and wholesale coffee company and maker of JavaFit®, is experiencing tremendous growth–in excess of 100 percent year after year. “AL International’s organic growth has been about 49 percent year over year,” Wallach says. “Bringing in JavaFit and CLR Roasters, and unifying the sales as AL International has been a great combination. The last year and a half has been good from a marketability standpoint, and coffee is a big part of our strategy.” Read The Full Article Click Here!

Mentoring and Leadership – Michael Wiedder

When people first get into Network Marketing, they don’t realize that the industry is really personal development disguised as a business and in order to earn more, you must first become more.

Income will always follow your personal growth and it’s what makes the MLM business model so intriguing. Help enough people get out of life what they want and you will get out of life what you want..

In fact, the faster you can become a leader and a mentor the faster you will start to have success in your business
People follow people They don’t follow companies or products. So the question really is, are you somebody that people want to follow? That is why it is critically important that you find a successful mentor in the Company and learn from them and if you are not somebody that has those skills, you should plug your prospects and recruits into calls and trainings with the leaders and mentors in a company.

People are inherently not sales people and your initial success will depend on facilitating introductions to leaders via 3 ways and conference calls until you develop into that leader or mentor

In order to become a true leader, the first thing you will need to do is to get comfortable being uncomfortable. You have heard the saying, “get out of your comfort zone.”

How do you move prospects into ACTION and get people to follow you as you develop your leadership and networking skills?
Here are a few ways to ease yourself into a leadership role

1. Start volunteering to do testimonials on presentations and calls

2. Edify other leaders in the company and other members on your team.

Recognize people for their achievements. Don’t be afraid to tell people that they are doing a great job, or how much you appreciate them. Teamwork is what makes the Dream work and edification is what brings a team together. Whether a leader is on your team or not, they are still a leader -and edification is the key. You need to resonate in the same frequency as the rest of the leaders, so be aware of this when you start on the leadership path.

3. Feed your mind with personal growth and development information

Turn your car and home into a University and use your time to lean and grow. Almost every leader and mentor in MLM will tell you how critical this is. It’s what creates leaders and it’s what attracts people that want to follow you

4. Make it a goal to speak with a minimum 3 new people a day about your company and business

Stop selling and start sharing. Ask people for referrals and if they know anyone that is currently in between careers or someone that is looking for something exciting to participate in. Take the focus off of selling and put it onto CONNECTING with your prospects. Asking questions is the best way to connect with people to find things in common.

5. Stay connected to the top income earners and mentors of the company.

Tune into their calls and try and get them on the phone with your prospects as much as possible. . A top income earner and mentor can typically answer every question and objection under the sun, so its important to be attentive on each call. Eventually you will become the leader and mentor that other people start using for 3 way calls and 3rd party validation.

Check out for additional information. Their focus is becoming THE leading digital company in the network marketing industry by providing great tools for personal and professional development and help you build your business.