Breaking MLM Coffee News: Gano Excel Getting Ready For An MLM War, Taking The Battle To Ganolife

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Well from the looks of things Gano Excel is ready to fight an MLM Coffee War with Gano Life and are taking the battle to them. It is way to early to figure out all that has taken place. I can say that corporate subterfuge has taken place, then it is illegal and the distributors in both companies are the ones who are hurt.

Rod Cook reported over on MLM Watchdog the following…

Please be advised, Gano Excel has commenced a lawsuit against GanoLife and former CEO Joven Cabasag for, among other things, misusing Gano Excel’s confidential information, and interfering with Gano Excels’ established relationships. We understand that many of you may have been contacted by members of your upline or various leaders in an attempt to entice you to leave Gano Excel for GanoLife. Be advised, we are aggressively targeting all distributors that are cross-recruiting for GanoLife. Violators will be terminated and may face legal prosecution for their bad acts. The corporate leadership at Gano Excel will not allow a few individuals to corrupt the Gano Excel vision and create harm to our loyal distributor base.
We have already received thanks and appreciation from many distributors for taking steps to protect the company and their organization of distributors… And rest assured that Gano Excel is committed to pursuing any individual that causes harm to the company or its loyal distributors.

Further, we have been informed that some individuals are making false claims that Gano Excel is going out of business in the United States and Canada. This is completely untrue. The Company remains committed to these markets and, in fact, has plans to grow our business.