April 25, 2014 04:17

Breaking MLM News: Has Gano Excel Exited North America Or Just Changed Their Name To Gano Life?

Direct Selling News

Rumor’s have been flying today that Gano Excel has exited North America, after former Gano Excel CEO, Joven Cabasag took the Gano Excel trade secrets and database to launch Gano Life. However, that may not be the real story. We have uncovered some other interesting information. As I started researching this story, I thought back [...]

Breaking MLM News: VidaCup Officially Launches Holding Their First Red Carpet Day


I have been following VidaCup for months. I remember the first calls that came in as Donna Valdez and Jeff Mack started sharing the vision behind what they planned. Like many of us who track trends inside of the Direct Selling Industry they firmly believe the Coffee Niche inside of the Network Marketing community has [...]

Breaking MLM News: Donna Valdes Take CMO Position With New MLM Coffee Company VidaCup


Breaking MLM News: Donna Valdes Co-Founder of the Real Savvy Success Female Movement, Takes CMO Position With New MLM Coffee Company VidaCup International! For Immediate Release Contact: Donna Valdes, CMO, Vidacup International Phone:  704-660-VIDA (8432) Email:dvaldes@vidacup.com Vidacup International ™ Network Marketing & MLM Prelaunch New start-up Vidacup International ™ turns your everyday coffee into a [...]