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Troy Dooly’s June 22 Newsletter

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Troy Dooly’s Newsletter
Dear Troy,
What a wild ride the first six months of 2011 has been. I sent the last newsletter on January 20th, when I announced I had taken a position with Ignite 360 as SVP. Well, long story short, Ignite 360 decided direct sales is not the right marketing channel for their product offering, so we parted ties as they moved on. Great folks, I do wish them well.

I have added several new blogs to our network and some of the articles below will link to them for your review. You will also find some new sponsoring opportunity for you to become a formal part of our network, and new communities.

I also want to let you all know we just released the new NWM News Mobile Application, which in less than a week has broken all records for network marketing mobile applications with over 20,000 downloads. Again, if is you who hang with us in our community which made this possible. We just launched a second application called the Beachside CEO, which is focused on specific coaching and training topics.

Living An Epic Adventure,

troy Dooly

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