Breaking Zeek Rewards News: The Facts Behind The NC DOJ Investigation & Zeek Rewards Recording

After reading and answering several comments here in this community and reading several editorials by some of the critics of Zeek Rewards, on the NC DOJ’s CID (Civil Investigative Demand) letter and purported NC DOJ Zeek Recording, I was finally about to get to the bottom of things. I also got a response from Greg Caldwell acting COO of Rex Venture Group.

The interesting thing is I have been reporting for weeks that this very action from the NC DOJ was what I predicted would happen. I also predicted that even though this is standard business practice and that the NC DOJ had just issued a CID (Civil Investigative Demand) letter to the billion dollar energy giant Duke Energy, that the critics would report on this even as it is is the end of Zeek Rewards.


I contacted the NC DOJ yesterday and asked several questions:

1. Does the NC DOJ have a Zeek Rewards specific recording?
2. Is this common business practice for the NC DOJ?
3. Why does the NC DOJ use the word “investment” in the recording?
4. Has the NC DOJ received a large amount of complaints against Zeek Rewards?
5. Is the NC DOJ investigating Zeek Rewards?

Here is the response I received on this very issue.

1. Yes the NC DOJ has created a Zeek Rewards specific recording which goes as follows.

[quote]“Thank you for calling the North Carolina Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division about Zeek Rewards. We cannot tell you whether or not to invest or participate in Zeek Rewards or any other company. If you would like to file a complaint with our office, you can either leave a message with your name and address after the beep and we will mail you a complaint form, or you can visit our website at for an online complaint form. Specific questions about how Zeek Rewards works should be directed to the company itself. Again, the Attorney General’s Office cannot give you investment or legal advice, and we do not endorse any program or business. However, we always encourage people to do their own research before investing in any business. Many people have asked if we have received complaints about Zeek Rewards, and we can confirm that we have received several complaints. Thank you again for contacting our office.”[/quote]

2. The NC DOJ does at times create a recording about companies when the NC DOJ is getting numerous calls and it takes employees away from regular business.

3. The NC DOJ used the word “investment” inside the recording because that is the question people who call are asking. We created the call to answer their specific questions.

4. Yes the NC DOJ has received some complaints against Zeek Rewards.

[quote]Our Consumer Protection Division has received 8 complaints and 23 inquiries about Zeek Rewards and related companies as well as numerous phone calls. The complaints generally seek refunds and say the company has not lived up to its promises.[/quote]

5. Yes the NC DOJ is investigating Zeek Rewards.

[quote]I can tell you that we have concerns about Zeek Rewards and have asked the company to provide us with documents so we can examine its business practices.[/Quote]

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Now after talking with and receiving the above information I reached out to Greg Caldwell the acting COO of Rex Venture Group, to get some insight on where the company stood. Caldwell shot me over the following:

[quote] Troy,

They are accurate in reporting that after more than a year in business doing millions of dollars a month in sales, a total of eight complaints have been filed. We responded to all of them. One was filed by a mother whose daughter was making money and she was checking to be sure we are legitimate. We are.

All but the most recent one we just received have had their request satisfied, as will this newest complaint. We believe all “complaints” regardless of their source, as important and we respond to all of them with a policy of complete satisfaction.

Having worked with Zeek’s Director of Compliance, Ken Kilby on the majority of these complaints, I can tell you that anyone requesting a refund, received one immediately. The majority of those were based on frustration with several of our eWallet systems which we all experienced. At least two of the eight were not affiliates, but rather relatives checking on the company on behalf of their sons or daughters who, when researched showed them to be happy and successful in their business.

The point is we always have and will continue to respond to any inquiries or requests for information from any regulatory body. It is a necessary cost of doing business these days and assists us in remaining compliant and on top of any issues. [/quote]