Breaking MLM News: Matt Mason Is Back And The Seacret Is Out!

Matt & Anna Mason

About a year ago Matt Mason contacted me with a serious situation he was facing. After a couple of months of trying to work through all he was facing he decided the best thing to do was to go public with the issues he was facing and share in his own words why he was backing out of Network Marketing for a while. (Click here to listen to that interview.)

Through out the last 12 months, Matt and I have connected several times. We have crossed paths at companies he was interviewing, shared dinner with some fantastic network marketing leaders, and talked about his and Anna’s future in Network Marketing.

Every now and then I would call and ask if he had found anyone he could follow, or he would call and ask if I have stumbled across any leaders he should meet. Then a few weeks ago, I got the call I was waiting for… He had found a leader who walked the walk. Someone he felt he could follow, with a company that had a real story, and truly wanted to change the world and make it a better place.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you’ll know I love and respect many founders of some fantastic companies. However, this is a people business, and each of us must find the right fit, or we will not succeed. Matt & Anna Mason have found that leader!

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

We at SEACRET™ personally hold ourselves accountable to a culture of:

  • Building superior and loyal relationships with a commitment to our partners, leaders, sales force, and clients, and a spirit of entrepreneurship.
  • Empowering our people with tangible skills to create sustainable success for their families and future.
  • Maintaining a winning attitude, continuously evolving, and constantly pursuing both personal and professional excellence.
  • Recognizing and celebrating the achievements of others.
  • Never giving up on our dreams, with the ultimate goal of creating a successful business community that celebrates life with happiness, kindness, gratitude, joy, and humility.

MLM Leader Speaks Out: Top MLM Leader Matt Mason Apologizes To His Friends At ViSalus & Evolv Health

Matt Mason Today

Over the last few months, I have spoken with Matt Mason several times. Mason entered into network marketing in 2007 first at MonaVie, ViSalus Sciences and most recently Evolv Health. Today, Matt share with me his emotional story, and why he is now stepping back from network marketing. His goal is that everyone who listens to this interview will take a moment to reflect on what the network marketing community is all about… Relationships!

Matt Mason & Family

Matt Mason 90 Day Challenge

Matt Mason & Dallin Larsen

Matt Mason Today