Breaking MLM News: MLM Top Female Influencer and Mrs. MLM Watchdog Marcie Cook To Be Featured On NBC TV

MLM Watchdog Rod Cook just realeased the following MLM update: NBC DOING A NATIONAL EXPOSE ON HOT AIR BALLON DEATHS

So they came to the world’s leading expert on tracking and exposing the dangers of hot air balloons. Marcie was electrocued 10 years ago when a hot air ballon she was in crashed into high voltage power lines. She has been harrassing politicians and the FAA to tighten up rules on hot air ballon accidents.


1. Any personal injury lawyer will tell the you the silly waiver of injury that you sign before your hot air balloon ride is worthless — if the “balloon driver” (I won’t dignify them with the word pilot) screws up your ride and hurts you. Their insurance companies have them make you sign the waiver (if they have one) to fake you out of suing if you are hurt!

2. MAKE SURE THEY HAVE INSURANCE! Demand to see the hot air balloon operators Insurance liability policy before you get in the hot air balloon basket. It’s very simple! No insurance policy, get your money back. Better yet BEFORE YOU PAY demand to see their current liability insurance “binder.”

3. Why all of this? Did you know a helicopter evacuation costs at least $7000 plus fuel? What is the value of having a hole in the back of your eye? What about paying for the vacuum pump that goes on the big hole in your leg to try to get it to heal? Hospitalization in a burn unit = cost? Your loss of being able to work?

Update July 18 2009 On MLM Watchdog Rod Cook Rushed To Emergency Room With Chest Pains

Attention: Current update on the MLM Watchdog Rod Cook – As of July 18, 2009

Marcie Cook wrote…

I will be bringing Rod home from the hospital today-Saturday.
He will continue to be on total bedrest for 10-12 days and take his antibiotic orally vs via IV. Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and caring. Marcie

The MLM Watchdog Rod Cook (Chairman of the Distributors Right’s Association) was taken to the Emergency Room for Chest Pains by his wife and best friend Marcie Cook.

Rod Cook MLM Watchdog Marcie Cook

Marcie, is by Rod’s side right now, and will keep us posted throughout the day. In the mean time let’s set aside any differences we might have in MLM ideology and as Network Marketing family members who love Network Marketing, let’s lift up some prayers for Rod and Marcie.

What would be great, is if everyone who reads this post will send me at email or better yet, leave a comment here on the page so Rod & Marcie can read them.

Rod & Miss Marcie I love you both and we are all praying.

Never Give UP,