DNA aka Data Network Affiliates and Narc That Car May Be Running Interstate Crime Campaigns

This week one of our Investigative Advocates brought to our attention some very important information which could cause some MLM License Plate collecting companies some major issues.

This new concern, which surfaced this week, comes from the fact License Plates and the information contained on them is not the property of the individuals driving the car. After doing a little research in my own home state of Florida, I am quickly learning that the license numbers, actually the license plates themselves belong to Florida.

So, what happens when this data is collected by employees, or independent contractors working for a private company, with the specific purpose of reselling this information for a profit?

In some, if not all States it is a crime, and seen as selling stolen property of the State who issued the License Plates. This could place both Data Network Affiliates and Narc That Car in a position of defending the actions of their distributors and themselves from running an Interstate Crime Syndicate of independent reps who are selling information which is to be used only by the State and law enforcement.

I strongly suggest distributors of DNA aka Data Network Affiliates and Narc That Car check on the laws in their specific state before beginning to collect license plate numbers.

Now, I have heard Data Network Affiliates is not looking at the License Plate Data, as their main core business in the near future, and will soon be revealing something that will revolutionize the MLM world.

If any DNA reps can give me some details, I would love to hear what this is. It DNA is leaving behind the License Plate gig, and moving to provide services or products to legitimate end users through their field force, then I want to know.

Although, I have asked some hard questions over the last week, I will also be the first one to yell from the tree tops, if Data brings out a viable business for distributors, which will not bring the regulators calling.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly