Richard Brooke Holding Summer Vision Workshop June 7th 2013

Richard Brooke has been a personal mentor of mine for close to three years. Before Richard took a notice in me personally  I have watched and listened to everything he had written or said so I could grow both my business and life. If you want to change, then take a second and read about his event, then register to attend. Click the image below to register.


Every once in a while, we all need to get away from the familiar and consider a new way to think and act. When we do, our lives and dreams become richer, and solutions come into focus. The tools we learn during this time have the power to change everything about us, including what we accomplish and become.

Whether we know it or not, our life revolves around our personal vision. It defines who we are, what we do, and what we think we’re capable of. It determines our success, our goals, and even our happiness.This workshop is an introduction to vision work, including core values, gifts, life purpose and self-motivation. The workshop includes coaching in a group setting. You will be challenged to review your own thought process in order to sharpen your focus and accelerate your rate of success.

  • Shed self-imposed limitations
  • Embrace new ideas
  • Set aside self-doubt and skepticism
  • Discover your authentic core values
  • Harness enthusiasm
  • Gain confidence
  • Overcome fears
  • Experience breakthroughs
  • Re-ignite your passion and vision
  • Have fun while getting inspired



Summer Vision Workshop
DATE: Friday, June 7th
LOCATION: JW Marriott Desert Ridge
Phoenix, AZ
Hotel Details
TIME: 10am – 5pm
ATTIRE: Casual Business
Limited to 130 participants!


If you refer two people to register for the Vision Workshop, you will be able to attend-ON US! Just share this great workshop opportunity with friends, family and team members! After two people register, email Sara at to redeem your FREE registration!

“This truly life-changing weekend was nothing I had expected, and yet everything I had hoped for. I anticipated another high-energy, on-your-feet, loud music, at-the-top-of-your-lungs kind of gathering. Instead, I got a deeply moving, introspective event that will change my life and resonate in my heart and soul for many years to come.”
– Kevin Craig
“Richard’s total selfless dedication to supporting, guiding and helping us was very moving. I have never attended a retreat where I felt simultaneously so challenged and supported. I’ve spent my life pursuing personal development, alone and in groups, and I’ve never felt so completely transformed. All of my self-imposed blockages are either gone or conquerable, both personally and professionally. I will never be the same!”
– Bob Fahey
“Richard Brooke’s Vision Workshop really put my whole picture together in a totally different and dynamic format; one that excited me, has me motivating myself, and has me continuing to add detail and action to my vision. I know I have my life moving now in the direction I want, and I will be achieving all of my dreams.”
– Teresa Barrett
Huntington Beach, CA
“The Vision Workshop was a most fulfilling experience that moved me much closer to creating the dynasty I have long dreamed of. The environment Richard Brooke provided was warm and positive, which on a spiritual level nurtured my soul. I certainly recommend the Vision Workshop to anyone who wants to take their life to the next level; spiritually, mentally, financially or emotionally.”
– Dr. Jeff Haslam
Midway, AL