Breaking Lyoness News: Lyoness Pyramid Scheme Case Thrown Out Of Federal Court

Lyoness, the LOYALTY card shopping company, has won a court case against a governmental consumer watchdog group in Australia, which accused the company of operating a pyramid scheme.

Lyoness Found NOT GUILTY of Running Pyramid Scheme By Australian Court
Lyoness released the following statement:

23 October 2015

Lyoness welcomes court dismissal of ACCC pyramid scheme case

Lyoness, the international customer shopping network, welcomes the decision today of the Federal Court of Australia dismissing the claims of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) that the Lyoness Loyalty Program was a pyramid scheme and involved unlawful referral selling.

Lyoness has at all times denied the allegations and defended the Court proceedings.

“Lyoness welcomes the judgement. At every stage we have wholly rejected the allegations raised by the ACCC,” said James O’Sullivan, Lyoness Managing Director for Australia.

“As a company, Lyoness is committed to compliance with consumer laws in every country we operate in”.

“We look forward to continuing to provide a great shopping and loyalty experience for our members and merchants,” James concluded.

Lyoness thanks its members and merchants for their continuing support.

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The Rest Of The Story…Breaking Lyoness News: Lyoness Pyramid Scheme Case Thrown Out Of Federal Court

What Is The Lyoness SME Program And How Does It Work?

There is much that can be found online about the Lyconet shopping community. But I have found very little about the Lyoness SME community and I want to focus on this element of the Lyoness International business model.

A month or so ago I was able to sit down with Craig Shapiro and John Constino who work hand in hand with Lyoness Americas new CEO Iain Bratt, building and developing the Lyconet Shopping Network and Lyoness SME communities. These two give an in-depth look at how the two communities work in tandem together to create a solid business model.

How You Heard Of the Lyoness SME Program - It May Disrupt Network Marketing Forever!
Now hearing only from the leadership in a company, isn’t very fair, so I went looking for some testimonials from actual SMEs in America to see what their thoughts are. Please understand I found these on a Lyoness YouTube channel.

As we all know there may also be stories of merchants who do not feel the SME program worked well for them. I believe as with everything, there are pros and cons and individuals should dig deep to see if a program will work for them.

Here is one community where a variety of merchants, restaurants, construction, gas stations, tire companies and herb shoppe are SMEs in the Lyoness Shopping Community. What caught my attention is ALL of these testimonials are by the real people, not paid actors.

The Rest Of The Story…What Is The Lyoness SME Program And How Does It Work?

Australia Consumer Affairs Investigates Pyramid Allegations What Does This Mean?

Angle Of Justice

Over the last week or so I have read a boatload of commentary as well as the formal allegations raised by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.  The ACCC is similar to the FTC in the USA. My stance is that when an investigation is launched, that it is a good thing for the consumers, the independent professionals as well as the company for the following reasons.

The Rest Of The Story…Australia Consumer Affairs Investigates Pyramid Allegations What Does This Mean?