MLM Company News: LiveSmart 360 May Have Crossed The Line In Promoting Income Claims

Mark McCool and Mike Potillo founders of LiveSmart 360 (LiveSmart Three Sixty) may have cross the line in promoting their top earners on their YouTube Profile. Don’t get me wrong, these two MLM Pros are some of the best at branding and marketing. However, unlike the days of old, there are new rules in place which, when crossed can stop a company’s momentum in its tracks.

Here is an example of one of the videos.

Here is an article written by MLM attorney, Spencer Reese. In this article he shares my concerns.

MLM Deceptive Trade Practices – Spencer Reese

I also want to provide a copy of the current FTC Endorsement Rule, which also causes concern, since Donna Valdes is very clear there were only 6 top earners at the Leadership Retreat. If there were only 6 out of tens of thousands who joined Live Smart 360, then the income earned is not average or normal. Which means an income disclaimer should appear on each video.

Revised Endorsement Guides From The FTC

Now, I want it understand, I am not saying LiveSmart360 is a scam, in any way shape or form (at least not at this time.) However, now that the company is in soft launch, if they are going to protect their distributors, they need to be very careful on how much HYPE is used in creating the money stories, and promoting the Brand!

I am looking forward to reviewing this company and sharing more in the future.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly