Behind MLM Live Life 360 Review: Grey pay to play concerns

Live Life 360 launched in early 2014 and are headed up by co-founders Jesse Riddle (CEO), David Wood (President), Sam Robinson (Executive Vice-President of Operations) and Dr. Christina Beer (Executive Vice-President of Science and Research). In his Live Life 360 corporate bio, Riddle is credited with ’more than 25 years of business management experience and 10 [Continue reading…]

Source: Live Life 360 Review: Grey pay to play concerns

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Breaking Live Life 360 News: Steven & Kori Burgess Accept The Position Of Executive Trainers & Lifestyle Creators

One of the things I get sick and tired of, is the same old story of network marketing leaders, rags to riches stories. When I had the opportunity to sit down and interview Steven and Kori I was not sure exactly what to expect. But, very quickly I realized this power couple, were not your typical network marketing professionals…

…They were true serial entrepreneurs who have created a tried and true proven process of taking average direct sellers, and developing them into independent professionals who use business strategies to grow profitable marketing and distribution organizations.

Burgess Steven&Kori_Web

Steven and Kori were not afraid to tackle the tough questions and we covered several. I asked about separating work from family life, about ethnic diversity, and about the ghetto marketing many of the younger generation are using to try and grow their home businesses today, and about the drama that can sometimes surround network marketing professionals moving from one company to another.

At each turn Steven and Kori came out strong sharing their personal insights into each question. And finally we closed out talking about why they had decided it was time to move on and accept a role at Live Life 360 in helping to develop this new field organization.

Kori Burgress

About Kori:

  • Married 30 years
  • Mother of two
  • Attended the Fashion Institute Of Technology- New York City
  • Business Developer | Direct Sales | Entrepreneur | Professional Net-worker | Speaker | Trainer
  • Model, Actress and Voice Over for Scripps Howard Network-Television shows- Home and Garden Television HGTV, Do It Yourself-DIY & Food Network
  • Founder of The Gathering ( Multi-cultural social event, bringing relocated families together in the community)
  • Facilitator & Trainer of Women’s Inner Power
  • Educator & Instructor for “Be The Best Young Adult”
  • National Speaker for Health Insurance Industry (National Conventions in Dallas,TX.)
  • Tennessee’s Best Dressed Woman Award Winner
  • Executive Distributor , Top 1% Recruiter, Top 20 Income Earner (Out of over 155,000 Independent Marketing Distributors )
  • National Certified Trainer – Treat’em Right Personal Development Workshops
  • Executive Certified Trainer
  • Freedom Award Winner 2011
  • Executive Retreat Speaker and Emerging Leader 2011
  • Master of Ceremonies- 2012 & 2013 Annual International Convention

Steven Burgess

About Steven:

  • Married 30 years
  • Father of two
  • Graduated From The Fashion Institute Of Technology- New York City
  • Author | Business Consultant | Direct Sales | Entrepreneur | Executive Search | Professional Net-worker | Speaker | Trainer
  • 20 Year Corporate Career and Self-employed since 2002
  • Global Travel Experience to over 45 different countries
  • Executive Distributor , Top 1% Recruiter, Top 20 Income Earner (Out of over 155,000 Independent Marketing Distributors )
  • National Certified Trainer – Treat’em Right Personal Development Workshops
  • Executive Certified Trainer
  • Freedom Award Winner 2011
  • Annual International Convention – Speaker  2010, 11, 12 & 13

Here is a great blog post showing a little of the insights of who Steven & Kori are as a couple.

Husband & Wife – Partners in life and in business…?

Have you ever pondered the thought of working with your spouse in a business together?   Could you do it?   Would you do it?  If your answer is Yes or No – Why do you feel that way?

We have worked together in our various businesses since 2005.  The benefits are innumerable for any husband and wife team who can work closely together and share a passion for their business.  In addition to having the opportunity to spend more time together, you also tend to enjoy peace and harmony in your personal lives as well.

Working together will expose and MAGNIFY both positive and not so positive issues in your marriage.  These issues are all most likely unseen otherwise.   If you are thinking about working together with your spouse simply make a commitment to grow yourself personally.  Also, you’ll want to make another commitment with your spouse that you BOTH will get things ” together”  TOGETHER.  This commitment needs to be a bi-lateral agreement,  not one-sided or uni-lateral ….that will never work.   If you each commit to excellence you’ll enjoy working together.  Wishing you continued success in your life and marriage!


In future posts about this subject, we will share with you our victories and challenges as we’ve learned to work together successfully.



MLM Company Review: Mark Petersen Joins Live Life 360 As Executive Distributor

A week or so ago, I did a review on Live Life 360, a new startup direct selling company out of Salt Lake City, which is focusing on ProVital-K2. When I got the call from co-founder, Jesse Riddle, I never dreamed he would be moving from a well known international direct selling attorney to company founder. But what I have seen so far, as a consultant to the company has been refreshing.

The first thing Jesse Riddle did was contact a group of entrepreneurs who trusted him personally, and respect his judgement. Here are the other co-founders.


David Wood

David Wood (Not the David Wood of Empower Network) earned a B.A. from the University of Utah, and a J.D. from Brigham Young University Law School. David managed one of the largest asset recoveries firms in the country. He is experienced in areas of international commerce, finance, business planning, contracts, and commercial transactions, and has worked in and advised a number of network marketing companies.



Sam Robinson


Sam Robinson oversees strategic product expansion, manufacturing, procurement, corporate infrastructure and associated efficiencies to support the continued growth of Live Life 360. He received a B.S. from Brigham Young University, and earned his MBA from Regis University in Denver. Sam is a seasoned executive who has successfully managed multi-million dollar projects and large teams of people. His extensive and diverse experience includes work in the direct sales industry, publically-held enterprises, startup companies, and his own consulting company.



Dr. Christina Beer


Dr. Christina Beer is responsible for development of all Live Life 360 products. Her deep knowledge of nutrition, biology, and formulation ensures that high-quality, clinically-proven ingredients are utilized in the Company’s product line. Christina has consulted for major supplement companies and understands best practices in developing nutrition and personal care products. She received a B.S. in Microbiology from Weber State University and a Ph.D. in Nutrition & Food Science from Utah State University.




Leslie Perry CPA


Leslie Perry is responsible for the financial operations of Life Live 360 around the world while ensuring the company is positioned for future success. She received a B.S. in Accounting from Brigham Young University and is a Certified Public Accountant. Leslie has worked in the financial services industry for over 30 years and enjoys “making order out of chaos.”

Rich Jones

Rich Jones oversees the development of marketing and sales tools, working closely with Live Life 360 Team Members to achieve sales and growth globally. Rich studied and earned a B.S. in Communications at Utah Valley University and is currently working towards his MBA. He has been in the network marketing industry for over five years working in the communications and marketing departments.

Mark Petersen

And today Live Life 360 has announced that Network Marketing Professional Mark Petersen has joined the company as the Executive Distributor. Mark’s history in direct selling can be traced back to some of the most successful companies in current history.

I had the opportunity and honor to sit down with Mark and interview him on why Live Life 360. His career was set, his financial future solid, yet he is willing to take a calculated risk becoming the first independent professional at Life Life 360.

MLM Company Review: Have You Heard Of Live Life 360 Yet?

About nine months ago, I was contacted by a good friend, who wanted me to know he was thinking about launching a new direct selling company with some partners. Now what took me back was the fact he is an international network marketing attorney, who is usually opening up new countries for other MLM companies. I could tell in his voice, he was excited… However, we did not talk again about his vision, until January 2014.


LiveLife360 Exec Team

Jesse Riddle brings more than 25 years of business management experience and 10 years of industry experience as the leader and CEO of Live Life 360. He has advised and represented numerous companies, domestic and international, in the direct sales industry. As a lawyer, Jesse has established two multi-million dollar law firms representing some of the most successful companies in the United States. Jesse earned a B.A. in Communications and a J.D. from Brigham Young University Law School.

Jesse Riddle

Jesse was raised in rural Mississippi under trying circumstances and humble beginnings. As a child, he experienced poverty and learned the value of hard work. Through these life lessons, Jesse has discovered what it truly means to live life more fully.

Jesse and his wife, Lisa, have been married for 27 years, have 5 children and 1 grandchild. Jesse enjoys travel, reading, and spending time with friends and family.








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