Limu Nation News: Gary Raser May Have Produced Teh Best Origins Video I Have Ever Watched

Gary Raser Founder of The Limu Company

For years I have watched some great videos on the origins of network marketing founders and the MLM companies their launch. But in Raser’s case he not only talks about his rags to riches story, he doesn;t back away from the failure issues that face direct selling companies and network marketing distributors. He also shares what it truly takes to make a direct selling company a viable business model. And most of all… He talks about the part-time to full-time incomes that can be earned without all the over-hyping. This is a must watch video…

“LIMU exists as the extraordinary vision of one man, Gary J. Raser. Born of humble beginnings, he joined the industry over 25 years ago and became one of the most successful distributors in history. But his story only starts there, because his vision is to inspire similar success in all of our Promoters. LIMU is, to this day, his unfinished business … and his way of bringing more and more people to significant accomplishments in our industry.”


Gary Raser and I have invested hours on the phone over the last three years. His passion for raising the standards in direct selling and for providing THE BEST products and income opportunity is second to known.

Gary is a strong-willed Distributor/CEO, meaning every move he makes in his company is made after weighing the question… “will this benefit the field?” As the world’s #1 seller and the category creator of “Limu Extracted Nutritional Juices”, he and his team know what it takes to break the five-year mark in network marketing. And over the last 18 months watching him company grow month and month in double and triple digits, I can confidently say… Gary Raser Is Limu And The Income Opportunity Is Strong!

Breaking Limu Nation News: The LIMU Company Has gone mobile

With the LIMU Mobile App, the Limu Nation is able to conduct Limu business anytime, anywhere, no matter where they are in the world!

Lime iPad app

Key Features of the app include the following:

Secure login and transactions
Real time announcements
Up-to-date LIMU videos
Resource Library (including product information and LIMU presentations)
Promoter and Customer Enrollment
Order Taking (on and offline)
Instant Business Reports

Mobile iphones

To download your LIMU Mobile App via iTunes or Google Play:

Go to iTunes or Google Play.
Download/pay for the app ($19.99).
After downloading, open the app and choose “Setup Account.”
Enter your first and last name, LIMU MemberID and IAMLIMU username, and set your PIN.
To set up the cloud service, go to your site.
Go to Tools>Mobile Apps.
Select that you have already downloaded and installed the app.

MLM Weekly International News Covering All of Network Marketing

This week in the MLM News, we cover network marketing in Australia and how they are working on social media. We cover Vemma’s move into the shake market. How My Lazy Daisy and Jordan Essentials are giving back during national disasters. And the newest addition to The Limu Company’s corporate team and much more.

Network Marketing Companies My Lazy Daisy & Jordan Essentials Provide Relief in the Wake of Natural Disasters

International MLM News: Australian Regulatory Body Sets Sites on Social Media

Claude Chistolini

Limu Nation News: Gary Raser Founder of The LIMU™ Company Appoints Claude Chistolini Chief Operating Officer

Vemma News: Chris and Heidi Powell announce brand-new Vemma Bod-e Shakes

The Limu Company: 30 Year Old GenY Hairdresser Hits 500K Organically In 8 Months Could You?

Over the last couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of interviewing some of the rising stars at The Lime Company. What they call their Limu Nation. Each interview has been full of excitement as I hear fantastic stories of how Gary Raser and his team are standing side by side helping the next generation of Limu Nation leaders thrive and grow.

Source – Limu Nation – Gary Raser

Amazing? You bet. Without flipping a group from another company? That’s right. And in only 8 months? Believe it, because it just happened.

That success is the true story of Jessica Ellerman. Here’s a young woman, new to the industry, new to the products, maybe even wet behind the ears. Not a lot of knowledge, not a whole lot of success. So how exactly did she rise up and reach LIMU’s 500K level? I’ll give you one clue: it has NOTHING to do with experience.

Just 8 months ago, Jessica and her husband Eric came to visit our LIMU offices, introduced for the first time to what we’re all about. Excited by the opportunity, even though they had very limited experience in MLM. She was sporting a wild streak of purple in her hair … yeah, she was definitely a hairdresser. And I could sense right away she was a firecracker waiting to explode. She had that “can’t sit still” energy you just can’t hide. She wanted more. A lot more.

Did she have real knowledge at that point? Not about the business she didn’t. But she definitely knew herself, her “all in” approach to life. And that’s what kicked in like I’ve rarely seen. Even before she left our offices that first day, she was making call after call to people she knew, getting them excited about LIMU. She was then and is to this day a non-stop machine, working her business every minute. (Read the full article click here)

In the above interview Jessica mentioned Kyle Helm… Here is a little about him, and stay tuned for a full article in the upcoming weeks.

My journey with the LIMU has been brief so far, but it’s been amazing!

After only a few short days, we have been able to create unstoppable success! With great paychecks and a FREE CAR, not only have we been able to share how amazing this opportunity is to our friends and family, we’ve been able to drive to their houses and show them firsthand! Everyone wants to know what you’re doing when you’re driving a new black BMW that is paid for! It was our dream to have one sitting in our garage, and now it has become a reality, thanks to LIMU. I am proud to say that after only a couple short weeks, we have found our home in the industry forever. Forever! I am Kyle Helm, and I am LIMU!

MLM News Report: 21Ten, Vemma, Limu Are Attracting GenY By Storm Plus News On BidiFy & Zeek Rewards

This weeks MLM News covers the fact the GenY community are taking over the rank advancements at Vemma, 21Ten and Limu like storm. Plus we look at the current news surrounding the penny auction companies BidFy and Zeek Rewards. And I share a little about changes taking place here at MLM Help Desk.

MLM News Sponsor Home Business Radio Network

Home Business Radio Network

Vemma® Honored with Multiple Awards in 18th Annual Communicator Awards – Source – Vemma

Vemma Bod-e

Scottsdale, AZ – The winners of The 2012 Communicator Awards have been announced by the International Academy of the Visual Arts and Vemma was among the distinguished companies recognized for creative excellence in communications.

The Communicator Awards is the leading international awards program honoring creative excellence for communication professionals. With thousands of entries received from across the US and around the world, the Communicator Awards is the largest and most competitive communications awards program. Vemma is honored to have been recognized with the following awards:

Vemma Bod-e Trainer Website – Gold Award of Excellence (Websites – Health)
Vemma Bod-e App – Silver Award of Distinction (Mobile Apps – Health and Wellness)
Vemma Bod-e Language Brochure – Silver Award of Distinction (Brochure – Product)
Verve – Silver Award of Distinction (Marketing/Promotion – Packaging)

Read the full press release by clicking here!

The Limu Company

When I first started covering The Limu Nation I called it “The Best Kept Secret” in network marketing. Well since that time about 14 months ago, this company has come out of the closet and is growing faster than most other companies in the network marketing community.

Now don’t get me wrong their numbers do not rival those of such massive companies as Amway or even ViSalus, but when you look at their percentage of year to date growth numbers and you dig a little deeper and look at “WHO” is being attracted to Limu you start to realize very quickly that the future rests with this company, not just in the USA but in the Asia market as well.

What is even more exciting to me than just the numbers is the fact, they have broken two new 500K leaders in the last four months. This is something even XanGo a much larger company has not been about to do in a couple of years.

By the way I will be interviewing this week Limu’s new 500K a young GenY 30 year old hairdresser who has NO network marketing experience before she found The Limu Company!

April 2012









Notice above that The Limu Company is promoting massive numbers at the grass root level of the compensation plan 2K. When any company is setting records at the grass root level, two major events are taking place… First people are selling product which is the backbone of any company. And second people are making MONEY! Which is the backbone of any network marketing opportunity.

I am truly proud to call Gary Raser a friend, and I am proud of the team he hired 18 months or so ago to take this company in a new direction for the future. Plus offering up to 49% in equity to the field wasn’t a bad move either 🙂

Breaking MLM News Update: Robert Dean Comes Clean About TopGun, The Limu Move And How Much Money He Was Paid To Join Momentis Energy

Breaking MLM News Update:

Robert Dean Comes Clean About TopGun, The Limu Move And How Much Money He Was Paid To Join Momentis Energy!

On January 25th, 2012 I wrote an article sharing that Robert Dean was not terminated by Limu.

After that article went public, Robert Dean Jr, reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to interview him and take that interview public, and I agreed!

Below you can listen to the edited interview. Robert Dean and his TOP Gun team covered the following.

– Robert Dean’s past.

– Robert Dean’s Family

– Robert Dean’s Education

– Robert Dean On The Deals

– Robert Dean on Money

– Robert Dean on Noni

– Robert Dean on MonaVie

– Robert Dean on Evolv

– Robert Dean – ViSalus

– Robert Dean – Limu

And much more by nine of the Top Gun Board Of Directors

MLM News Report: The Trump Network, Rastelli Direct, Green Organic, The Limu Nation, & Joe Schoerder Is Back!

This week the Network Marketing community has been humming with news, rumors and facts. First came the breaking news that Neways former founder Tom Mower was suing The Trump Network. Then Rastelli Direct breaks the news they have launched a a private ventage of wines. I met with Green Organic founder Paula Scarcella and learn Cowboy Joe Schroeder have come out of retirement and joined her company. Then The Limu Company founder Gary Raser breaks the news that The Limu Nation has broken records in the USA and Japan!

This weeks Network Marketing News!

You can read all about it, in the article I just wrote by clicking here!

The Limu Company is up 400% over January 2011 for Enrollments!

U.S. Daily Sales U.S. Daily Sales Up 350% over January 2011!

Japan Daily Sales Up 250% over January 2011!

Rastelli Direct is breaking their own records month after month, due to their “Never Back Down” attitude to business. With the reputation for excellence of their parent company Rastelli Food Group, they have once again brought to their field force a first in network marketing… Read the full report here!

When I got the news Cowboy Joe Schroeder was coming out of retirement to join Paula Scarcella over at Green Organics, the first word I spoke was WHY? Well instead of pondering it to long, Paula was able to get Joe to contact me and give me the real scoop before all the rumors started. Read thee full report here!

Two of my constituents Ty Tribble of and Ted Nuyten of Home Business Organization reported this week that The Trump Network aka Ideal Health was in trouble and could be going down fast due to top distributors leaving and Tom Mower suing them.

I searched the net and could not find one document, showing where the lawsuit has actually been filed with the IN THE FOURTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR UTAH COUNTY, STATE OF UTAH which causes me to wonder if Tom Maower or one of his crew leaked the potential filing with Ted Nuyten knowing he is located in the Netherlands.

So I reached out to Peggy Brochman, top leader at The Trump Network and here is what she told me… Click Here!

The Limu Company Founder Gary Limu Reveals Massive International Growth Through The Limu Nation!

The real beginning of influence comes as others sense you are being influenced by them – when they feel understood by you – that you have listened deeply and sincerely, and that you are open.” ~ Stephen Covey

What is empathy and what makes it so powerful ?

It’s the ability to step into another person’s shoes and see/feel their reality from their perspective. It is the primary building block of compassion and compassion is what really brings down the wall of resistance.
Effective listening skills are important in every aspect of life to be able to get your message across. Both at work, at home and in social situations, the ability to listen well is as important as to be able to present well. This also equally applies in leadership, management or a team member position.

Listening is important as this increases your understanding of the thoughts and motivation of the other person. Knowing what motivates the other person is key, so that you are able to present your message within that context, which is the most effective strategy in recruiting people into your business.

There are a few tips that will help significantly in improving listening skills.

1. Listen With Empathy

It is common for people to listen with intent to answer. There is nothing wrong with this as this is what discussions and conversations are about.

The ability to respond better in a discussion can be significantly improved by just adding a slight twist to this. Listen with intent to appreciate what the other person is saying from his or her point of view. For those few moments, do not focus on how you want to respond.

When you have understood the other person’s views, then respond with your views. Reply in a way that shows empathy to what you have just heard.

Empathy is defined as the identification with and understanding of another’s situation, feelings and motives.

This does not mean that you are accepting the other person’s views and opinions. It just means that you have given your consideration and will try to understand a possibly different point of view.

First, this is important because you may not have fully understood a situation and can potentially draw an incorrect conclusion. By getting new information, you may change your mind on how you may respond.

Secondly, when the other party knows that you are listening to what is being said, this person will respond in a similar fashion when you speak. People appreciate you when they know that you give your full attention to their opinions and views.

2. Ask The Right Questions

Asking the right questions has much more of an impact in getting people to open up in discussions and also for you to get a much better understanding of any situation.

Too often, people have a tendency to talk based on their understanding of the situation and what they think is best.
It is important to ask clarification questions first. But, you must avoid asking questions that will result in “yes” or “no” answers. Start with broad based questions that will lead to descriptive answers. This will result in you getting information that you may not have thought of.

Asking pointed questions to get “yes” or “no” answers is best used when the other person is not giving a precise answer when one is required.

The other point to be aware of when asking questions is to ask for clarifications when general statements are made. For example, if the person says that there are some issues to be handled, ask for the list of issues.

By asking the right questions, you will get the other person to think through and quite often, you will be pleasantly surprised that the other party will actually arrive at the same conclusion as you.

Find out what people are dissatisfied with in their lives. Find out what they want to improve? What their goals are? Ask about their past? Get to know if they have done similar things before and what their experience was.

3. Be Patient

Listening with empathy and asking the right questions are techniques whose value can be easily appreciated, but actually doing these are not easy. You need to tell yourself to patiently listen. Basically, you need to tell yourself to “keep quiet” when the other person is talking.

It is much easier for most of us to just tell people what we think as soon as it comes to mind. Listening and holding on to what we want to say needs a lot of patience. This needs a conscious decision and effort.

4. Show Right Body Language

How often have you been in office discussions and meetings where someone is checking their email as you are talking with them? Or looking at their watch every few minutes.

Such body language indicates that you are not really interested in what the other person has to say. If you are busy, then set another time for the discussion, when you can pay attention.

During the conversation, you can slightly lean forward and maintain a comfortable eye contact with the person.
Where appropriate, taking notes is a good indicator that you consider the points being made as important. This also helps as sometimes it is difficult to remember all the points made.

5. Summarize

Summarizing a discussion or conversation is a good indicator of whether you have listened well. This is important in the event you have incorrectly understood the points made, then summarizing to confirm understanding is a great technique to avoid disagreements as you express your point of view.

In a work environment, making notes is an important step to be able to summarize. If you have made the notes, then summarizing can be done fast and precisely. If not, you will stumble through based on what you remember of the conversation and will not be effective.

Take notes in point format, so that summarizing is easy. Another tip is that when you have your own thoughts on a particular point, make a note of that as well.

This is important because you will want to speak out your thoughts and ideas. But, are supposed to listen first. If you do not bring it up immediately, you might forget. Noting this down helps you to remember to bring it up later. By writing it, you also do not need to worry that you will forget the point.

If you have not been using the above techniques of effective listening, it will prove to be a little difficult when you start using them. However, when you use these techniques and realize that you are more effective in achieving your objectives in discussions and meetings, you will know that it is well worth your effort and you will find your success in your business improves tremendously.

Make sure you check out Best In U. Their goal is to become THE leading Digital Company in Network Marketing and check out the preview of their new video platform thats on the site