The Limu Nation Leading The Network Marketing Community In Organic GenY Six Figure Earners

THe Limu Company founder Gary Raser is a one of a kind company owner. Not because he was one of the all-time highest paid distributors of the 20th Century, or because he is friends with some of the most successful company owners in modern network marketing history. But…

… because he has always been a Maverick, who is not willing to listen to folks who say “that can’t be done”, “that’s not how we do it”, “that won’t work”. Instead he is known to say “let’s find away”, “let’s pave the way”, “Why can’t it be done”, Who says we can’t do it that way?”

When others seemed to forget The Limu Company was even around, Gary Raser, his crew at the home office and the Limu Nation just put their heads down and kept driving this engine forward.

Huge LIMU Nation Momentum in July 2012


Limu 1 Million Pin

Shannon & Rachette Pardue

“Shannon and I were just like every other young couple that starts out. We met, fell in love, and started the life we could afford. We bought a 12 x 48 single wide mobile home, budgeted our money carefully and worked hard. We believed one day we’d get ahead and accomplish all of our goal and dreams, but after several years in the construction industry we were still living paycheck to paycheck. (Read The Full Story)

Trey Knight

Trey Knight knows what it’s like to rise to the top of a Network Marketing company. He’s been there with other companies, looked around and found himself nearly alone. He’s on his way to that same destination with LIMU, but, this time, he knows he’ll have more people with him, thanks to The LIMU EXPERIENCE. (Read The Full Story)

Jessica & Eric Ellerman

The story attached to Jessica and Eric Ellerman is already the stuff of legend. While the California couple’s still relatively new to LIMU, they can be likened to a couple of its fastest sprinters; already at 500K and rapidly growing even more, it’s readily obvious that the couple is adamant about getting all they possibly can out of their LIMU EXPERIENCE. (Read The Full Story)

Salien Liles

“For three years, Salien was content to just drink LIMU ORIGINAL®, never realizing what she was missing by not fully pursuing LIMU. You can’t blame her too much, really. Many people in her position would’ve done the same thing. After all, she did have a pretty sweet gig in the medical field — a full-time job that paid well. And yet, she kept hearing her family’s voices in her ear. (Read The Full Story)

Wae Russell

Born in a farming background, Wade Russell knows a lot about hard work. A whole lot. He’s worked hard all his life, and he’s got the work ethic to prove it, including being awarded both baseball and basketball scholarships in his younger days in Baker, Florida. He says there wasn’t even a caution light in the town, it was so small. (Read The Full Story)

The Limu Company: 30 Year Old GenY Hairdresser Hits 500K Organically In 8 Months Could You?

Over the last couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of interviewing some of the rising stars at The Lime Company. What they call their Limu Nation. Each interview has been full of excitement as I hear fantastic stories of how Gary Raser and his team are standing side by side helping the next generation of Limu Nation leaders thrive and grow.

Source – Limu Nation – Gary Raser

Amazing? You bet. Without flipping a group from another company? That’s right. And in only 8 months? Believe it, because it just happened.

That success is the true story of Jessica Ellerman. Here’s a young woman, new to the industry, new to the products, maybe even wet behind the ears. Not a lot of knowledge, not a whole lot of success. So how exactly did she rise up and reach LIMU’s 500K level? I’ll give you one clue: it has NOTHING to do with experience.

Just 8 months ago, Jessica and her husband Eric came to visit our LIMU offices, introduced for the first time to what we’re all about. Excited by the opportunity, even though they had very limited experience in MLM. She was sporting a wild streak of purple in her hair … yeah, she was definitely a hairdresser. And I could sense right away she was a firecracker waiting to explode. She had that “can’t sit still” energy you just can’t hide. She wanted more. A lot more.

Did she have real knowledge at that point? Not about the business she didn’t. But she definitely knew herself, her “all in” approach to life. And that’s what kicked in like I’ve rarely seen. Even before she left our offices that first day, she was making call after call to people she knew, getting them excited about LIMU. She was then and is to this day a non-stop machine, working her business every minute. (Read the full article click here)

In the above interview Jessica mentioned Kyle Helm… Here is a little about him, and stay tuned for a full article in the upcoming weeks.

My journey with the LIMU has been brief so far, but it’s been amazing!

After only a few short days, we have been able to create unstoppable success! With great paychecks and a FREE CAR, not only have we been able to share how amazing this opportunity is to our friends and family, we’ve been able to drive to their houses and show them firsthand! Everyone wants to know what you’re doing when you’re driving a new black BMW that is paid for! It was our dream to have one sitting in our garage, and now it has become a reality, thanks to LIMU. I am proud to say that after only a couple short weeks, we have found our home in the industry forever. Forever! I am Kyle Helm, and I am LIMU!

Justin and Kristina Martin Went From Zero To Earning Six Figures & Driving A BMW In 12 Months And Their Both Still In College!

When Gary Raser called me a couple of weeks ago to say “I found the secret” I knew he had found the sweet spot in the organic growth the Limu Nation! The passionate founder of The Limu Company, (which by the way is experiencing organic growth in monthly numbers, which have only been seen in a handful of companies in the last two decades) said it’s the 96%ers! The 96%ers is what we on the inside of network marketing call the 96% of people who have never been affiliated with MLM at all. So today, I am introducing to the world Justin and Kristina Martin 96%ers who are part of GenY, the Millennial Generation, who are under 25 years old, earning six figures, driving a BMW, having fun and making money with the Limu Nation!

Justin & Kristina Martin

Gary Raser Founder of The Limu Company

This is the first in a series of blogs to follow, care of LIMU’s President, Founder and CEO, Gary J. Raser. – Source – Limu Nation

You know, I’ve been in this industry over 25 years. I’ve seen literally hundreds of new companies start up, and every one of them has tried to figure out how to reach the 96% of the country NOT involved in Network Marketing. But all they’ve done is chase the same 4%, the people that have always been in the industry. They just keep moving them from company to company. The 4% hasn’t changed … just the number of companies chasing them. And the more new companies come into Network Marketing, the smaller the share of that 4% pie is for each of them.

We’re taking a different approach and totally concentrating on the 96%, and it’s changing the game big time. It’s LIMU that’s figured it out! You all know that LIMU is red hot right now, with the fastest and biggest growth in the industry. Well, that growth is driven by people just like YOU! And just like Justin and Kristina Martin … their story is almost unbelievable, but it’s TRUE!

Less than a year ago, Justin and Kristina didn’t know anything about Network Marketing. Not a thing. They were a young couple in their 20’s struggling to get by, he working in a factory, she in school to be a nurse. Barely making ends meet, the newlyweds were living in a trailer park and eating Ramen Noodle dinners. Honestly, they were young and broke. Thrilled to be together but working hard and tired of not getting ahead.

Luckily for them, they knew Erica and Tyler Phillips, a young couple definitely building a different life; they’d even earned a new BMW paid for by LIMU! So Justin and Kristina joined the company in April of 2011, hoping to earn a little extra income and make life a little easier. They got to work. Serious work. Don’t get in my way, can’t stop me kinda work.

In just their first 90 days, they earned their very own free BMW … the “game changer” is what Justin called it. The minute they got the car, everybody took notice. People started coming to them. Whatever they were doing, they wanted a part of it, and right now.

justin kristina martin

Their team kept growing and growing, organically, from within. And everyone they brought into their group had one thing in common … just like Justin and Kristina, they’d never been in Network Marketing. They were part of the 96% of people who’ve never been involved in the industry. That’s what makes the Martin’s story so remarkable … they’re building their business 100% with 96%ers!

Their business was growing fast … real fast. By the time LIMU introduced the LIMU Experience and the 3 for Free and 2K VIP in September, Justin and Kristina were passionate. All in. All of those new introductions made a huge difference. And that’s when their business really took off. They started having LIMU Experience Parties all day, every day. They couldn’t believe how much nonstop fun they were having. And the checks they were earning? They were rolling in, more money than they’d ever thought they could make. And all by sharing the LIMU Experience!

In fact, their next 90 days were so amazing that they won an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas at our first LIMU Experience Party in December. What happened after that trip is proof of what people totally new to the industry can do with LIMU, just like the Martins. It’s all about belief and excitement, not to mention a total passion to succeed.


In the next 90 days, they went from reaching the 50K level in January, to getting to 100K in February and by March they were 200K. Think of that … just 90 days to 200K! That’s real growth, massive momentum, for them and for their team. Justin and Kristina are rock stars, the future of LIMU right here in front of us … growing like crazy, having more fun than ever, making more money than they ever dreamed. That’s the LIMU Experience, right there!

Why are we red hot? Because at LIMU, we refuse to play that 4% game. We’ve figured out a way to get the 96% interested … with parties instead of meetings, tastings that introduce people to our amazing products, ways for people to get the money they spend on a product pack back in a week! And free AutoShips as well. A way for them to earn a BMW paid for by LIMU in 30 to 60 days. You don’t need to attract the 4% from the industry. No way. We want the industry newbies … that’s where we differ. Because we can show them how they CAN change their lives forever.

So here’s the bottom line: Justin and Kristina Martin had never been in Network Marketing. Neither had any person in their entire organization … not one of them had EVER been in the industry. Justin and Kristina were brand new and didn’t know what they didn’t know. They did all this with no prior experience and in LESS THAN A YEAR! Wow! They grew their business in living rooms and over lunches, having LIMU Experience Parties all day long, with everyone that wanted a better life. Did they have doubters? Absolutely! But their hard work and focus is building them a great new future. And that’s forever!

Listen up. There’s something huge happening at LIMU … we’ve proved that we can bring new people to the industry, people who will succeed and stay and grow with LIMU. There’s no question that now’s the time for you to make the most of it, and go get your own 96%ers!

Party on!

MLM Company Review: Have You Heard About The Limu Company Secret? Listen To What They People Have To Say!

MLM Company Review

The Limu Company Secret… Is Out!

The Limu Company has a secret that after months in investigation, and through my Limu Experience, I have uncovered. At first I thought it was the Limu Original, but quickly found out I was wrong. I looked at The Limu Company’s energy drink Blue Frog to see if that might be it, again I was wrong. Since all that was left was The Limu Company’s weight management system LEAN, I was sure I had finally figured it out, especially since the product really works…

 But again I was wrong!!!

I called Gary Raser the founder of The Limu Company to ask him about the Limu secret, he laughed and said, it is in plain site, and not a secret. I called Kerry Brown, and asked him to tell me the secret, he said to talk with Ryan Barson the V.P of Business Development at The Limu Company, he might tell me.  Ryan, was very attentive to my request, and after listening to all I have uncovered said… Well sounds like you figured it out!

Want to know what The Limu Company secret is? Watch the videos below!

The Limu Company Launches New Limu Original PET Bottle

Breaking MLM News: The Limu Nation Is Breaking Records Month Over Month In Japan And The USA

Breaking MLM News Report

The Limu Nation is Breaking Records Month Over Month in The USA & Japan!

Memo to Gary for Limu President’s Call 3/1/2012

Let’s go back a couple days in time. Let’s go back to February 2012, which came to a close a whole couple days ago.


Feb 2012 vs. Jan 2012

* Enrollments up over 55%

* US Daily Sales (new recruits) – up 55%

Jan/Feb 2012 vs Jan/Feb 2011

*Total enrollments – up 435%

*Total US Daily Sales – up 420%

*Japan daily sales – up 200%

*Total Daily Sales – up 325%

*Total product sales (daily and AutoShip) – up 85%

Feb 2012 vs Feb 2011

*US Daily Sales – up 600%

*US and Japan – up 500%

February 2012 had the most new enrollments since we opened this company!

Yesterday February 29th was the single biggest day for enrollments in the history of The LIMU Nation (double what we had the previous biggest day).

Most new 2K VIPS ever in one month (140)

Most new 20Ks ever in one month (28)

Most new 100Ks in one month (5)

New 200K in Japan – He’s been in the business for only 2 months!

New 500K in the USA – TREY KNIGHT

Five of the last six months (Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan and Feb) The Limu Company had dbl digit growth over the previous month


MLM Company Review: Have You Met Gary Raser The Founder Of The Limu Company

Gary Raser Founder of The Limu Company

Gary Raser is known for his “Guiding Your Way Leadership” style, and as the founder of The Limu Company, he has done very humbly what most network marketing companies can’t do with hype… He broke $10 million in the first year, while staying debt free. Now learn about the man who started out to create a new kind of network marketing company, and instead birthed The Limu Experience!

After my review on Back Door Deals made by some network marketing companies back in February of 2011 (Read It Here) Gary and his team reached out to me to discuss Gary’s stance on deals with distributors of any kind, not just “Top Distributors.” Gary was a breath of fresh air!

Several times since then Gary and I have talked. It was during a trip to Alabama to finalize custody of one of my granddaughters, that Gary called and we talked for over an hour. Gary shared some very deep personal stories of his life, and his family’s lives.

Unlike some of the new breed of founders launching network marketing companies, Gary had a heart felt message. I remember sitting in the car, and my son looking over asking why I was crying, as Gary shared a specific story with me about his family which gave me some insight into why he is as passionate to see the distributors at Limu succeed. His passion to provide an equal opportunity at every level is what keeps the field so loyal to this man and their mission.

Gary, didn’t have to launch The Limu Company seven years ago. He could have taken his millions and just walked away. Instead, he decided to do what few folks have done in the history of direct sales… Create an experience where distributors at all levels can really call it home.

He had learned from his own successes and failures what worked and what didn’t work. Lord, knows he didn’t get it all right every time. But like his good friend BK Boreyko, he learned from what didn’t work, and kept at it until he got it right.

Now I do have to say, opening your doors with 9,000 applications and doing $10,000,000.00 in sales in your first year is far from failure. But… It really wasn’t until 2010 that Gary and his team were able to get everything dialed in.

With most of the network marketing community still saying “Limu Who”, he humbly, but aggressively he started to attract some really solid distributors at all levels to the team. And what I have found is even more exciting is the fact, when you look at the tenure of distributors with the company, you see one of the most loyal and successful distributor bases in all of network marketing. It ranks along side other successful companies like Oxyfresh and Life Force International. Companies which have weathered the storms of each stage of business and are poised to become $100 million dollar a year success stories.

In my next article I will be sharing details on the leadership team Gary has surrounded himself with. I have met and/or worked with several of his team, and each brings with them a strength, that when working in tandem with the other team members, makes this a leadership second to none!

Gary, thank you for taking a risk, and sharing just a little of your personal life with me, and investing your time to share what the Limu Experience is all about!

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Limu Breaks $10 Million In First Year Sales

Bio Med Business Journal 2005 Interview With Limu Founder Gary Raser