Breaking Limu Nation News: John Raser Leaves Back9Network To Join The Limu Company

John Go Speed Raser

Gary Raser, founder of The Limu Company and the inspirational leader of the Limu Nation, shot me a text to share some fantastic news… John Raser (yes they are related, more on that in a second) has joined the company as the new Director of Communications!

Gary, and I have had some long and great conversations about our families, especially out kids, so he knew I would be stoked to hear John (his son) was joining the Limu to help take it to a whole new level.

John Go Speed Raser

John Raser Dir. of Comm Limu

Like my own boys, John “Speed” Raser left home to follow his own dreams and passions before coming back home to work in the family business. John is a Pro Golfer, Actor, and most of all a Mediaprenuer. Having studied his background, I can say it is a true blessing to have him working for the Limu Nation going forward. You can read in John’s own words, what he has to say to the world about this great move.

John Raser & Blu Frog

John Raser & Blu Frog Racing

But before we see what John has to say, let’s take a peak at what he was like as a kid…

Over the past 14 months, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to craft the digital identity of Back9Network, the first ever, premier multimedia golf lifestyle and entertainment television channel. As VP of Digital Media, I have enjoyed bringing the brand’s DNA, personality and voice to life, through creative direction, new messaging, branding, marketing, graphic design, social media, public relations and a wide variety of unique content that has driven awareness and momentum for their future launch. I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot, grown a lot as well, and I thank them for that exciting and fulfilling experience. Back9Network will undoubtedly change the face of golf and be a catalyst in growing the game.

John Raser Dir. of Comm Limu

John Raser Speaking

After much discussion and prayerful consideration, I have decided that now is the right time to make a significant career move by joining an established, multi-national company that’s already on an exciting hyper-growth path (+400% in the last 12 months) — a company that, like Back9, is a “category creator” and industry leader.

It’s a company with a culture and atmosphere that embraces my energy and meshes with my passion for innovation. It’s a company I know well and one that will provide me with a much broader role and even greater influence, as I use my communication and creative skills to add value in ways that will make a huge impact on its future.

John Raser

John Raser Having Fun

Starting Monday, January 21, 2013, I’ll be joining The LIMU Company as Director of Communications and tasked with building a rock star team, establishing the company’s social media presence, developing collaborative relationships and partners for new business initiatives, and refining the voice of the brand by creating content with a fresh spin. I’m thrilled to be working for a company founded and led by my father, Gary J. Raser, wholly-owned by the Raser family, with an executive team I’ve known most of my adult life. The goal is simple: to help make the LIMU brand stronger than ever.

Dad says we’ve got unfinished business. I say, here’s to a new adventure!

But, there is something else that drives John Raser. Or maybe I should say someone! John has a cause that goes far deeper, than just being an Actor, Pro Golfer, Mediaprenuer, or Director of Communications of the Limu Nation. As a matter of fact it is what drive John, Gary and the whole Raser family to get up every morning, overcome his own challenges and fight to change th world one person at a time…

Staci and Rich Grodin founded Turn the Corner Foundation in February of 2002. Staci has suffered from Lyme disease since 1994 and through her diagnosis and treatment over the past eleven years, she has uncovered a strong need for research and funding in the area of tick-borne diseases. My sister, Teri Raser, has also been suffering with Lyme disease for over three years now. It has been an absolute nightmare for my family as she has been misdiagnosed countless times by “experts” all over the country.

Teri is such a gifted, talented and hilarious girl and has had the life completely sucked out of her by this horrible disease. She had to be pulled out of The University of Miami, where she was on an academic scholarship. She had straight A’s, the #1 blog on the UM website, a badass job running the showroom for a couture designer, was running the UM concert series, while double-majoring in communications and political science (like her big brother). She is on the road to recovery, but it continues to be a very trying time for her and our entire family. Please keep Teri in your prayers. She is truly a gift to this world and without a doubt my favorite person in life.

Lyme disease is growing at rate four times faster than AIDS and is quickly becoming our nation’s most misdiagnosed and fastest-growing infectious disease. Educating the public and physicians about this disease and the progression of treatment is essential.

Editor’s note” Turn The Corner has joined forces with TBDA (Tick-Borne Disease Alliance)


Limu Nation News: Gary Raser May Have Produced Teh Best Origins Video I Have Ever Watched

Gary Raser Founder of The Limu Company

For years I have watched some great videos on the origins of network marketing founders and the MLM companies their launch. But in Raser’s case he not only talks about his rags to riches story, he doesn;t back away from the failure issues that face direct selling companies and network marketing distributors. He also shares what it truly takes to make a direct selling company a viable business model. And most of all… He talks about the part-time to full-time incomes that can be earned without all the over-hyping. This is a must watch video…

“LIMU exists as the extraordinary vision of one man, Gary J. Raser. Born of humble beginnings, he joined the industry over 25 years ago and became one of the most successful distributors in history. But his story only starts there, because his vision is to inspire similar success in all of our Promoters. LIMU is, to this day, his unfinished business … and his way of bringing more and more people to significant accomplishments in our industry.”


Gary Raser and I have invested hours on the phone over the last three years. His passion for raising the standards in direct selling and for providing THE BEST products and income opportunity is second to known.

Gary is a strong-willed Distributor/CEO, meaning every move he makes in his company is made after weighing the question… “will this benefit the field?” As the world’s #1 seller and the category creator of “Limu Extracted Nutritional Juices”, he and his team know what it takes to break the five-year mark in network marketing. And over the last 18 months watching him company grow month and month in double and triple digits, I can confidently say… Gary Raser Is Limu And The Income Opportunity Is Strong!

Breaking Limu Nation News: The LIMU Company Has gone mobile

With the LIMU Mobile App, the Limu Nation is able to conduct Limu business anytime, anywhere, no matter where they are in the world!

Lime iPad app

Key Features of the app include the following:

Secure login and transactions
Real time announcements
Up-to-date LIMU videos
Resource Library (including product information and LIMU presentations)
Promoter and Customer Enrollment
Order Taking (on and offline)
Instant Business Reports

Mobile iphones

To download your LIMU Mobile App via iTunes or Google Play:

Go to iTunes or Google Play.
Download/pay for the app ($19.99).
After downloading, open the app and choose “Setup Account.”
Enter your first and last name, LIMU MemberID and IAMLIMU username, and set your PIN.
To set up the cloud service, go to your site.
Go to Tools>Mobile Apps.
Select that you have already downloaded and installed the app.