MLM Wireless News: What Is The Future For Lightyear Wireless

Over the last few years we have kept an eye on Lightyear Wireless which is part of Lightyear Network Solutions, LLC. At one time I made the bold statement “Lightyear Network Solutions could be the next billion dollar telecommunication company.” So where is this company today?

Lightyear Network Solutions, Inc. is the new parent company after doing a reverse merger in 2009. They now run two separate divisions according to the latest financial report – Lightyear Network Solutions, LLC and SE Acquisitions LLC.

In this article I will focus on Lightyear Wireless and what has been happening in this direct sales channel. The latest financials show the wireless channel increased in revenue by $300,000.00 in the latest quarter to $900,000.00 revenues. If they hold steady and do not increase or decrease much in either direction, we can estimate the wireless division will finish the fiscal year around $3.6 million in revenues.

Knowing they lost some top leaders over the last few years, and some of their mid-level leaders were distracted during the MLM Wireless Wars, I believe this is a solid sign, that Lightyear Wireless is still a solid asset of Lightyear Network Solutions Inc.

To strengthen my belief, that wireless is part of the future of the parent company, is the fact they just hired Sean Lloyd, an industry veteran who has had successful runs at Cingular, Nextel and Cricket, before taking the new role as V.P. of Sales. In this role he will oversee the growth of all three distribution channels, agent, direct and retail channels.

Now, I do want to add a little personal insight from studying this industry for the last 24 months. The leaders inside of Lightyear Wireless need to do more than focus on recruiting. Although their recruiting numbers are up, so is the attrition rate of people leaving out the backdoor.

One way to fight this and win, is to help the distributor base understand the power of B2B sales. The most growth we are seeing in the telecommunication industry, especially in the mobile/wireless niche is business sales. 5Linx is a prime example, along with CAN and now new comer Vi-Tel. Long term residual income is found in business sales.

Something else I should cover real quick is the fact, the parent company did miss several Milestones they promised to specific investors and lenders. Due to these missed milestones, Lightyear has made some very important management changes.

Although, I still believe Lightyear has the management, longevity and passion to become a billion dollar telecommunication player. I think, there is a good possibility we will see one of three other scenarios before that happens:

  1. They are bought by a larger player looking to dominate the telecom industry.
  2. They sell or discontinue all non-performing divisions.
  3. They go for broke and buy or merge with a much larger but under performing company. We just watched regional telecom company CenturyLink do this with the purchase of  Embarq, then Quest.

I do want to congratulate the field leaders who have held firm in their belief in Lightyear, and for supporting their field teams. It is the field leaders and their continued belief which has kept Lightyear rolling strong right through the wireless wars!

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Troy Dooly

Does Lightyear Network Solutions Financials Tell The Whole Story Behind Lightyear Wireless

Since J. Sherman “Sherm” Henderson took Lightyear public in a reverse merger, people from all MLM niches have done their best to use the new public financial information to sway Lightyear Wireless reps to jump ship and move to a new company.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the quarterly Financial Reports of any publicly traded company should be reviewed completely so you and your team know exactly what you are getting yourselves into.

However, the financials only give you part of the story. The rest you will find by getting to know the founder, the corporate officers, the employees who are the backbone of the operation and most of the the field force who are on the ground daily selling the services or product to the general public.

In the case of Lightyear, when you take time to do some research on Sherman Henderson, you quickly realize he is far more than a dreamer, he is a pioneering visionary in the telecommunication industry…

Inc Magazine 1998
Phone Plus Channel Partner of the Year
Phone Plus Executive of the Year

In March of this year Business First of Louisville wrote this story on Sherman and Lightyear.

So, now we need to ask ourselves, the following questions. Does Lightyear Wireless have the best opportunity to lead the MLM Wireless Revolution?

Let’s take a look at two of their marketing videos to see what they have to offer today to the customers they service and the distributors they are attracting.

Also, in reviewing the retail site given to reps, I could the following information which I found very positive.

Lightyear Wireless allows they reps to market the following services:

XStream VoIP
Virtual VoIP
Local & Long Distance
Cable TV & Broadband Services
Dish Network Satellite TV
Protect America Home Security

Lightyear has also just launched their You + Three = FREE Promotion which is driving momentum these days.

Lightyear Wireless You + Three = Free

Here is a snapshot of the front page of the retail rep sites at Lightyear Wireless.

Jim Bartlett Lightyear

Well, there is no doubt the MLM Wireless Niche has plenty of room for several MLM Wireless companies. The question I have is…

Who will step up to the plate to compete with Lightyear Network Solutions and their MLM Division Lightyear Wireless?

There has never been another Excel Communications in Long Distance, ACN, Tupperware, Avon, PrePaid Legal, Primerica, Watkins, Shaklee or Mary Kay. Several have tried, but none have come close or lasted any length of time.

Is the same going to happen in the MLM Wireless Niche?

Tell us what you think!

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Breaking MLM Telecommunication News: Sherm Henderson Takes Lightyear Network Solutions Public

Breaking MLM Telecommunication News: Sherm Henderson takes Lightyear Network Solutions public in a reverse merger with Libra Alliance.

Sherm Henderson
Official Press Release

This has been a long term goal of Sherman Henderson’s and there is no doubt, this move will help drive the network marketing arm of the company run by Josh Henderson – Lightyear Wireless.

Lightyear HQ

You can read a few of the public reports below:

Business First

MSN News

Courier Journal

Congratulations to the Henderson family, the Lightyear corporate staff and employees and most of the Lightyear field force.

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Troy Dooly

Lightyear Wireless Lost Top MLM Leaders Reco & Shanee’ McDaniel

Reco & Shanee’ McDaniel, once the shining stars at Josh Henderson’s Lightyear Wireless, have now left for greener pastures. And it wasn’t for Buzzirk Wireless!

Reco & Shanee' McDaniel

I followed Reco’s rise at Lightyear for the last few years, and was very impressed that a leader of such young age, had such a passionate focus, and realized that “Getting Rich” was not all about money and toys, but was 100% about achieving wholeness in every area of your life!

I was sad to hear that Josh Henderson, Lightyear wireless and the McDaniel’s were now in legal battle litigation over their former business relationship. But, it does prove to me why every distributor should be a member of the DRA (Distributor Right’s Association.)

We will continue to track the McDaniel’s and their new adventure at MonaVie along with watching the court decision on the allegations they have made against Josh Henderson operating Lightyear Wireless as a Pyramid Scheme.

And although we see trust broken more often, than in years past, between top money earners and the companies they helped to grow, I still stand firm on my belief that the Direct Marketing Profession is still the best way for the average person to see their dreams come true.

Troy’s Truth: Remember, it’s not about growing our primary Network Marketing Company, it’s about Developing the Leaders on our Teams.

Case in point is Reco & Shanee’ McDaniel’s vision below:

16 Millionaires

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly