Breaking MLM Wireless News: The Real Wireless Provider For Liberty International Distributors

Breaking MLM Wireless News:

The Real Wireless Provider For Liberty International Distributors!


Over the last few days since I linked over to Micah Collin’s post at, many of you have questioned both Micah’s reporting of the facts, and my lending his credibility.

Well below you can read through the Bankruptcy filing and see for yourself, that Liberty International LLC., was the company Randy Jeffers formed to provide wireless services to Liberty International, Inc.

Now this does provide answers to those who are interested in learning how the money all flowed, or didn’t flow.

What it doesn’t answer is the following questions:

1. Which company; Liberty International Inc., or Liberty International, LLC., owes refunds to those Liberty Internatioanl (distributors, preferred customers, and regular wireless subscribers)?

2. If Liberty International LLC, is not found to be liable for the refunds, will Liberty International Inc., be willing to repay the refunds for services and phones it charged, distributors, preferred customers and subscribers, then did not deliver the services, because Libert International, LLC. did not pay the $1.9 million dollars owed in the Service Agreement?

3. Will T-Mobile go after Randy jeffers personally, and if so how will this affect Liberty International Inc., Liberty Freedom Network and the distributors past and current?

As more facts unfold and answers to these and other questions comes forward we’ll report on them.

Liberty International Bankruptcy Court Docs

MLM Wireless News: Liberty Freedom Network Launches After Liberty International Shuts Down

Last month Randy Jeffers the founder of Liberty International announced at a company sponsored even in Orlando, that some a new company would emerge. Well today Liberty Freedom Network launched, and Liberty International has closed its doors to the public.

Liberty Freedom Network

Well, I am not sure how this will effect refunds or the pending lawsuit by Liberty International, but here is an address where you can send for refunds.

Liberty International at PO Box 438, Woodburn, OR 97071

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

MLM Wireless News: Liberty International aka WOW Mobile Launches New PCS Platform

Over the last few days WOW Mobile’s parent company Liberty International has come to the conclusion, they can’t salvage their relationship with T-Mobile, and has decided to protect their brand by taking T-Mobile to court.

Although, this is bound to be bloody for some distributors, who could lose their T-Mobile phone number. However, from the notices below we do see that Liberty International is communicating with their reps, and providing them with what seems like the fastest and best avenue for reps to protect their personal phone numbers.

The one silver lining in all of this, is the launch of the new PCS Platform. For the last few weeks we have seen competitors coming to MLM Helpdesk telling WOW reps and prospects, that WOW Mobile did not get their PCS agreement.

This weekend WOW Mobile put the critics to rest, as the launched the new WOW PCS Website.

WOW Mobile Update: Liberty International aka WOW Mobile Suing T-Mobile

MLM Wireless News: WOW Mobile Update Should Liberty International Reps Look For Another MLM Wireless Company

Several events surrounding WOW Mobile and their dispute with T-Mobile has surfaced this week. Some of the rumors have included everything from a T-Mobile takeover of WOW, to WOW Mobile owing over millions to T-Mobile in unpaid cell phones bills.

Now, without a doubt, Liberty International aka as WOW Mobile, would like to remove the last 100 days from their history. But, since they can’t it seems Randy Jeffers, has told Jeff Bakerink, WOW’s corporate in-house attorney to take this issue to litigation to protect the distributors from any further disruption of business.

At the same time both Jeff and Randy feel very confident, come the first of the week they will start activating and shipping phones on their new PCS Platform.

From everything we were told today, it seems WOW has finally turned a corner. They are willing to go after T-Mobile for Breach of Contract, and several other civil crimes, and push forward with a couple of new carriers over the next 60-days or so.

I strongly suggest WOW distributors talk to Randy Jeffers about forging ahead with a distributor class action lawsuit against T-Mobile. If Randy can’t guide you on how to make that happen, then contact MLM attorney, Kevin Thompson at and tell him Troy sent you over.

Although, there is no guarantee WOW or any other MLM Wireless company can fight an win against any of the Tier 1 carriers. If I were a betting man, I would say if anyone can fight them and win, it will be Randy Jeffers. The boy, seems to always land on his feet, and after 11 years, he has still never failed to pay commissions.

If you are a WOW rep, please keep us posted on the movement and growth of the company.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

MLM Wireless News: WOW Mobile aka Liberty International Update

WOW Mobile a division of Liberty International started off strong in their rise to dominate the MLM Wireless niche, however over the last 60-days they have taken their lumps just like more of the wireless companies trying to rise and dominate.

However what makes WOW Mobile different is the leadership of their parent company Liberty International, isn’t waiting for everything to fall into place at WOW before he takes on the next niche. Randy Jeffers and his top leaders are aggressively preparing to launch a new category creating niche in MLM.

WOW TV – Launching June 2010. You can hear all about it by listing to this call.

NEWSFLASH! Update – WOW TV Anywhere! Hear Liberty Founder Randy Jeffers, Liberty Legal Counsel Jeff Bakerink, Karla Pacheco and special guest Liberty Carl. Dial:(402)426-6969 Playback Code: 66473444#.

Now, this is not a new relationship. As a matter of fact ALL WOW Mobile aka Liberty International reps have the ability to earn commissions off of marketing the Dish Network, from the very first day they join. However, this new WOW TV Anywhere, is a step above.

From what I have seen and beta tested personally, this will be a very unique service, which when combined with the “Buy 1, Sell 3, Yours is FREE” compensation plan, WOW TV Anywhere will save or eliminate hundreds of dollars a month for the average TV viewer.

Now, for those who have continued this far, and who are still wanting to know “What is happening at WOW Moble?”

I can tell you this. In the next few days, WOW Mobile will be making an announcement on a new carrier and an update on T-Mobile. When this news goes public, we will post on it. Our goal is to have a new beta phone from the new carrier shortly.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

MLM Wireless Wars: WOW Mobile Founder Randy Jeffers Announces the Velocity Project

MLM Wireless Wars: WOW Mobile Founder, Randy Jeffers, announces the Velocity Project. This is a 90-day challenge Randy has put in the hands of the top leaders at Liberty International to attract 100K new distributors in the next 90 days.

Question: Is T-Mobile a strategic partner with WOW Mobile?

Answer: Yes, WOW Mobile offers T-Mobile services, on a WOW Mobile Branded and Flashed Phone

Liberty International has slashed the Business Packages they offer. The goal is to attract 100K new Liberty International Independent Business Owners and WOW Mobile Resellers.

Liberty International

Breaking MLM News Randy Jeffers Launches WOW Mobile Ten Years After The Death Of Destiny Telecomm

Breaking MLM Scam Alert: Randy Jeffers, founder of Libert International, launches WOW Mobile, ten years after the death of his last MLM telecommunication scam, Destiny Telecom.

(UPDATE: Randy Jeffers Talks to Troy Dooly at MLM Help Desk)

Ok, yes I have heard both sides of the Destiny Telecom side of things. However, after reading several of the court documents, opinions of top MLM attorneys I am convinced Randy Jeffers could have corrected issues with his company long before the FTC got involved had he not let his ego get out of hand.

Now, for you who have no clue what I am talking about, let me fill you in.

In the late 90s the Telecommunication Industry was deregulated, and hundreds if not thousands of small companies launched. Kind of like what we are seeing in the MLM Wireless arena today. Randy along with some other interesting folks saw an opportunity to earn millions of dollars off the back of unsuspecting people.

The DotCom boom was getting into full swing, and people from all walks of life were looking for ways to earn money. Most, like today were not taking any time to investigate the businesses. They were listening to the Charismatic Hype from the son of a preacher as he motivated and got them excited.

People from single moms, to retired couples on fixed pensions joined the company because of the promise of fast money. I remember the Hype like it was yesterday… “This company is growing faster than Excel! It will be the next Billion Dollar MLM Business! We’re the Fastest growing MLM Company in History!”

As Kind Solomon, the ancient King of the Hebrew people wrote… There is nothing new under the sun!

This link will give you a short overview of Destiny Telecomm. Read closely the issue with the Matrix compensation plan, does this sound like a couple of other companies I’ve blogged on lately.

Destiny Telecomm Overview Although not every link works, you will get the picture.

Hereis a great article from Grimes & Reese top MLM Attorneys Click Here

Here is a short chronological order of events which took place, while trusting MLM Distributors, continued to believe the words of Randy Jeffers, Richard Slaback and others who earned millions, knowing the FTC and several sate AGs were closing in fast.

November, 1996 –
Defendant: Destiny Telecomm International, Inc.
Primary Location: Oakland (also in the state of Oklahoma)
Nature of Business: An investigative subpoena has been issued regarding the sale of this multi-level marketing scheme involving prepaid calling cards.
Media Contact: Florida Attorney General’s Office, Henry Gill, 904-922-9206 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              904-922-9206      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; North Carolina Attorney General’s Office, Christine Lanning, 919-715-2444

Feb 14th, 1997 – Agreement with California Company Settles Alabama Phone Card Dispute.(Originated from The Mobile Press-Register, Ala.)

Feb 14th, 1997 – Oklahoma CORPORATION COMMISSION

March 19, 1997 – California Telecom Firm to Pay $1.6 Million in Penalties, Alter Practices.(Originated from Contra Costa Times, Walnut Creek, Calif.)

March 20, 1997 – Destiny Telecomm settles lawsuit with DAs, State; No wrongdoing found; Destiny signs to save Oakland jobs

April 4th, 1997 – Oakland, Calif., Phone Card Company to Help Little League Fundraiser.(Originated from Contra Costa Times, Walnut Creek, Calif.)

May 29, 1997 – Destiny Telecomm reaches operating accord in NY; Company anticipates major growth in Empire State

January 20, 1998 – State disconnects calling card firm

October 10th, 1998 – California Regulators Bar Destiny Telecomm International from State.

Now, this brings us to Liberty International.

Randy launched Liberty International after moving from California to Texas. The domain was grabbed in July 8th, 1999 not to long after everything quieted down form the Destiny Telecomm scam.

The company website talks about a company for the 21st Century, yet their site still looks like a 1999 website.

There is no company office, just a PO box, and the fact they use “The Planet” as they hosting company.

As for their launch of, well it seems to be the same story as other wireless communication technology. Nothing new, nothing different.

In closing, let me say… I do believe people can change. Lord knows I am far from perfect and folks keep reminding me of that fact daily.

If you are going to make Liberty International your home, or market the WOWMobile wireless service, at least know all the facts.

Never Give Up,