Breaking MLM Wireless News: The Real Wireless Provider For Liberty International Distributors

Breaking MLM Wireless News:

The Real Wireless Provider For Liberty International Distributors!


Over the last few days since I linked over to Micah Collin’s post at, many of you have questioned both Micah’s reporting of the facts, and my lending his credibility.

Well below you can read through the Bankruptcy filing and see for yourself, that Liberty International LLC., was the company Randy Jeffers formed to provide wireless services to Liberty International, Inc.

Now this does provide answers to those who are interested in learning how the money all flowed, or didn’t flow.

What it doesn’t answer is the following questions:

1. Which company; Liberty International Inc., or Liberty International, LLC., owes refunds to those Liberty Internatioanl (distributors, preferred customers, and regular wireless subscribers)?

2. If Liberty International LLC, is not found to be liable for the refunds, will Liberty International Inc., be willing to repay the refunds for services and phones it charged, distributors, preferred customers and subscribers, then did not deliver the services, because Libert International, LLC. did not pay the $1.9 million dollars owed in the Service Agreement?

3. Will T-Mobile go after Randy jeffers personally, and if so how will this affect Liberty International Inc., Liberty Freedom Network and the distributors past and current?

As more facts unfold and answers to these and other questions comes forward we’ll report on them.

Liberty International Bankruptcy Court Docs

MLM Wireless News: Liberty Freedom Network Launches After Liberty International Shuts Down

Last month Randy Jeffers the founder of Liberty International announced at a company sponsored even in Orlando, that some a new company would emerge. Well today Liberty Freedom Network launched, and Liberty International has closed its doors to the public.

Liberty Freedom Network

Well, I am not sure how this will effect refunds or the pending lawsuit by Liberty International, but here is an address where you can send for refunds.

Liberty International at PO Box 438, Woodburn, OR 97071

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