Kirby Cochren Business Insights: 5 Questions Every Business Should Ask

In my consulting work we use a proprietary methodology designed to teach companies about the fundamental value drivers that underpin topline growth, essentially balancing the purpose of the company to create value for customers and shareholders. We call this methodology the Pillars of Inflection™ because they represent critical supports to the hockey stick growth everyone […]

Starbucks Founder Shares Small Tactics Big Results

Starbucks founder Howard Schultz shares some small business tactics which produce huge results.

I read this small piece in Success Magazine last month and thought it was great.

Howard Shcultz States:

“Care more than others think wise. Risk more than others think safe. Dream more than others think practical. Expect more than others think possible.”

“The best ideas are those that create a new mindset or sense a need before others do. It takes an astute investor to recognize an idea before its time.”

“Success should not be measured in dollars. It’s about how you conduct the journey and how big your heart is at the end of it.”

“Whatever you do, don’t play it safe. Don’t do things the way they have always been done.”

“Emphasize a strong commitment to reinvention and self-renewal to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive. It encourages innovation.”

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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