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Troy Dooly, the Beachside CEO, is internationally recognized as an influencer in personal branding, leadership team development, marketing campaigns, and more. A highly sought after mentor, speaker, and results coach, Troy Dooly is also a founding member, show host, and news director of the Home Business Radio Network. Plus, he is a founding member and former Board of Directors of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals.

MLM Coaching Series Now Available To Premium Subscribers Of The Network Marketing Advocates

The following network marketing training was released in the 4th quarter of 2011 on a limited basis. This week the full series will become available as a member resource for all the Network Marketing Advocates premium subscribers.

The monthly subscription to The Network Marketing Advocates is only $10 monthly. This membership is not for everyone. It is for those in the network marketing profession who truly believe in authentic collaboration and in raising the standard of excellence from the corporate offices to the newest network marketer. Take a few minutes and watch out video and see if you are ready to join our revolution!

Please enjoy this teaser to the series “Becoming a Person of Influence”

Living An Epic Adventure

Troy Dooly

John Maxwell Launches New Maximum Impact Leadership Club

John Maxwell, who is a personal mentor of mine has launched an upgraded monthly Leadership Development Club.

I have been receiving John’s training through the club and conferences for close to a decade now, and of all the training I have ever received this is truly the best.

In the past John as had trainers like:

Tim Sanders – Former Yahoo Chief Solutions Offcier
Jim Collins – Author of Good To Great
Seth Godin – Internet Marketer and author of the Purple Cow
Dave Ramsey – Fox Business Channel & Dave Ramsey Radio Show
And a boatload more.

If you are serious about taking your personal and business life to a new level I recommend you join this powerful monthly resource. Join Here!

Also, I have arraigned for anyone who would love to join me at the Catalyst Conference this year to get the best prices found anywhere.

You can click here to learn more and take advantage of this deep discount.

Enter this discount code “MLM08” for your discount.