Patrick Pretty Reports: MORE FROM MLM LA-LA LAND: Is It A Taunt? Purported Successor Firm To WCM777/Kingdom777 Uses Image Of Golden Pyramid

Updated 6:24 p.m ET (U.S.A.) Members of the WCM777 scam, which morphed into Kingdom777 after regulatory actions were filed, have been informed by a “program” upline that the venture now is operating as Global-Unity, a source told the PP Blog today. Parts of the Global-Unity website appear to be under construction. The “News” tab, for […]

Behind MLM Reports: Global Unity: Kingdom777 Ponzi rebooted (again)

It’s getting rather difficult to keep up with the continuous changes Phillip Ming Xu keeps making to his global Ponzi empire. After regulators around the world began to target Xu and his WCM777 Ponzi scheme late last year, he changed its name to Kingdom777 and hid behind the skirt of newly appointed CEO, James Tenorio. […]

Source: Global Unity: Kingdom777 Ponzi rebooted (again)

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Behind MLM Reports: Kingdom777 not a Ponzi, just “misused words”

Despite claiming that new “rules and regulations” governing Kingdom777 compliance and an “approved code of ethics” would be published on January 31st, the deadline came and went without anything surfacing. A bit late, owner Ming Xu now appears to have delivered… but it’s probably not what you were expecting. Or given the nature of Kingdom777, […]

Source: Kingdom777 not a Ponzi, just “misused words”

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Patrick Pretty Reports: Websites For WCM777 And Kingdom777 ‘Unavailable’

UPDATED 12:08 P.M. ET (U.S.A.) The WCM777 and Kingdom777 websites appear to be back online. Our earlier story is below . . . _______________________________ Websites linked to WCM777 and Kingdom777 are showing a “Service Unavailable” message this morning. The precise reason why is unclear. WCM777 now operates as Kingdom777. California securities regulators have called WCM777 […]

Behind MLM Reports: Kingdom777 “suspends” US ROI payouts

When US regulators came knocking on Phil Ming Xu’s door to ask about the WCM777 Ponzi scheme he was running, he kept it a secret until the state of Massachusetts went public. Xu claimed he was “suspending all US operations”, but continued to accept investment funds from and pay a daily ROI to US affiliate […]

Source: Kingdom777 “suspends” US ROI payouts

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Patrick Pretty UPDATES: (1.) Colorado Boots WCM777; (2) California Didn’t Have To Look Far To Find ‘Program’: State Has Office In Same Building From Which Alleged Multimillion-Dollar Securities Scam Operated

UPDATED 6:33 P.M. ET (U.S.A.) The state of Colorado has issued a cease-and-desist order against the WCM777 “program,” saying the Ming Xu-led enterprise was selling unregistered securities. Ming Xu also is known as Dr. Phil Ming Xu, according to WCM777 promoters. In issuing the C&D, Colorado now has joined at least two other U.S. states […]

Patrick Pretty UPDATE: In Aftermath Of Police Raid On WCM777 Venue In Peru, ‘Dr. Phil Ming Xu’ Declares Love For The People — On Letterhead Of Suspended California Company

Things are getting stranger at WCM777: After a police raid this week on the “program” in Peru, the purported head of WCM777 has declared his love for the Peruvian people — on the letterhead of World Capital Market, a California corporation listed as “suspended.” The letter, which is dated today and appears on Twitter, did […]