Ocean Avenue Review: $10 Million, 10K Reps All In 1 Yr, Ken Dunn Co-Founder Ocean Avenue We Did It Against The Odds

Ocean Avenue

Ted Nuyten founder of Business For Home just published the following interview with Ken Dunn, co-founder of Ocean Avenue.

Ken Dunn Co-Founder Ocean Avenue – Against The Odds – Interview

Ken Dunn, from Toronto, Canada is married to Julie Dunn and is the proud father of 2 children. He has successfully built multi-million dollar business in 4 different industries in less than 6 years. He is Co-Founder of Ocean Avenue. The company has 10,000 members and did over $10 million in it’s first year.

On October 1st, 2012, Ken Dunn teamed up with Fred Ninow and Tuffy Baum to start Ocean Avenue (OA) based in South Jordan, Utah.

Ken is no stranger to MLM, having spent the past 10 years as a distributor leader in 3 different companies where he amassed millions in income, written 3 books & traveled the world speaking and training about MLM.

Ocean Avenue

While the initial thought of Ken becoming the Co-Founder of an MLM Company initially shocked most, their success in the past year has clearly demonstrated that the critics were wrong about Ocean Avenue.

Ocean Avenue is heading into their Grand Opening “Launch Party” convention in Orlando, Florida on September 20th. On the eve of their Grand Opening, Ted Nuyten was able to catch up with Ken as he sat in the Paris airport returning from yet another trip to support the  business. Ken started off by stating that 10 is a very lucky number on Ocean Avenue.

Ocean Avenue is reporting $10 million in global revenue, with 10 thousand Ambassadors and Customers, in a total of 10 countries, in just over 10 months. With these incredible numbers in such a crowded North American Direct Selling market in their pre-launch.

Ted Nuyten took the opportunity to interview Ken on the pre-launch strategy and the grand opening:

Ken, what are the biggest reasons that you attribute the success that you, Fred & Tuffy have had in your pre-launch?

Field Leadership, Field Leadership & Field Leadership.  We have been absolutely blessed to have some of the coolest Men & Women field leaders join our company.

This business is all about field leadership and the synergies that are created when these leaders and the company properly collaborate. We promoted 6 Diamonds in our Pre-Launch.

At twice the Industry Average for that Rank, Travis & Summer Flaherty (USA), Rob & Tiffany Moffitt (USA), Sujiwo & Erna Halim (Indonesia), Tommy Then & Chelsea Nile (USA) Tristan Tay (Singapore) & Ronin Nguyen (Vietnam) all hit this rank in record time. They are joined by over 12 Emerald Ambassadors and dozens of Ruby Ambassadors.

Ken Dunn: Verbalize Your Dreams

Ken, what about the nai-sayers?

Network marketing is definitely a mature industry today.  It is as large as any other international industry. Today, there is a significant amount of competition in the market. At Ocean Avenue, we believe that competition is healthy and should be expected.

Because of that, we have decided that we will set a new standard in dealing with competition:  We are going to respectfully ignore them.  Listen, when Fred Ninow & I reunited after our time at Max, I think it scared a lot of people. Some competitors have gone to extreme lengths to try and hinder our success but obviously it has not worked.

Ocean Avenue Leadership

Ocean Avenue Leadership

What part has Ocean Avenue’s Founders and Management team played in the success of your pre-launch?

As founders, Fred, Tuffy & I compliment each other perfectly.  Fred has over 30 years of senior management and ownership experience with more then 2 Billion in cumulative revenues. Tuffy was the Operations boss for a fleet of 5000+ rigs hauling billions in product across North America and is an operations Genius and I have built massive MLM teams.

You couldn’t ask for a better ownership partnership.  Add to the mix, we have been able to draw to the team senior corporate officers with over 150 years of experience in customer service, finance, IT, sales & marketing, & International development.

Ocean Avenue Team Leaders – Among many others

Travis and Summer Flaherty - Ocean Avenue Rob and Tiffany Moffit - Ocean Avenue Thomas Then and Chelsea Nile - Ocean Avenue
Travis & Summer Flaherty Rob & Tiffany Moffit Tommy Then & Chelsea Nile
Sujiwo and Erna Halim - Ocean Avenue Tristan Tay - Ocean Avenue Ronin Nguyen - Ocean Avenue
Sujiwo & Erna Halim Tristan Tay Ronin Nguyen


Speaking of International development, why did you decide to take such an aggressive stance in international markets, it certainly increases the risk?

At our grand opening,  we will be fully open with offices, staff and infrastructure in Canada, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand & Hong Kong.  By the end of 2014, we will be in a total of 20 countries and YES it is aggressive.

We looked at it as diversifying the risk.  We have friends all over the world who are accomplished leaders in MLM.  When they heard that we were opening the doors, we were inundated by requests from these folks. The fact that we have always been well capitalized has given us the opportunity to get some of these markets open.

Also with the “crowded North American market”, it gave us a chance to create a more stable business.  Listen most MLMers want to be part of an international business and we are giving an unprecedented amount of people that chance.

Team Asia

Ocean Avenue Team Asia

What makes you different?

I have said time and time again, “you are either growing through innovation or dying through complacency”.  In todays industry, company’s need to be innovating in new ideas surrounding retention.  As a company, we have decided to stick to our core values, FAMILY.

We have kids conventions going on with parents conventions, we have an amazing personal development program for the children of our ambassadors and we are giving everyone of our ambassadors worldwide greater opportunities to create family memories then ever before in our space. Listen, its no secret, MLM is notorious for hurting families. Typically, one part of the family, either the husband or the wife joins an mlm goes through a personal change, becomes detached from the family unit and some bad things happen.

Through our Vacation Club we are giving our Ambassadors and customers the opportunity to collect points (outside of the comp plan) for everything to buying products to production.  They can then use these points to take family vacations.  In our pre-launch we gave away hundreds of family vacations.

The Dunn Family

The Dunn Family

Where is Ocean Avenue going?

We intend to become the new example of Network Marketing in the 21st Century. We take our examples from the biggest companies in the world, the Fortune 500 companies. If you take your example from other MLM companies then you limit your success.

We have several other secrets under wraps that are game-changers. There are 3 major announcements that will happen in the next 6 months that will catepult OA onto the world’s Internet Marketing Companies Stage. OA will set a new example for Direct Sales in the next decade and will have revenue’s to match.  This is the preverbial tipping point that leaders look for.

When was the last time that a company had 10 countries properly opened at it’s launch?  We are attracting a lot of great people right now.

MLM Editorial Rant: What Does Ocean Avenue, Evolv, Melaleuca & Max International Have In Common? Ken Dunn

Ocean Avenue

Over the last eight months, I have heard from Network Marketing Pros, around the globe asking me about Ocean Avenue, and what it has in common with Max International and Evolv… Well one of the answers, is Ken Dunn! Now don’t get me wrong there are many other similarities… Great founders, solid products, and profitable compensation plans at all levels, and most of all stellar networkers in the field.

However, lately there seems to be some form of under-current from people inside and outside of these companies who want to propagate half truths, and bold face lies against the companies above. Now, I am not going to go into all the details, but below you can see for yourself about Ocean Avenue, from the reporting we have done over the last eight months… And in the near future I will be covering some of the new leaders who have joined Evolv of late!


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Now, don’t get me wrong ANY company growing as fast as Ocean Avenue is growing, will run into growing pains. More experience team reps will be hired to answer the phones, c-level execs, will change positions, new talent will be brought in, and the best news is the field leaders will continue to attract more team members. Ocean Avenue is the fastest growing international start-up network marketing company currently and we look forward to continuing to follow their story and the stories of the Ambassadors who call it home.

So if you read a blog post by Kevin Johnson titled “Ken Dunn & Ocean Avenue Scam”, you can rest assured he left out a boatload of information. And if you do not do your own due diligence, and only rely on what Kevin Johnson wrote, you may end up in a whirlpool of misinformation.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Ocean Avenue News: First Months Numbers, And a Little About Kids Zone

Ocean Avenue

Ocean Avenue founders Ken Dunn and Fred Ninow held a leadership call this week thanking the Ambassadors for their hard work in the placement month, prior to the November 1st launch. The company did a little over $1 million dollars in product sales, and has almost broken the 2K in active Ambassadors.

But to me what is the most exciting is how they arrived at those numbers. Although the products are solid, and the compensation plan rewards MLM Pros and the average networker, it is the cause or crusade behind the company that seems to be the common denominator when I interview the Ambassadors in the field.

Attention: (The following interview is about an hour long.)

Ocean Avenue is so focused on bring back Hope and Opportunity to Middle America families and have truly figured out a way to do it. And they are not limiting this crusade to just Ambassadors, they are also focusing on customer retention right out of the gate.

Ocean Avenue

Their three and free program focuses 100% on customers, and even the customers are allowed to get free product and accumulate points towards their own free vacation. But more on the Free Vacations coming soon.

Right now I want to focus on one of the reasons I fell in love with this company and the passion of the founders and their families. Although all the details are not worked out, I feel this is so powerful that it has to be shared. This interview with Paige Anderson the founder of Shine Brite Kids and the president of Shine Brite Kids, Chris John goes to show just a little bit about an upcoming strategic partnership. Shine Brite Kids is the strategic partner working with Ocean Avenue to create the Kids Zone Program.

Now I know some of you reading this editorial and watching the video will not have the same faith as me, or even hold the same principles or values, and I want you to realize I take that to heart.

What, I want you to do is hold passing judgement until you get a real deep understanding as to the passion. Although we all do not hold the same values and principles, one thing we all hold dear is our desire to change our lives and our families lives for the better.

Ocean Avenue may never be the right company for some of you. But what I want you to realize is there is a company that is right for you. So go find it!

Disclosure: Troy Dooly is a 3rd party consultant & Paige Dooly are Ambassadors in Ocean Avenue

Breaking MLM News: Ken Dunn & Fred Ninow Back Together Again Launching Ocean Avenue

Over the last couple of weeks I have been sharing about Ocean Avenue, and today I have the privilege of announcing the network marketing community, the Fred Ninow & Ken Dunn are back together again! The last time these two were together, they created one of the most respected companies in the MLM community, and the first US based network marketing company to focus on the power of Gluathione which is the body’s master antioxidant.


– 29 years of ownership experience
– Over 2 Billion in Gross Revenue
– Senior Management Specialist
– Start Up Specialist

Fred Ninow, thrives on the challenge of entrepreneurship. Having started as as a stockbroker before moving up to investment banker, Ninow saw the success others were enjoying from owning their own business and quickly realized that real financial freedom came from owning your own business not working for someone else. However, he also learned there is a downside to owning your own business, it could own you!

During one of the most successful business launches he ever mastermind, he was faced with what could have become a catastrophic person loss, that he would not have ever overcome…

Losing his family. When his wive Staci made it clear, things needed to change, or she was taking the kids and moving back home to her family, Fred, realized that his priorities were backwards. When he realized his had bought into the worldview of financial success; owning the toys, houses, club memberships, and yes BIG bank accounts, instead of making your family #1, he made a life change.

Today, he is still launching businesses, but instead of doing it by himself, he has surrounded himself with his family and friends. All who come hold to the same core values that… “Family First” is not a slogan, but a Way of Life!

– 15 Yrs of Investigative Policing
– Owned Businesses in mortgage & Prop Mgmt
– Earned millions in distributor commissions
– Author

Ken Dunn, like Fred Ninow has had the entrepreneurial bug for as far back as he can remember. However he also had a maverick side to his personality which also led him to put his entrepreneurial side on hold, until his first child Matthew was born.

Ken’s professional career started when he was 18 and joined the Ottawa Police Service, where his talent for detail and his ability to connect and blend into just about any life style setting, led to him becoming one of the youngest undercover officers on the force to work drug surveillance, crisis management, SWAT, and finally as a homicide and sexual assault investigator.

Later he became the youngest member of an international task force working to uncover and expose an international ponzi scheme. This new direction led him to become an expert witness on compensation plans before the Supreme Court.

But, like Ninow, Dun, was not putting his family first. When his son Matthew was born, he knew he wanted out of law enforcement, but was not sure which direction to go. Always having the entrepreneurial bug, while on a get away to Mexico, he and his wife Julie decide to launch a Silver Import business. Success came quick, and so did the decline thanks to the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).

In 2002 Dunn earned his Mortgage Broker license and was off to the races. Still working in law enforcement, and running a successful Mortgage business, he was rocking. Then came a call from friend in real estate, telling Ken about his MLM business. Although Ken knew what he did not know about MLM because of his work on the International Task Force investigating ponzi’s, he still took time to listen, and soon launched into a 3rd career. But…

Like Ninow, Ken’s family were the ones suffering from his additive need for a new challenge, power and success. He kept telling himself, family and friends, that his drive was fueled for his family because he wanted them to have all the things he never had growing up. The reality was, he had the wrong worldview of financial success and his priorities were totally upside down.

Julie, came to Ken and made it as clear as day, she was concerned that their relationship would not last, if he kept going down the road he was on. Something had to change, and it was either going to be one or more of his three careers, or it was going to be her and the kids!

Well, in both Dunn and Ninow’s cases they made the right choice and put their families first. In getting to know these two, in both cases, they have gone on to earn more money than they ever dreamed, and along the way, they put their families first.

Fred, has coached or been involved in each of the sports teams his kids have been a part of. And Dunn has taken time to make sure his kids have been able to follow their dreams and passions from his son playing in a band, to his daughter pursuing her acting career.

And, each have grown closer to their wives, who are also part of the founding team of Ocean Avenue.

It is with great pride and honor I get to introduce the Network Marketing World to the Family of Ocean Avenue!

Ocean Avenue Family

Breaking MLM News: Evolv Health Launches New e84 Shake Leap Frogging The Competition


This week I have the unique privilege to interview Evolv Health’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Anne Bodak Smith B.S., D.C., and what a great interview it was. Dr. Smith is the first Chief Science Officer I have interviwed with any network marketing company, so I was not sure what to expect. She quickly put me as ease and we had a wonderful chat.

You can listen to the interview with Dr. Anne Smith below!

Dr. Anne Smith - Evolv Health Chief Science Officer

Anne has a diverse background, having achieved the highest levels of success in athletics, health and business.

Anne was a national-level athlete in swimming, setting Canadian Junior Level records that have not yet been broken. She graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of Ottawa, and graduated summa cum laude with a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. Anne has worked with professional and amateur athletes alike as well as with the general public specializing in wellness and weight management programs.

Anne was introduced to network marketing in her twenties while she was completing her undergraduate degree in Ottawa. She discovered a passion and talent for it, and spent over twelve years as a field leader, achieving the highest rank possible in the company by the age of 30. During her time in the field, she developed and maintained an organization of representatives and leaders that generated millions of dollars in sales, earning her admission into both the Millionaire’s Club and the President’s Club. Having distinguished herself in this way, Anne was approached by the company’s leaders and asked to leave the field and work at the corporate level. No one had ever been offered this type of promotion in the company’s 35-year history. Anne wholeheartedly accepted. As the Director of Sales for North America, she introduced systems and programs that created significant results during her three years at the corporate level, during which time she was also head-hunted by several other top network marketing companies.

It was at this time that Anne realized she was looking for a new challenge outside the networking Industry. During a two-month vacation traveling through Canada, Anne was introduced to Trey White and the Evolv team. She quickly realized that Evolv was very different, and that she had found the challenge she was looking for.

Anne is excited to bring to the table her diverse background, her superlative education, her field and corporate networking experience, and especially her passion and enthusiasm for her work, so that she can help everyone succeed here at Evolv.

Dr. Anne Smith as been the driving personality behind the new e84 shake, which will launch tomorrow across the nation. SOme of the top field leaders, along with corporate staff will be sharing the power behind this new shake, which according to Evolv “Leap-Frogged over the competition!”

I can remember when Evolv Health first came into our radar screen. The founder of Team Inspirit and the president of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals, Garrett McGrath and his lovely wife Sylvia had just had their former company cut the compensation plan and they were looking for a new home. Trey White and Brent Hicks reached out and the rest is history.

Since those early days when I watched Garrett and Sylvia McGrath call Evolv Health their home, other top network marketing leaders like, Ken Dunn, Mike Healy, Camaron Corr, and countless others have joined this company to make it what it is today.

Evolv Health Launches New e84 Shakes

New Evolv e84 Shake Comparison Chart

Evolv Health e84 Journal May 2012

MLM News May 13: Lawsuits Settled, New Online Systems, And The Launch Of A Male Only Company

MLM News Report: Man Cave Worldwide launches, Ken Dunn Settles With Max International, and Imagenentix Sues Nikken For $10 Million for Patent Infringement.

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