Lightyear Wireless Lost Top MLM Leaders Reco & Shanee’ McDaniel

Reco & Shanee’ McDaniel, once the shining stars at Josh Henderson’s Lightyear Wireless, have now left for greener pastures. And it wasn’t for Buzzirk Wireless!

Reco & Shanee' McDaniel

I followed Reco’s rise at Lightyear for the last few years, and was very impressed that a leader of such young age, had such a passionate focus, and realized that “Getting Rich” was not all about money and toys, but was 100% about achieving wholeness in every area of your life!

I was sad to hear that Josh Henderson, Lightyear wireless and the McDaniel’s were now in legal battle litigation over their former business relationship. But, it does prove to me why every distributor should be a member of the DRA (Distributor Right’s Association.)

We will continue to track the McDaniel’s and their new adventure at MonaVie along with watching the court decision on the allegations they have made against Josh Henderson operating Lightyear Wireless as a Pyramid Scheme.

And although we see trust broken more often, than in years past, between top money earners and the companies they helped to grow, I still stand firm on my belief that the Direct Marketing Profession is still the best way for the average person to see their dreams come true.

Troy’s Truth: Remember, it’s not about growing our primary Network Marketing Company, it’s about Developing the Leaders on our Teams.

Case in point is Reco & Shanee’ McDaniel’s vision below:

16 Millionaires

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly