John Gopaul of Team 1 International Tells a Different Story About His Departure From Panther Mobile

John Gopaul and I have built a trusting relationship over the last six to nine months. So when I started hearing some critical issues about his affiliation with Panther I was concerned. So last week I posted those concerns, and made it clear if I found these allegations were true I would report on it.

John Gopaul took time to talk with me today, and made it very clear, he was ready to do whatever he needed to do to prove neither he nor his organization has done anything unethical or illegal while affiliated with Panther Mobile.

There is no doubt John Gopaul and Team 1 International have been working for months to find the right MLM Wireless Company, and that he was affiliate with Global Verge and Panther. He even contacted DNA asking them specific details and worked to create the best opportunity for his team. In the end he along with Chris Greco and several other leaders decided it was best they launch their own company Global Pros.

I have talked to several leaders on John Gopaul’s team and they all say the same thing. “John Gopaul is a servant leader, who looks out after his team, even if in the short team it is going to cost him money.”

Since we have yet to receive any documentation showing John or his team have done anything unethical or illegal it is out stance, that John is telling us the truth.

If or when we receive any documention from Panther stating otherwise we will post that info also.

I do have major concerns that it is purported Panther Mobile is owing commissions to several distributors, and that Panther makes it hard for people to cancel their monthly membership.

These are the same concerns I have about any MLM company who allows online signups, but does not allow online cancellations.

If you are owed commissions from Panther Mobile then please comment and let us know the amount owed so we can check into it.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly