Breaking MLM News: Cowboy Joe Schroeder Comes Out Of Retirement To Join Paula Scarcella And Green Organics… Why?

When I got the news Cowboy Joe Schroeder was coming out of retirement to join Paula Scarcella over at Green Organics, the first word I spoke was WHY? Well instead of pondering it to long, Paula was able to get Joe to contact me and give me the real scoop before all the rumors started.

Joe Schroeder is one of the Internet Marketing pioneers. Joe has coached the likes of my friends Mike Dillard and Diane Hochman, showing them the secrets to funded proposals. When Joe retired I was not surprised. He has never been one to care for all the limelight, and knowing some of his students, I realized he would take pride in just watching them grow beyond even what he might have thought was possible.

I caught up with joe and was able to get him to give me some answers to two main questions… Why now, and why Green Organic? Some of you may remember I hit this company pretty hard a few months ago because I thought they had launched prematurely. I have kept my eye on them, and in the next few weeks, I will do an update of what I have witnessed.

In the meantime let’s talk to Joe Shcoeder.

Joe can you share a little about your history, since many of the current networkers and internet marketers have only heard of your students or maybe read a passing comment about you in a book?

“My biggest accomplishment, business wise, wasn’t the $50,000,000+ I helped distribute in Life Plus or ForMor International. It also wasn’t when I introduced the industry in 1996 to the “Funded Proposal.” And it wasn’t in my joy of sharing my vision, and coaching, with industry giants such as, to name a few, Diane Hochman, Mike Dillard, Gerald Peters, Franco Gonzalez and Dennis Karganilla.

To me, my greatest accomplishment, that I hope resonates with you, was as a full-time door-to-door meat and seafood salesman, with a monthly residential sales of roughly $12,000, I created part-time, a direct sales networking marketing organization of over 2,000 members whose sales were above $100,000 per month.

That was the hardest “hurdle” and hump I made myself cross, in my business life; everything else, and what came after scaling that tall mountain, was a residual effect, of those opening years for me some fifteen years ago.

Here is a little non-sexy “why” I decided to hunker down with Paula Scarcella and Green Organics

My buddy showed me this new little transparent FEMALE owned MLM called Green Organics.

I liked the name and even better was intrigued, that MLM legend Paula Scarcella had started it up.(been beaten too many times by too many guys in suits in MLM who decide to leave, not cut checks, etc)

Bout time I followed a women MLM hero. Why not, I follow my daughters and wife.

…so anyway

I liked even better that when Paula and I spoke, she didn’t once mention money, crack a joke, try to use the old boys Network chum-chum on me, and she was poised, soft and actually, aloof.

I liked that they give money to the SPCA. I liked that when I asked what she might need me for, she replied, “Culture, help me build a community.”

Then with more investigation…

No one showed me their $30,000 check they made their first sixty days and better yet, the King Kong doing the first “GO” conference call I attended, was a BLIND GUY named Dr. Robin Rushilo.

Between Paula’s poise, her mentioning the need for a culture and DOCTOR ROBIN, who I now call a brother, frankly, I was in Troy.

I’ve done sexy.

I’ve done rah-rah and even lead some nice rah-rah myself.

But at fifty two Troy, and someone who’s not only bought the T-shirt, but sold them himself?

It’s called calm!

It’s called we aren’t pretending to be slick or Corporate or pretending to be who we are not BECAUSE we can’t compete.

Paula said, “let’s start and develop our own little niche of 100,000 sold out excited average everyday people who we can help make $1,0000 a month versus trying to entice people with a $20,000 a month conversation.”

Did she say a THOUSAND? …what a novel concept. Huh.

Troy, you met Paula, need I say more?

She’s a gift to America, a gift to this industry, and a gift to blue collars like me Troy, who can believe in making an extra $500 to $2,000 a month versus the seduction of much higher.

Troy I wanted, a program that I could bring regular “Joe’s” to. That not only wouldn’t be offended with any hype, but who could relate to common people like us, who have accomplished very uncommon goals.

THIS ANSWER isn’t slick… THIS company isn’t slick… I am not slick… DR. ROBIN isn’t slick… Ms. Paula isn’t slick!

Neither was ole hick Sam Walton of Wal-Mart or was Colonel Sanders from KFC.

Johnny Carson and Don Rickles weren’t slick, and they are considered legends.

To me, that’s something I can hang my hat around Troy.

Troy, I won’t leave (when I die) a legacy at Green Organics as someone who taught anyone how to make money or teach how to “get people.”

My focus will be to help and encourage the team, on how to better get themselves. And each other!

Do that, and we change lives!

And I have found that when you change lives, then those who’ve you’ve helped, don’t leave anytime quick!

As Dale Calvert says, “Build people and the people will build your business.”

The money was never in the compensation plan, any more than wealth was inside of a Million Dollars.

Wealth is the man. The women, who saw the wealth before even their first $100 was earned.

The money is inside the people… Inside their hearts!

TOUCH those hearts, and out of cultural DNA instinct, those who we touch Troy, will feel obligated, to “do to” others, as you and me did to them.

That’s an Amway!

That’s an Avon!

That’s a Mary-Kay!

And that Troy, is who we aspire to be at Green Organic!

Something more than an opportunity and more than losing weight. We want to re-build a Million lives from the inside out.

And maybe just maybe we’ll use organic products, a blind guy, and a trucker like me, a gal with more fire belly than Kurt Douglas, Paula Scarcella, and a kick ass sharp shooter like you Troy.

Read my little yellow book I sent you Troy. That little book says it all. Who I am, what I believe, and what I think America needs most…Which is each other.

And that “vibe,” I found first in Ms. Paula, second in Dr. Robin, and third, in a place called home.

That I call, that we call, Green Organics.

Troy, Paula asked me to send over a quick blurb to you about why I choose Green Organics to again, do an MLM program.

That decision, and this opportunity Troy to me?

Deserved more than a blurb!

Sorry if this turned into a Joe Schroeder classic rant.

Or am I?


I hear your good people Troy,

Soul Hugs,

Joe Schroeder
Chief Executive officer Mood.

Change people’s mood, you can change lives and be remembered.

Which is why we all do this anyway.

A: to be heard.

B: To be remembered for something good.

C: Amen.”

Well folks there you have it. There is no doubt Joe is ready to create a new and unique culture at Green Organic.

As a matter of fact, if three wild and crazy millennials named Ryan, Blake and Nick, can change the way Network Marketing is done, then I wonder what the crew at Green Organic will accomplish in 2012 and beyond?

MLM News Report: The Trump Network, Rastelli Direct, Green Organic, The Limu Nation, & Joe Schoerder Is Back!

This week the Network Marketing community has been humming with news, rumors and facts. First came the breaking news that Neways former founder Tom Mower was suing The Trump Network. Then Rastelli Direct breaks the news they have launched a a private ventage of wines. I met with Green Organic founder Paula Scarcella and learn Cowboy Joe Schroeder have come out of retirement and joined her company. Then The Limu Company founder Gary Raser breaks the news that The Limu Nation has broken records in the USA and Japan!

This weeks Network Marketing News!

You can read all about it, in the article I just wrote by clicking here!

The Limu Company is up 400% over January 2011 for Enrollments!

U.S. Daily Sales U.S. Daily Sales Up 350% over January 2011!

Japan Daily Sales Up 250% over January 2011!

Rastelli Direct is breaking their own records month after month, due to their “Never Back Down” attitude to business. With the reputation for excellence of their parent company Rastelli Food Group, they have once again brought to their field force a first in network marketing… Read the full report here!

When I got the news Cowboy Joe Schroeder was coming out of retirement to join Paula Scarcella over at Green Organics, the first word I spoke was WHY? Well instead of pondering it to long, Paula was able to get Joe to contact me and give me the real scoop before all the rumors started. Read thee full report here!

Two of my constituents Ty Tribble of and Ted Nuyten of Home Business Organization reported this week that The Trump Network aka Ideal Health was in trouble and could be going down fast due to top distributors leaving and Tom Mower suing them.

I searched the net and could not find one document, showing where the lawsuit has actually been filed with the IN THE FOURTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR UTAH COUNTY, STATE OF UTAH which causes me to wonder if Tom Maower or one of his crew leaked the potential filing with Ted Nuyten knowing he is located in the Netherlands.

So I reached out to Peggy Brochman, top leader at The Trump Network and here is what she told me… Click Here!

The Limu Company Founder Gary Limu Reveals Massive International Growth Through The Limu Nation!

The real beginning of influence comes as others sense you are being influenced by them – when they feel understood by you – that you have listened deeply and sincerely, and that you are open.” ~ Stephen Covey

What is empathy and what makes it so powerful ?

It’s the ability to step into another person’s shoes and see/feel their reality from their perspective. It is the primary building block of compassion and compassion is what really brings down the wall of resistance.
Effective listening skills are important in every aspect of life to be able to get your message across. Both at work, at home and in social situations, the ability to listen well is as important as to be able to present well. This also equally applies in leadership, management or a team member position.

Listening is important as this increases your understanding of the thoughts and motivation of the other person. Knowing what motivates the other person is key, so that you are able to present your message within that context, which is the most effective strategy in recruiting people into your business.

There are a few tips that will help significantly in improving listening skills.

1. Listen With Empathy

It is common for people to listen with intent to answer. There is nothing wrong with this as this is what discussions and conversations are about.

The ability to respond better in a discussion can be significantly improved by just adding a slight twist to this. Listen with intent to appreciate what the other person is saying from his or her point of view. For those few moments, do not focus on how you want to respond.

When you have understood the other person’s views, then respond with your views. Reply in a way that shows empathy to what you have just heard.

Empathy is defined as the identification with and understanding of another’s situation, feelings and motives.

This does not mean that you are accepting the other person’s views and opinions. It just means that you have given your consideration and will try to understand a possibly different point of view.

First, this is important because you may not have fully understood a situation and can potentially draw an incorrect conclusion. By getting new information, you may change your mind on how you may respond.

Secondly, when the other party knows that you are listening to what is being said, this person will respond in a similar fashion when you speak. People appreciate you when they know that you give your full attention to their opinions and views.

2. Ask The Right Questions

Asking the right questions has much more of an impact in getting people to open up in discussions and also for you to get a much better understanding of any situation.

Too often, people have a tendency to talk based on their understanding of the situation and what they think is best.
It is important to ask clarification questions first. But, you must avoid asking questions that will result in “yes” or “no” answers. Start with broad based questions that will lead to descriptive answers. This will result in you getting information that you may not have thought of.

Asking pointed questions to get “yes” or “no” answers is best used when the other person is not giving a precise answer when one is required.

The other point to be aware of when asking questions is to ask for clarifications when general statements are made. For example, if the person says that there are some issues to be handled, ask for the list of issues.

By asking the right questions, you will get the other person to think through and quite often, you will be pleasantly surprised that the other party will actually arrive at the same conclusion as you.

Find out what people are dissatisfied with in their lives. Find out what they want to improve? What their goals are? Ask about their past? Get to know if they have done similar things before and what their experience was.

3. Be Patient

Listening with empathy and asking the right questions are techniques whose value can be easily appreciated, but actually doing these are not easy. You need to tell yourself to patiently listen. Basically, you need to tell yourself to “keep quiet” when the other person is talking.

It is much easier for most of us to just tell people what we think as soon as it comes to mind. Listening and holding on to what we want to say needs a lot of patience. This needs a conscious decision and effort.

4. Show Right Body Language

How often have you been in office discussions and meetings where someone is checking their email as you are talking with them? Or looking at their watch every few minutes.

Such body language indicates that you are not really interested in what the other person has to say. If you are busy, then set another time for the discussion, when you can pay attention.

During the conversation, you can slightly lean forward and maintain a comfortable eye contact with the person.
Where appropriate, taking notes is a good indicator that you consider the points being made as important. This also helps as sometimes it is difficult to remember all the points made.

5. Summarize

Summarizing a discussion or conversation is a good indicator of whether you have listened well. This is important in the event you have incorrectly understood the points made, then summarizing to confirm understanding is a great technique to avoid disagreements as you express your point of view.

In a work environment, making notes is an important step to be able to summarize. If you have made the notes, then summarizing can be done fast and precisely. If not, you will stumble through based on what you remember of the conversation and will not be effective.

Take notes in point format, so that summarizing is easy. Another tip is that when you have your own thoughts on a particular point, make a note of that as well.

This is important because you will want to speak out your thoughts and ideas. But, are supposed to listen first. If you do not bring it up immediately, you might forget. Noting this down helps you to remember to bring it up later. By writing it, you also do not need to worry that you will forget the point.

If you have not been using the above techniques of effective listening, it will prove to be a little difficult when you start using them. However, when you use these techniques and realize that you are more effective in achieving your objectives in discussions and meetings, you will know that it is well worth your effort and you will find your success in your business improves tremendously.

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