Breaking Jeunesse News: Matt Nestler Lawsuit Alleges Hundreds Of Private Business Development Deals

jeunesse-globalFor months, rumors have been building that Jeunesse Global had more money on the streets for developing their North & South America business than any other MLM company today. They were looking to attract top level network marketing team builders, and with the filing of Matt Nestler’s current lawsuit (read here), it seems the rumors may have merit.

Matthew NestlerWhat we do know through reading the case filed by MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson of Thompson Burton, is that Matt Nestler is alleging that he has evidence of over 100 of the same private Business Development Deals, that he and Jeunesse had entered into.

Nestler through the lawsuit is also alleging Kevin Giguere, a well known MLM Pro may have committed fraud against Nestler as well as Jenuesse.

Kevin Giguere, who launched network marketing sales organizations over the years with YTB (Your Travel Business), Numis Network, Evolv, Seacret, and now Juenesse is no stranger to network marketing. Although in at least one Jeunesse marketing piece, they would make you think he just jumped from the grocery business to Juenesse.