Jeunesse Hires One Of Direct Sales Most Respected Female Executives

Meredith Berkich Selected As New President Of North America For Jeunesse Global

A couple of weeks ago, a few influencers in the direct selling world, received an email which stated Jeunesse was hiring a new female executive, who is classified as one of the most influential female leaders in the network marketing community to take over as President of North America.

In going down the short list of female executives who might be available, I reached out to my good friend and former President of Viridian Power, Meredith Berkich and asked if she might be getting ready to land at Jeunesse Global.

As always the professional in her came out and she said… Give me 48 hours to answer. 🙂

Here is what she wrote back…

Hey Troy – we just made the announcement to the Field so can share. Yes, I have joined the Jeunesse Global team as the President of North America as of Monday, August 3.

I am convinced this is going to be a true legacy company and will be contributing my highest and best to continue building a solid, sustainable opportunity for entrepreneurs and their families.

As you know I consider our work a sacred trust as we hold in our hands people’s hopes and dreams of a better way. I am committed to honoring that trust with the utmost integrity and dedication. Thank you for your belief, and I look forward to our next conversation. Be well.

I want to focus on one specific statement Meredith wrote above – “I consider out work sacred trust as we hold in our hands people’s hopes and dreams for a better way.”

Meredith_BerkichI have known and supported Berkich’s in some of her past companies. Through out the years I have worked with and around her, she doesn’t just say these words, she lives them. Every hard decision I have watched her make, came after deep soul searching as to what would work best for both the company and independent professionals in the field.

No whereas I have my concerns about some of the actions I have seen from Jeunesse corporate, as well as in the field. I firmly believe the hire of Meredith Berkich is a positive move, and could be a great sign that the founders of Jeunesse Global realize it’s time to bring in executives who fully understand how to manage, run and grow a company posed to hit $1 billion in annual sales, if the momentum continues worldwide.

Here are a couple of videos showing the professionalism and passion Meredith Berkich holds.

Disclaimer: Neither Meredith Berkich or Jeunesse Global are clients of Troy Dooly or the owners on this website. Neither Meredith Berkich or Jeunesse Global reviewed this article or video prior to publication.

Breaking MLM News: Jeunesse Global Takes Control Of MonaVie & Mynt!

I got word on this potential acquisition last week and agreed to a NDA so I could learn more. Although at the time I had my conversations with parties involved including Wendy Lewis, it was not sure if the sale would go through.

I was excited when I got word the sale was final and the reps at MonaVie and MYNT would once again have all the funding they need to continue their growth in the field as well as product development.

I have been very vocal on issues I have seen at Jeunesse lately, (see our other editorials), but without a doubt this is a positive for the reps in the field.

Summer & Travis at ANMPMy close friends Travis and Summer Flaherty have been building a very successful team at MYNT over the last six to nine months and helped the company break the $1 million in monthly sales just a couple of months ago.

With MonaVia international footprint, Jeunesses deep financial commitment, and MYNT’s fresh young sales force, I think this is a win for everyone!

Below is the official Press Release from Jeunesse Global!