Disrupt Worldwide Really Poised To Change Network Marketing Or Just a 2.0 Remake?

Over the last few months I’ve watched and listened to all the rhetoric and hype surrounding the closure of Wake Up Now aka #WUNLife and how other companies like Wealth Generators and Pro Traffic Plus were the new “Wake Up Now scams” because former top leaders had taken their teams there.

Then word leaked out that Kirby Cochran, former shareholder and CEO of Wake Up Now had launched a new international company with his brother Gary Cochran, and people started calling it #WUNLife 2.0.

But it wasn’t until I received a call from Jason Elrod, the former president of Wake Up Now, telling me he, had moved his family back home, and was staying in the direct selling industry, launching his own company with a partner, that I really started to read the pro and con buzz about 2.0. I was particularly interested in what the critics had to say when they started propagating that Disrupt Worldwide is another scam, like Wake Up Now.

Author’s Note: Wake Up Now was never found to be a scam, nor was it’s founders, shareholders or officers ever investigated or charged with any crimes. One of the former major shareholders Kirby Cochran was sued by the Board Of Wake Up Now after he was terminated for $70 million dollars based on a lack of fiduciary controls.

In February of 2015, Wake Up Now did announce the closure of their network marketing channel in the USA, and it’s my understanding the company is now liquidating all assets to payoff short term creditors which include former distributors which  may be owed past commissions. 

So are the critics and proponents right – is Disrupt Worldwide and other companies just WUN 2.0, or at least in the case of #LifeDisrupted is this a brand new network marketing culture working to use a Blue Ocean strategy to create something completely new?

Jason M Elrod Interview with Wake UP Now Independent Professional Tia Rivera

Tia and I  discuss the importance of work ethic in business, athletics, performing arts, and network marketing. Many people treat network marketing like a hobby instead of as a full-time job. Watch this interview to understand the difference in mindset between: being a business owner, and being an employee. There are different approaches to being successful in business; get the Inside Look, and learn which approach is best for you.

Jason M Elrod Interview with Wake Up Now Independent Professional Lisaldo Tavarez

Lisaldo was someone who had everything, and lost it. In this interview Lisaldo discusses the test of a true entrepreneur–being able to rise to the top after being pushed to the bottom. Watch this Inside Look to learn how Lisaldo and others like him overcome disappointment and setbacks.

Jason M Elrod Interview with Wake Up Now Independent Professional Justin Hoffman

“No one can hold you back but yourself,” Justin says. Justin Hoffman is one of the first leaders in WakeUpNow, also one of the original believers, a pioneer in the business. In this week’s Inside Look, Justin talks about how he got started in WakeUpNow  and how the PS3 system has helped him in his business.

Jason M Elrod 7 Secrets to Success – Pt 4: Show Up Early and Stay Late

It’s time for more of those Secrets to Success I’ve been sharing with you. To quickly recap, here are the first three secrets I shared in previous posts:

  1. Listen more than you talk
  2. Be a servant leader
  3. Be a student of your craft – never stop learning

And now…

Lesson #4: Show Up Early and Stay Late

In both your personal and your professional life, you’ll find certain things are out of your control: the weather, the stock market, the decisions made by your friends or coworkers, etc. So when it comes to your success in life, the sometimes frustrating truth is that you can’t control all of the variables around you. This is why it’s so important to focus on the things you CAN control. And in my opinion, the most important personal trait that you can control is your work ethic.

There will always be someone smarter, richer, or luckier than you. But you are in full control of whether or not other people work harder than you. And as the old saying goes, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” From businessmen to professional athletes, the most successful people in their fields aren’t always the smartest or the most talented. But you can pretty much guarantee they are among the hardest working.

As my title suggests, there is no substitute for putting in real time and effort. Showing up early and staying late is simply a way of saying you can’t take shortcuts and expect to be successful. Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey—these people did not get to the top of their industries by doing the minimum required. Instead, they did WHATEVER was required.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you have to give up any kind of personal life, family life, or fun to be successful. What I’m saying is that when you ARE working, work hard, minimize distractions, and give it all you’ve got. If you’re working your own business on the side and can only give it two hours a day, that’s fine. Just make sure you spend those two hours working hard on the most important things that need to be done. As your business grows, it will probably require more of your attention. When the time comes, are you willing to step up and do what’s required?

You see, it’s human nature to want all the good stuff but none of the bad stuff. We want the awesome panoramic view, but we don’t want the 10-mile hike. We want the fit muscular body, but we don’t want to eat right and exercise. It’s just the way we’re wired. We have to fight that part of our human nature and practice the disciplines that will get us where we truly want to be. Your personal success story is waiting to be written. Will you do what it takes to write it?