MLM Company Review: Alivamax Worldwide the Anti-Aging Company Featuring Jackie Chan

Alivamax Worldwide launched a little over a year ago in January of 2009. What makes Alivamax unique is the focus on developing and marketing pharmaceutical grade products for personal use and individual distribution. What I find refreshing about this company, is they are focused on formulating products backed by science.

Alivamax currently is focused on three specific products, two of proprietary and one is through a strategic partnership with Jackie Chan, the lead actor in the upcoming movie The Karate Kid.

The Alivamax Anti-Aging Miracle Serum is a Paraben free product, which falls in the Cosmeceuticals niche. The Alivamax Skin Serum contains both powerful dual peptides and neuropeptides to address the effects of aging on the skin.

Co-Founder Mark Sain, explains more about the Aliva Anti-Aging Skin Serum in this video.

The next Alivamax product is the Alivamax Fountain of Youth capsules.

According to the Alivamax website, For centuries, Himalayan natives, with life spans well over 100 years of age have used a rare humic substance high in fulvic acid for anti-aging and rejuvenation, which seems to be the focus on the Alivamax Fountain of Youth product.

On the Alivamax website they describe the Fountain of Youth product this way… “It is a patented, purified and standardized Shilajit dietary supplement ingredient for nutraceutical use that is developed for providing energy to human body and mind. The reason why the Alivamax Fountain of Youth ingredient the Alivamax Shilajit is the ultimate Shilajit on the market is because of the rare humic substance standardized to have not less than 60% fulvic acid the bioactive carrier and equivalents with high levels of (DBP – 3%) dibenzo-α-pyrones and (DCP – 10%) dibenzo-α-pyrone chromoproteins! The reason why the Alivamax Shilajit’s bioactive ingredients have survived millions of years of evolution of life is because they are essential for the existence of life on earth! The bioactives are still present in humans and other animals as a source of energy. The primary role that the Alivamax Fountain of Youth will play in human life is it works at the cellular level, playing a direct role in the syntheseis of ATP as a compound that supplies the body with energy, and healthy mitochondrial function. These are substantiated claims based upon solid scientific evidence. Our product is patented and currently has 5 US Patents and 3 Patents Pending and is backed by clinical studies. One of the Patents Pending is for Mitochondria Anti-Oxidant. In addition, another Patent Pending is the composition of stable metabolites of DHA and EPA essential fatty acids.”

Now let’s take a quick look at the Jackie Chan XGT Healthy Energy Drink Power Mix, which is offered through Alivamax.

jackie Chan XGT Healthy Energy Drink Mix

The power of this drink seems to be from Fresh Green Tea Leaves added during the time of formulation.

What makes the Jackie Chan’s XGT Healthy Energy Green Tea Drink Mix so important to the future of Alivamax is the fact it is available exclusively through Alivamax Worldwide, and the fact it is manufactured by a Pharmaceutical Company. Again this shows the standard of excellence set by the founders of Alivamax to offer only science back products to the public.

Now let’s take a look at the Alivamax Worldwide compensation plan.

Alivamax Worldwide Compensation Plan