Do You Know Missi Leadman Merritt Over At “It Works!”?

Missi Leadman Merritt, has become not just a business associate, but a good friend. So when she told me yesterday she had joined “It Works!” I decided to shoot a video and let the world know. Not only has she joined a great company, she is a great leader, and entrepreneur who is tearing it up in the Tampa area and around the USA!

Now if you don’t know about “It Works!” then you need to take some time and watch the video below. Mark Pentecost the President and CEO of the company has an amazing story, and an even more amazing team working with him.

Mark Pentecost:


Mark’s visionary concept for It Works! began with the mission he set forth to change people’s lives with safe, but highly effective products.  He wanted to help people look younger and live healthier, and offer it through a business opportunity that would allow people to achieve their dreams. The It Works! product line, heavily influenced by Mark’s passion for quality and ethical standards, and the It Works! business opportunity exemplify the pursuit of this policy.

Missi Leadman Merritt

I am a mother of the most beautiful children you would ever meet. I will let everyone know that my children are my life, my heart and they definitely have been my rock over the past few years.There is no one  or anything that will ever be more important to me than them!

The Evidence Of “It Works!”

Below are some of the amazing before and after picture of some of Missi’s personal clients, and some of others using “It Works!” products. Click Any Of The Pictures To Learn More!