Internet Safety News: Security Issues Still A Concern At Facebook

<h1>Panda Security Reports Facebook Security Concerns!</h1>

<a href=””></a> reports that Panda Security sees a continuing rise in personal security issues.

Panda Labs Report: Facebook Security Threats Show No Sign Of Slowing In 2011

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On January 31, 2011 Panda reported they had discovered security exploits via popular social sites Facebook and Twitter. The first, Asprox.N, is a Trojan delivered via email informing users their Facebook account is being used to distribute spam and that, for security reasons, the login credentials have been changed. <a href=””>Read On…</a>

Internet Safety News: Consumer Reports 7.5 Million Underage Users At Facebook

<h1>How To Protect Your Family On Social Networking Sites</h1>

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According to <a href=””>Consumer Reports</a> at least five million families experienced some form of Internet Crime on Facebook in the last year. These crimes ranged from identity theft, malicious viruses and the worst seems to revolve around cyber bullying.

Here is a small sampling of the Consumer Report Internet Safety Survey:

– Malware cost $2.3 billion and caused 1.3 billion computers to be replaced.

– 30% of those surveyed used or stored sensitive personal information on their un-secured mobile/smart phones.

– 34% give their full birth dates on Facebook

– 21% with children at home, post their names and birth dates which can lead to kidnapping and stolen identities

<a href=””>You can read the full report here… </a>

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Tech Support News: Firefox 4.0 Surpassed 100 Million Downloads According to eWeek

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The <a href=””>tech magazine eWeek</a> just published and article stating Firefox 4 has been downloaded over 100 million times.

Just a few years ago, Firefox has less than 10% of the browser business. Today they have over 21%. This is a huge milestone since today the browser field also has more players than just Microsoft Explorer; it includes, Apple Safari and Goolge Chrome as its three biggest competitors.

<a href=””>Read the full article here!</a>

Internet Safety News: Are Michigan Police Spying On Private Cell Phones

<h2 id=”article-title”>High-Tech Police Spying Sparks Privacy Battle</h2>

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Michigan State Police Thursday defended their use of a high-tech device that connects to almost any personal cell phone — and in mere minutes downloads its entire contents, including call logs, texts, photos and web history.

State police say the device, called the <a href=””>Cellebrite UFED</a>, is an effective tool in fighting crime. But the Michigan branch of the ACLU disagrees, fearing that cops are abusing the device — <a href=””>Read more:</a>

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Cyberhood Watch Alerts: Fox News Reports Georgia Hacker Caught With Stolen Credit Cards

<h2 id=”article-title”><a href=””>Georgia Hacker Caught With 675,000 Credit Card Accounts</a></h2>
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WASHINGTON — A computer hacker from Georgia has pleaded guilty to fraud and identity theft after authorities found him with more than 675,000 stolen credit card accounts on his home computers.

Twenty-six-year-old Rogelio Hackett Jr. of Lithonia, Ga., pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court in Virginia.

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