iLearningGlobal.TV Like so Many Others Drop Their MLM Compensation Plan

iLearningGlobal.TV like so many other direct selling companies have left their MLM distributors without incomes. Now the question is WHY? Is this a new strategy of taking a business from start-up to profitability, then drop the compensation and put the money back into the company?

Well I think it is more than that. We see companies like New Vision, Youngevity and Life Force International who have lasted for decades, still adding distributors, still paying high incomes and most of all still leading their industry niches. So what is it that has caused companies like iGlobalLearning.TV, EXLER8, INVISUS Direct, and others to leave MLM behind?

What is it that has caused other great companies to file bankruptcy or have to merge with other weak companies just to stay afloat?

Although, there is not a single item we can focus on, I can sure so a few things on why some companies like those above are still attracting top MLM leaders, as well as new first time distributors.

1. The leaders of these companies BK Boreyko, Steve Wallach and Wayne Hillman, are all servant leaders! They fully believe by helping others inside and outside their companies is what allows them to become better people.

2. They believe in their distributors. These leaders as well as many others truly understand that the Bran Partners in the field are the backbone to their growth.

3. The companies which last for decades are always looking to re-invent themselves, creating new products, new brands, better compensation, and looking for the next trend.

4. Leaders of great companies who weather the economic storms year after year are those who reward loyalty to the field at every level.

So, the next time you decide to look at the next Greatest MLM company to ever launch… Look for the real motivation behind why the founder(s) are launching the company.

Not, every industry niche is cut out to be an MLM company.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly