Breaking MLM News: GoFun Places aka GoFun Rewards Shuts Down In USA

Last night May, 1st, 2013, I received a private call from the Attorney representing GoFun Places in several situations. He informed me that as of May 2nd, 2013 GoFun Places aka GoFun Rewards is closing in the doors in the USA, and would no longer be doing any business with United States based distributors. Now, if I were to guess, I would say we could expand this to say North America, since the Canadian laws are just about like the USA.

It is my personal belief, that JubiRev aka JubiMax could be next!


Several weeks ago, when McGuire Woods was hired to sue one of the former mastermind behind GoFun Places, I was clear I thought before this was over the SEC would be investigating to see what the connection was behind what had been called a “reload program” of Zeek Rewards. (Read Article Here)

I truly believe if the SEC subpoena’s the corporate records of GoFun Places, they will find that the same top Net Winners, they are suing at Zeek Rewards, are some of the founding members of GoFun Places.

Warning To Distributors… If your company has the following statement in their site, they are not what we call a Direct Selling Company aka MLM aka Network Marketing!!! And you should proceed with caution!


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Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Terrorist Financing Policies and Procedures

Go Fun Places, SRL, has several policies covering Anti-Money Laundering Acts, Client Due Diligence, Terrorist Financing and has implemented policies, guidelines and processes to ensure compliance with new anti-money laundering laws and regulations in various jurisdictions that meet with Financial Action Task Force (FATF) international standards. Regulatory obligations cover the reporting of suspicious transactions, large cash transaction reporting, electronic funds transfer reporting, reporting of cross border movements of cash and monetary instruments, client identification and verification as well as terrorist financing reporting requirements.

Go Fun Places, SRL, defines money laundering as any act or attempt to disguise the source of money derived from criminal activity. Go Fun Places, SRL, is committed to preventing our system from being used for money laundering purposes, by establishing policies and processes to ensure that only clients whose activities can reasonably be established to be legitimate are accepted as clients.

Go Fun Places, SRL, has established processes to identify and investigate unusual activities and transactions and ensure that all activities and transactions reasonably suspected to be related to money laundering are reported to appropriate government authorities.

Go Fun Places, SRL, takes reasonable and appropriate measures to establish the identities of their clients and others for whom they may provide services.


In addition, Go Fun Places, SRL, has developed policies and procedures regarding compliance with economic sanctions and anti-terrorism legislation.

Go Fun Places, SRL, will carry out an internal review of its policies and procedures regarding Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism, Economic Sanctions and Client Due Diligence Programs on a yearly basis to ensure compliance and to evaluate their continued effectiveness.

Ethical Marketing Practice Policy

Go Fun Places, SRL,, condemns any unethical marketing practices. This includes, without limitation, the use of links in connection with site-scraping, spam e-mails, search engine spamming, blog spamming or any other illegal or unethical marketing practices. Any affiliate identified as advertising any of our Internet sites in an illegal or unethical manner will immediately be placed under review and any commissions due to him will be withheld, until further investigation can be completed. Based upon the results of such investigation, we reserve the right to disqualify such persons from any ongoing participation in the Go Fun Places, SRL, affiliate program and from receiving commissions due.


Go Fun Places, SRL
4301 Hacienda Drive, Suite 500
Pleasanton, California 94588

Fax: 925.226.7986
Email: legal @

What Does GoFun Places aka Rewards, JubiMax aka JubiRev and Zeek Rewards Have In Common?

Shortly after Zeek Rewards was shut down by the Securities and Exchange Commission aka SEC, we started hearing about GoFun Places, and how they had created the first ever legit Zeek Reward compensation plan. Then in the last few months we started hearing how JubiMax was really the first company to legitimize the the Zeek Reward Comp Plan.

Now the truth of the matter is, that the Zeek Rewards compensation plan, was a try at legitimizing the Ad Surf Industry comp plan, and I am just not convinced that any form of “Daily Revenue ROI” can be made legit, without doing what all companies do that pay ROI… Get licensed!

But, let’s look at what is taking place right now!!!

Now I do not clam to be the final expert on ponzi schemes, but in reviewing those who are pretty good at sniffing out these type of situations, here is what we know.

Randal Williams files suit against eAdGear -Source BehindMLM

Then we learned that eAdGear file suit against Randy Williams (JubiRev) – Source Behind MLM

Now instead of just relying on he two reports by Oz, I went and pulled the legal documents.

I also want to make it clear that the rumor is now surfacing that Glen Jensen has resigned from GoFun Places!

Here are some of the Court Filings for your review! We will keep watching these cases.

Here are some of the most recent court documents.

FireShot Screen Capture #250 - 'JubiRev' - www_jubirev_com
Texas Case

Original Complaint

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit E

Cover Sheet

Proof of Service

Summons In Civil Action

Summons In Civil Action

Court Order

Court Order

Lead Counsel

Admended Complaint


California Case

Original Complaint

Cover Sheet

Summons In Civil Action

Court Document

Court Document