Global Pros Leadership Contacts MLM HelpDesk With Current Facts

Well, it has truly been a crazy few days in the MLM Wireless niche over the last few days. After our post on June 8th, 2010 on Global Mobile Pros, Global Pros and other MLM Wireless Companies, a couple of the equity partners and officers of Global Pros called to fill us in on some of the current facts.

The following are the highlights of our conversation:

1. The updated official documentation filed in the state of Nevada should at any time show the updated managers of Global Mobile Pros, LLC and Global Pros, Inc.

However, in the mean time, Ron Williams and Robert Cartagine equity partners and managers of Global Mobile Pros, made very clear the following in regards to Chris Greco:

– Chris Greco is no longer a part of the ownership or leadership team of Global Mobile Pros, LLC or Global Pros Inc. And Greco doesn’t have any type of distributorship position with the company.

– Chris Greco was not forced out of the company by John Gopaul or Susan Bateman, but left due to personal reasons.

2. Global Pros will be a Network Marketing company.

3. Neither Billy Nash or Rhino Wireless, is not now, nor has he ever been an equity partner or a member of the management team. He has acted in a consultant basis, for the two companies.

4. The Global Pros leadership team is interviewing MLM consultants and MLM Attorney to find one which can work well with the management team.

We have formed a solid working relationship with the leadership at Global Pros and Global Mobile Pros, and look forward to providing ongoing current information to the field as it becomes available.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Billy Nash Contacts MLM Helpdesk To Share His Conection To Global Mobile Pros

After we reported on June 8th, 2010, questioning the connection of several individuals to a verity of MLM Wireless Companies, Billy Nash called us to explain why his name was showing as an inactive officer of Global Mobile Pros.

Billy Nash informed us, through his company Rhino Wireless, he is a Master Dealer for Air Voice Wireless, a National Distributor for Page Plus, and has strategic alliances with folks at Simple Mobile.

He found out his name had been added to paperwork filed by the original equity partners at Global Mobile Pros, LLC. As soon as he found out, he called and informed Global Mobile Pros he did NOT want anything to do with the company from the inside or as a distributor.

If they wished to discus dealer contracts he would gladly entertain a strategic dealer relation.

Billy Nash and Rhino Wireless can provide any MLM Wireless company with dealer agreements to offer phone services, but neither Billy or his company Rhino Wireless are active in MLM as owners, officers or distributors.

I truly appreciate Billy’s professionalism and his willingness to communicate with me personally, and his offer to be there when I have a question on wireless technology.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

What Does Excel Cellular Communications, Global Pros, Activation King Wireless, Global Pros and Unlimited Wizard Have in Common

Without a doubt the MLM Wireless Niche is one of the most unorganized, cut throat niches I have ever seen. Never have I seen such a brutal subterfuge rape of MLM distributors in all my years inside the Direct Marketing industry.

Over the weekend MLM advocates from around the MLM Wireless Niche began to send in info, they had uncovered. As fast as it came in we started to backtrack and verify the info.

What was uncovered is truly mind blowing.

First let’s take a look at some technical information. In the below picture you can see where Chris Greco’s companies Activation King Wireless and Unlimited Wizard, share the same Google Ad Sense account as Excel Cellular Communications and MLM Wireless News.

This raises the following questions?

1. Does Chris Greco Own All Of These Companies?

2. Why is Excel Cellular Communications a private registry out of Canada?

3. Why is MLM Wireless News a private registry out of Canada?

4. Why is UnimitedWizard under private registry in Brandon Florida?

5. Why is really behind these companies?

Now let’s take a look at some other information brought to our attention.

Global Pros… Is this a real company or just a d.b.a. for Global Mobile Pros?

Both domains are owned by Ron Williams company Resort island reality. But what is interesting is the fact corporate documentation from Nevada reveals Global Pros (if it is the same company) does not list any officers. But…

When you do a search for Global Mobile Pros you find the following… (Click on image to see official documentation.)

Now, I know there are rumors on some sites and even in this community making it sound like John Gopaul and Susan Bateman have been behind some of the craziness surrounding Global Pros aka Global Mobile Pros, but no where do I see there names listed as managers of these companies. The only ones I see listed are…

Chris greco
Ron Williams
Billy Nash
Robert Cartagine
Roland Gambon

Well, this brings up other questions…

1. Are these guys behind other MLM Wireless Companies?

2. What is the real motive behind these connections?

3. Is there any real carrier contracts, or is this a MLM Wireless Shell Game, to attract and some how keep collecting fees from distributors?

4. Will these and other companies now be pulled into the pending Global Verge Legal Action against several MLM Wireless Companies and Individuals, like Chris Greco, Kevin Sipe, Derrick Rodgers, and others?

5. How does this effect the MLM Wireless Niche now and in the future?

What I do know is I am sick and tired of seeing unknowing distributors taken by the hype and propaganda of people who have no clue what this profession truly stands for.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

John Gopaul of Team 1 International Tells a Different Story About His Departure From Panther Mobile

John Gopaul and I have built a trusting relationship over the last six to nine months. So when I started hearing some critical issues about his affiliation with Panther I was concerned. So last week I posted those concerns, and made it clear if I found these allegations were true I would report on it.

John Gopaul took time to talk with me today, and made it very clear, he was ready to do whatever he needed to do to prove neither he nor his organization has done anything unethical or illegal while affiliated with Panther Mobile.

There is no doubt John Gopaul and Team 1 International have been working for months to find the right MLM Wireless Company, and that he was affiliate with Global Verge and Panther. He even contacted DNA asking them specific details and worked to create the best opportunity for his team. In the end he along with Chris Greco and several other leaders decided it was best they launch their own company Global Pros.

I have talked to several leaders on John Gopaul’s team and they all say the same thing. “John Gopaul is a servant leader, who looks out after his team, even if in the short team it is going to cost him money.”

Since we have yet to receive any documentation showing John or his team have done anything unethical or illegal it is out stance, that John is telling us the truth.

If or when we receive any documention from Panther stating otherwise we will post that info also.

I do have major concerns that it is purported Panther Mobile is owing commissions to several distributors, and that Panther makes it hard for people to cancel their monthly membership.

These are the same concerns I have about any MLM company who allows online signups, but does not allow online cancellations.

If you are owed commissions from Panther Mobile then please comment and let us know the amount owed so we can check into it.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly