MLM Wireless News: From Chris Greco at TechSoft, to the Newest Player Freedom Communication

Well, I thought I would share a little update I received this week on the MLM Wireless Niche.

Here are a few videos from Chris Greco and TechSoft which I found very interesting.

This first video, Chris announces that He and Kevin Sipe founded TechSoft Mobile. Although the official documentation states only Kevin Sipe, it seems Chris has been there from the very beginning. Not sure if this was planned while Greco and Sipe were still with Aston at Panther, but it does seem to clear up the ownership factor.

Now this second video Greco shows documentation where it seems “His company” not TechSoft has a wholesale account with Verizon.

In this third video Greco talks about how TechSoft Mobile is now the first MLM company to be their own Telecommunication company. I think there may be a couple of companies who will disagree.

Let’s switch gears to Freedom Communication aka Freedom Marketing Group. This new MLM Wireless Player should be very interesting. One issue I found is they use the word “Investment” in their compensation video. This is a no, no and does concern me, that the leaders may not have consulted with a good MLM Attorney before launching.

I’ll keep you posted on what we find.