Patrick Pretty Just Broke The News That FHTM Has Settled With The Texas AG

I received information last week that FHTM had settled, but waited until Patrick reported on this situation. Patrick is one of the best reporters on this type of situation, and I felt as an advocate for network marketing I might comes across to biased to give a fair opinion. I flat out hate it when companies, especially DSA member companies put their field force at risk in these situations!

MLM Firm Fortune High-Tech Marketing (FHTM) Agrees To Refund Up To $1.3 Million To Texas Customers Amid Pyramid Allegations — But Don’t Delay If You’re Only Learning About The Agreement Today

“Fortune High-Tech Marketing Inc. (FHTM), the Kentucky-based MLM firm that has caught the attention of multiple state regulators, has agreed to pay Texas customers up to $1.3 million in refunds, the office of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said.

But do not tarry if you’re a Texas resident and believe you were ripped off by the firm. Although Abbott’s office formally announced the refund program yesterday, the deadline for filing a claim is Nov. 28 — only 12 days from now.

Here is a PDF the claim form, which Abbott’s office says must be submitted to FHTM. In an “Assurance of Voluntary Compliance” between FHTM and Texas (signed in July), the address for the firm is listed as 880 Corporate Drive, Suite 300, Lexington, Kentucky 40503…”

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