MLM News Report: Plexus, Evolv & VEMMA Breaking Records, Review Of Policies From LIFE

MLM News Report

Plexus Worldwide “What If” convention in June, Evolv Health & VEMMA Nutrition Company are Breaking sales records. We review Orrin Woodward’s new company TEAM LIFE Policies and Procedures.

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Plexus Worldwide and their PlexusSlim is rocking the Southern USA, and by the end of 2012, may very well be the #1 weight loss product for diabetics nationwide.

Best In U is the new digit platform for Network Marketing, and whether you are looking for an out-of-the-box business venture, or the coaching programs Best In U offers, they are worth looking into.

Vemma is setting and breaking records on a weekly basis. Since the announcement of Chris Powell coming on board as the endorser, Vemma has not been able to keep Bod-e in the warehouse. Most folks do not realize Vemma is a one stop shop. They own their own formulation, manufacturing, bottling facilities. So unlike many companies, they can crank out the products ASAP. But… The Brankd Partners at Vemma are rocking the world with Bod-e and the results are unquestionable.

This week I did a review on Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady’s new company LIFE. It seems there were some questions on the policies and procedures by critics, so I took the time to go through each section and discuss those which are unique to LIFE. What I found were some great policies protecting distributors (independent member’s of LIFE.)

You can read the full review by clicking here.

One of the solid CFOs in the direct selling community is available for hire Ric Jamison:

Direct Selling CPA/CFO Ric Jamison Resume

Breaking MLM News Update: Robert Dean Comes Clean About TopGun, The Limu Move And How Much Money He Was Paid To Join Momentis Energy

Breaking MLM News Update:

Robert Dean Comes Clean About TopGun, The Limu Move And How Much Money He Was Paid To Join Momentis Energy!

On January 25th, 2012 I wrote an article sharing that Robert Dean was not terminated by Limu.

After that article went public, Robert Dean Jr, reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to interview him and take that interview public, and I agreed!

Below you can listen to the edited interview. Robert Dean and his TOP Gun team covered the following.

– Robert Dean’s past.

– Robert Dean’s Family

– Robert Dean’s Education

– Robert Dean On The Deals

– Robert Dean on Money

– Robert Dean on Noni

– Robert Dean on MonaVie

– Robert Dean on Evolv

– Robert Dean – ViSalus

– Robert Dean – Limu

And much more by nine of the Top Gun Board Of Directors

Breaking MLM Weekly News: Xowii Merges Wityh Evolv Health

This is some of the most exciting news of 2011. Last last year Xowii settled the pending lawsuit with MonaVie and opened a new door in their future. However, there just did not realize how all the positive events surrounding their company was going to change the lives of the distributors and the corporate team.

Tonight on ACE’s Radio Live Jim Gillhouse and myself will be interviewing some or all of the executive team of these two great companies to have them share how this all took place.

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MLM News Covering The Important Direct Selling Stories Of The Week

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Evolv MMA

This weeks MLM News report is sponsored by Evolv MMA, founded by Tra & Tanna Telligman. Tra “Trauma” Telligman, is known through the MMA world as a man of honor, and one tough fighter. Tra & Tanna have never been in network marketing before, and did not join Eolv because of some money story they heard. As a matter of fact, they were drinking the Evolv water long before joining the company as distributors. Here is Tra’s testimonial.

“Being a professional MMA fighter for over 14 years, I found myself living on Ibuprofen. I called it my vice ~ without it I could not have continued to fight for as long as I did. I couldn’t even get out of bed without taking two Ibuprofen…it became as normal as brushing my teeth. Now that I have been drinking Evolv, I no longer need my daily dose of Ibuprofen. I can’t tell you what a huge deal this is for me and my quality of life! That’s when I realized that Evolv was the real deal! It also when I realized that I wanted to share this product with everyone I possibly could. This is when Tanna (who‘s the brains in this relationship) stepped up to the plate. She realized that in order for us to have the vehicle we need to share this product with every one, we needed to become a distributor with the company. Neither one of us had ever been in network marketing before but we quickly realized that it’s not much different than what we do in our normal daily routines already. Meaning, we constantly are networking with people on a daily basis – and us usually sharing about a great restaurant we just tried or a new informative website we came across, etc. Now we just share Evolv! This product is going to be life changing for people worldwide, and we’re just glad that we saw the vision of what good looks like early! With no competition, it’s a runaway train that’s only going forward. We couldn’t stop it if we tried.”

Vemma PM

Vemma Founder BK Boreyko just shot this very interesting video. Honestly I can’t think of any other CEO of a Direct Selling company who has let the whole world into their bedroom while still in their PJs.


ACN: Robert Stevanovski, co-founder of ACN reached out to tell me I got my numbers wrong last week. I stated there were 4K distributors who attended the international training even. The reality is, there was over 20K ACN distributors who attended.

Monitium: This new company has been in the works for a while. Now I have to admit, I am not sure I fully grasp all this company offers. But, I can tell you I will be talking to my two friends Ken Eggleston & Jim Bellacera to learn more on this company. Here is a video and one of their documents explaining more about the company.

Monitium How Does It Work