April 25, 2014 04:17

Breaking MLM News: Evolv Health Files Corporate Espionage Allegations And Receives TRO Against EPIC, eCosway, Glen Jenson And Others

The MLM attorney Kevin Thompson brought up some great questions surrounding EPIC a few weeks ago. I doubt even he would have seen this most current lawsuit coming. Editor’s Update January 17th, 2014 Is it better to raid in secret or raid in plain sight?   Click Here To Read The Original Petition Click Here [...]

MLM Editorial Rant: What Does Ocean Avenue, Evolv, Melaleuca & Max International Have In Common? Ken Dunn

Ocean Avenue

Over the last eight months, I have heard from Network Marketing Pros, around the globe asking me about Ocean Avenue, and what it has in common with Max International and Evolv… Well one of the answers, is Ken Dunn! Now don’t get me wrong there are many other similarities… Great founders, solid products, and profitable [...]

Breaking MLM News: MonaVie President of North America Randy Schroeder Calls Zeek Rewards Ponzi And Is Suing Two Former Top Distributors


Last night when I started getting the links and downloads of Randy Schroeder’s call, I took time to listen, text Dallin Larsen founder of MonaVie my concerns, then took time to reflect on the call and get some advice on how to handle it. As a dug into some of the background I found two [...]

MLM News Report: Concerning News About Garrett & Sylvia McGrath Of Evolv Health, BK & Courtney Boreyko Celebrate Twins, & More MLM news


This weeks MLM News Report is a very special report covering some great MLM Leaders like Garrett & Sylvia McGrath and BK & Courtney Boreyko. Troy Dooly Launches New E.P.I.C. Coaching Series & Monthly Membership Program At MLM Help Desk. You can learn more by visiting the Membership Page here at MLM Help Desk Garrett [...]

Evolv Health Attracts Hector Valdes and Olga Cabrera MLM Leaders In The Hispanic Network Marketing Profession For Over 26 Years


26-Year Network Marketing Professionals Generated $300 Million in Sales and 350,000 Distributors; Now Joining EvolvHealth. Dallas, TX, May 26, 2012 — EvolvHealth, LLC announced today that seasoned entrepreneurs, company owners, and top-earning network marketers, Hector Valdes and Olga Cabrera, will be joining Evolv and promoting the e84 Challenge. Hector Valdes has been a major force [...]

Troy Dooly’s Personal Experience With Evolv Health’s cPRIME Band


When Brent Hicks sent me the cPRIME band, I was not sure what to expect. I had read many testimonials and marketing pieces on the product, but just was not sure. Having been around network marketing for 30 plus years, I have seen just about everything, and magnet products were not new.  But… after wearing [...]

MLM Leader Speaks Out: Top MLM Leader Matt Mason Apologizes To His Friends At ViSalus & Evolv Health

Matt Mason Today

Over the last few months, I have spoken with Matt Mason several times. Mason entered into network marketing in 2007 first at MonaVie, ViSalus Sciences and most recently Evolv Health. Today, Matt share with me his emotional story, and why he is now stepping back from network marketing. His goal is that everyone who listens [...]

Breaking MLM News: Evolv Health Launches New e84 Shake Leap Frogging The Competition


This week I have the unique privilege to interview Evolv Health’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Anne Bodak Smith B.S., D.C., and what a great interview it was. Dr. Smith is the first Chief Science Officer I have interviwed with any network marketing company, so I was not sure what to expect. She quickly put me [...]

Garrett & Sylvia McGrath Founders of Team Inspirt Attract MLM Powerhouses To The Evolv Team Cody McKinley & Chris Tinney


Garrett & Sylvia MrGrath called me on the phone to tell me the news about attracting Tinney and McKinley to the Team Inspirit and Evolv Health. Now for most folks this would not seem like a huge deal, unless you know who Cody McKinley and Chris Tinny are, and what they have accomplished over the [...]

MLM News Report: Covering The DSA, Evolv, ViSalus, Rastelli DIrect, HYIPs, & Natures Pearl

mlm news

This week’s MLM News, covers some very powerful financial numbers for ViSalus, some FaceBook numbers for Evolv (and a surprise sent to me by Garrett & Sylvia McGrath), The DSA response to Wall Street short selling David Einhorn’s questions to Herbalife which caused the stock to drop 20%, Rastelli Direct’s new Ambassador’s programs, the FDA’s [...]

Breaking MLM News Alert: Dr. Michael Shalhoub Co-Founder of True 2 Life and Christian Bonte Master Distributor Join Evolv Health


Breaking MLM News Alert Dr. Michael Shalhoub Co-Founder of True 2 Life and Christian Bonte Master Distributor Join Evolv Health James Christiansen, just texted me with some fantastic news about Dr. Michael Shalhoub and Christian Bonte joining Evolv. This is some fantastic news for a boatload of passionate distributors. Congrats to Dr. Shalhoub and Christian. Click [...]

MLM News Report: New ANMP Board Members And Record Breaking Months For Network Marketing Companies


MLM News Report Covering New ANMP Board Members, Organo Gold, Vemma, Youngevity, Evolv Health, Green Organics, The Limu Company and much more!   BEST SOURCES TO HELP YOU BUILD YOUR MLM EMPIRE SAFELY FROM THE TOP MLM PROFESSIONALS IN THE WORLD ASSOCIATION OF NETWORK PROFESSIONAL OFFICERS President – Garrett McGrath Executive – V.P.  Peter Minglis [...]

Breaking MLM News: Robert Dean & T.O.P.G.U.N. NOT Terminated By The Limu Company As Of January 25th 2012


There has been a rumor running across the internet stating Robert Dean Jr. and T.O.P.G.U.N. has been terminated by The Limu Company. Well I reached out to Gary Raser the founder of TLC, and he confirmed Robert Dean Jr. and T.O.P.G.U.N. had not been terminated, but Robert Dean Jr. and about 30 other T.O.P.G.U.N. members [...]

MLM News: From Billion Dollar Lawsuit To One Company Giving Back

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MLM News: First Lady of MLM Retires, MLM Legend Finds New Home, And More

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Breaking MLM News: Camaron Corr Joins Evolve Health

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT INFORMATION:Josh Higginbotham President ofEvolvHealth, LLC 888-280-9555 media@evolvhealth.com Camaron Corr Takes the Challenge and is Passing It On! Dallas, TX, April 26, 2011 — EvolvHealth, LLC announced today that seasoned entrepreneur and top-earning network marketer Camaron Corr will be joining Evolv and the e84 Challenge. Camaron brings experience, credentials, energy and enthusiasm [...]

Breaking MLM News: Evolv Founder Trey White Comes Clean On Critics Concerns of Past Business Deals

Is Trey White a Texas Billionaire, rubbing shoulders with other Texas billionaires, like Michael Dell, Ross Perot, Robert Bass, T Boone Pickens or Kenny Trout (formerly of Texas)? Or is the Evolv founder, a very successful Texas multi-millionaire who ha entered direct selling in a huge way? I had the privilege of talking with Trey [...]

MLM Company Review: Eovle Health Are They The Next MonaVie Offering Free Agents A New Home

Texas Millionaire Businessman and Serial Entrepreneur, Trey White has come on strong over the last few months as he and his team started to attract some of the most recognized names in MLM to help them pre-launch Evolv Health. Not since MonaVie have I seen so many free agents jumping into the same company. Over [...]