Investigative Perspective The Supplement Danger Zone: AMP Citrate

HeadLast year I started studying the supplement industry after reading an article in the USA Today about Matt Cahill and how he and his company Driven Sports had gotten away with formulating and selling products while he had such a questionable background. You can read the full perspective here.

I have continued to research and investigate the federal regulations surrounding the supplement industry, and how loopholes have allowed so many dangerous products to enter the world and harm people. But this last week I read an article that truly caught my attention due to the fact one of the ingredients mentioned (AMP Citrate), which I knew was being HYPED as the newest answer to weight loss. But… As I studied the ingredient, and which companies were using it, I quickly realized that a new direct selling company was pushing it through one of their flagship products and that concerned me.

This article is not to slam the company or even mention it’s name. This article is to shed some light on the questionable ingredient and to allow folks the ability to determine if the health and ethical risk is worth marketing or taking any product with the AMP Citrate.

The Rest Of The Story…Investigative Perspective The Supplement Danger Zone: AMP Citrate