Why Do People Use Loopholes To Cross-Recruit Former Team Mates?

Since the middle of 2013, I have been writing articles and asking the question… Why Do People Use Loopholes? I wrote this latest article over on my personal website…

Here’s the video and link to the article…

You can read the full article at BeachsideCEO.com


Here are a few of questions to think about:

Are you a stickler for the rules or a rule-breaker?

How is looking for the loopholes playing out in your business?

Which parts of the policies and procedures are you most tempted to ignore? Why?

We’re all guilty in one way or another of looking for loopholes. How have you caught yourself using loopholes in the past?

It’s human nature to apply rules to other people more than we do to ourselves.

How can you use the question “Would I want someone to use this loophole against me?”