MLM News: Youngevity and Escape International Strategic Partnership Official Press Release

We broke this story late Saturday night, as the ink was drying on the strategic partnership agreement. This is a great move for both companies. I know both Steve Wallach and David Rutz, and this alliance is a great move for both companies.

Now, already I have heard grumblings about the fact Escape is leaving behind their compensation plan for the Youngevity compensation plan. I want distributors from both companies to remember, it’s never about the compensation plan. It is about your belief in the leaders and the product line. If you have faith in the products, and the leaders, then the compensation plan will pay you very well.

If you do not believe in the leaders and the products, you can have the best compensation plan ever created, and you will never make a dime.

Here is the official Press release:

Escape International Enters Strategic Partnership with Youngevity