MLM Email Should Include These Three Basic Elements

Email is a tricky subject, and next to politics and religion causes the most arguments between network marketers. Some folks will tell you email marketing is dead, while others will tell you it is the only way to market. Personally, I tend to fall in the middle.
Pivotal Veracity, the #1 DSP (Deliverability Service Provider) in the world, released their latest deliverability report mid-September and I found the information very interesting.

Between June 1st and September 1st, companies who promoted movies, books, and music saw 95% of their emails arrive in the inboxes of their recipients. While during the same, time-period only 59% of emails from companies selling cars made it to the inbox. The reason this caught my eyes, is this is when the “Cash for Clunkers” campaign ran by the US Government was in full swing.
It’s hard for a scammer to make any money running a scam on books, movies or music. But with cars that is a different story. So, if only 59% of automobile emails get through, what do you think the rate of business opportunity email deliverability is?
In most cases, the people sending the emails are using non-white listed email services, or are copying some one else’s email. They do not use professional copywriters or study the emails of professional marketing companies, which is why I decided to write this article on the three basic elements every email should include.

The Rest Of The Story…MLM Email Should Include These Three Basic Elements