MLM Company Review: DuVita Founded By Amber McAdams and Nelson Crowe Is Built On Old Southern Family Values

MLM Company Review:

When Amber McAdams and Nelson Crowe set out to create DuVita, they knew they wanted to create a company build on old Southern Principles. Although DuVita is an Italian word meaning two lives, this company is build on the very principles the DuVita founders have been living their whole lives.

DuVita Values

Integrity: We have a sincere commitment to our distributors and our social values that we back up with actions and not just words

Our products are the finest quality, all natural, herbal supplements that are safe and effective

We are dedicated to creating freedom for people throughout the world by offering the hope and opportunity of a better quality of life and the realization of financial dreams

Our distributors can trust that we always have their interests as a central focus of our business objective

Family: We recognize the strength and importance of families and strive to build an extended family based on unity, respect, and loyalty.

Passion: We believe in what we do both from a business perspective and from a human perspective and everything we do to those ends should be done with dedication, love energy and with a sense of fun.

Commitment: Our products, services, and wealth-creating system will positively and significantly impact the lives of our neighbors worldwide.

Breaking MLM News: Has your Direct Selling Company Been On The Move This Week?

This has been a busy week worldwide for the direct selling industry, as some companies hit an all time high, and others continue to fight off more civil actions.

This week I decidedRichard Brooke & The Gen Why Movie Project as our sponsors.

Richard Brooke Donates 100% of Day of Vision Registrations to Gen Why Movie Project

Max International Update: A couple of weeks ago I did a small piece asking if Max was in a meltdown. Well respected MLM Advocate and Founder of, Lou Abbott contacted me, asking several questions, which caused me to realize that Max distributors might question the stability of their company.

I want to be very clear, Max is in great shape financially. Watch the video below to learn more on my true concerns.

eFusjon is at it again! eFusjon contacts YouTube and falsely accuses Troy Dooly and of copyright infringements.

Here are the original articles written in 2009.
MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson Files Class Action Lawsuit Against eFusjon
Is eFusjon Really A MLM Pyramid Scheme Or Just A Misunderstood MLM Company

Vonumental May Have Just Created a Game Changer in the MLM Wireless Niche for the Paying Customers!

Vonumental Eliminates 100% of Customers Wireless Bill

Duvita Now Offering health care coverage to their family of distributors.

DuVita Provides Health Insurance Plans for Active Associates

Team Verify: Another data company trying to use an MLM Compensation Structure is hurting their distributors and this great profession.

Vemma PM: BK had the team shoot me in a small VEMMA PM care package before he took Courtney to the hospital to deliver their 4th little boy. Check out the video as I received this new product.

FHTM: Over the last few months Fortune High-Tech Marketing has come under fire from several AGs, including their own home state. Although, some may feel the USAToday article is a little one sided it should serve as a wake-up call to the profession for all Companies, Attorneys, Watchdogs, Ambassadors, and most of the the distributors that the time has come to start acting like professional business people, offering products and services to the end user which will sustain the business opportunity even if new recruiting were to slow to a deadly craw.

Catalyst Conference Recap: As you all know I missed last weeks MLM News Review, because I was at the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta. Here is a little recap of the event and the fun we had.

MLM News Covering The Important Direct Selling Stories Of The Week

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Evolv MMA

This weeks MLM News report is sponsored by Evolv MMA, founded by Tra & Tanna Telligman. Tra “Trauma” Telligman, is known through the MMA world as a man of honor, and one tough fighter. Tra & Tanna have never been in network marketing before, and did not join Eolv because of some money story they heard. As a matter of fact, they were drinking the Evolv water long before joining the company as distributors. Here is Tra’s testimonial.

“Being a professional MMA fighter for over 14 years, I found myself living on Ibuprofen. I called it my vice ~ without it I could not have continued to fight for as long as I did. I couldn’t even get out of bed without taking two Ibuprofen…it became as normal as brushing my teeth. Now that I have been drinking Evolv, I no longer need my daily dose of Ibuprofen. I can’t tell you what a huge deal this is for me and my quality of life! That’s when I realized that Evolv was the real deal! It also when I realized that I wanted to share this product with everyone I possibly could. This is when Tanna (who‘s the brains in this relationship) stepped up to the plate. She realized that in order for us to have the vehicle we need to share this product with every one, we needed to become a distributor with the company. Neither one of us had ever been in network marketing before but we quickly realized that it’s not much different than what we do in our normal daily routines already. Meaning, we constantly are networking with people on a daily basis – and us usually sharing about a great restaurant we just tried or a new informative website we came across, etc. Now we just share Evolv! This product is going to be life changing for people worldwide, and we’re just glad that we saw the vision of what good looks like early! With no competition, it’s a runaway train that’s only going forward. We couldn’t stop it if we tried.”

Vemma PM

Vemma Founder BK Boreyko just shot this very interesting video. Honestly I can’t think of any other CEO of a Direct Selling company who has let the whole world into their bedroom while still in their PJs.


ACN: Robert Stevanovski, co-founder of ACN reached out to tell me I got my numbers wrong last week. I stated there were 4K distributors who attended the international training even. The reality is, there was over 20K ACN distributors who attended.

Monitium: This new company has been in the works for a while. Now I have to admit, I am not sure I fully grasp all this company offers. But, I can tell you I will be talking to my two friends Ken Eggleston & Jim Bellacera to learn more on this company. Here is a video and one of their documents explaining more about the company.

Monitium How Does It Work