MLM Pro Duke Kevorkian Documents His Daily MLM Journey At Numis Network

Duke Kevorkian was not born with a silver or gold spoon in his mouth. Although his brother is a founder at Numis Network, he soon found this was any more of a benefit for him, as it was for any other Numis Network Distributor. So after growing through a family tragedy earlier this year, Duke decide to document his personal MLM journey so others on his team and in the industry can see exactly what is needed to win in Direct Sales/MLM/Network Marketing or whatever you call it in your country.

Here is the first video Duke shot giving his viewers an idea of what the future will hold at The MLM Journey Blog!

Here is how Duke describes The MLM Journey Blog…

About The MLM Journey/Duke Kevorkian

Welcome the The MLM Journey-a daily documentary inside the life of Multi-Level Marketing.

I invite you to follow this journey and experience the up’s and down’s as I pursue a successful career within the MLM industry. Throughout this two year venture, on a daily basis, you will see every move I make as each step will take me either closer to my goals or farther from my goals.

Though I truly hope this to be a positive experience and a total success you will, along with myself, see the good-the bad-and the ugly.

Walk with me as I follow all of the advice of every leader and commit MORE than a full time effort to this industry and answer the million dollar question, “Can an average person really make a living inside the multi-level marketing industry?”