Dubli Threatens Legal Action After Their Legal Counsel Mistakes Troy Dooly For Oz At Behind MLM

Yesterday I received a certified letter from Richard P. Sybert, an attorney with Gordon & Rees LLC.

Now before I get into the contents of the letter, I have to say that Mr. Sybert has an impressive legal background.

  • Senior Partner of Gordon Rees
  • Chair of Firm’s Intellectual Property Group
  • National & International Clients
  • Long term practice in Asia
  • Certified Arbitrator
  • Extensive International Experience
  • Former legal executive for Lanard Toys

Breaking Cashback News: Dubli Changes Name to Ominto Inc, Founder Michael Hansen Out As CEO And Appoints New Board And Chairman

DubLicom Ltd. -- MediaNet Group Technologies

Breaking News May 29th, 2015: DubLi Inc. Threatens Legal Action Against Troy Dooly and MLM HelpDesk After Attorney Richard P. Sybert Accuses Troy Dooly Of Hiding Behind False Persona As “Oz” of Behind MLM! 

Breaking News May 11, 2015: Michael Hansen Out As CEO Of DubLi… What does the future hold? 

Since DubLi entered into the U.S.A. back in 2009, I have been concerned, very critical and at times totally amazed at how they continue to stumble and then reinvent themselves (at least on the surface.)

First they were a reverse penny auction, then a gift card seller, then a shopping platform, then an entertainment community, and now it seems they are about to move away from their questionable reputation by renaming the company Ominto, Inc (found that in a one liner inside the press release below.)

Over the last few years, they did a reverse merger into a company (Medianet Technology Group) with what looked like major financial issues as the “new DubLi” DubLi fell out of compliance with the SEC when it fell behind in filing quarterly financials or found the need to file SEC documents restating the financial reports for several quarters.

Breaking MLM Penny Auction Update: Randy Jeffers Launches Bids That Give To Support Underprivileged Children

Randy Jeffers is not new to Network Mareketing. As one of the most colorful founders in current MLM history, he has experienced both ups and downs. Randy rose to fame by launching one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in history Destiny TelCom, just to see it fall when regulators came busting through the doors.

After fighting off regulators on every front, all that was left was Randy’s drive to build another company. Liberty International was born, and for years Randy run under the radar, creating a very successful company, with thousands of networkers earning their products and services for free, and several hundred became financially independent.

In 2009 – 2010 during the MLM Wireless Wars (you can read more on this site), Randy Jeffers and his team launched WOW Mobile, quickly taking on all the other pre-paid MLM wireless companies and dominating… for a short period of time. Soon, it was exposed that WOW Mobile through no fault of their own (except Randy didn’t see something in the fine print of his agreement between T-Mobile and himself), that both he and his LLC were responsible for all international calls maded by customers and reps of WOW Mobile. Long story short, Randy bankrupted the company, and distributors purport they are still owed missions in back commissions.

Randy, went on to help launch Liberty International network, and went back to creating a solid program, where thousands get their products/services for free, while a few long time leaders are still enjoying financial freedom.

Which brings up to the current MLM trend Unique Bid Auctions aka Penny Auctions aka Reverse Auctions. DubLi Network is the first such company to launch in the USA back in 2009 – 2010. DubLi slowed down to correct some of their early issues, and then focused on international expansion.

In 2010 Rex Venture Group, launched their penny auction house Zeekler, and in 2011 added Zeek Rewards, their Network Marketing affiliate organization to help market and advertise Zeekler. In nine short months, they quickly became the fastest growing, and largest MLM organization of any first year startup (source Network Marketing Business Journal) in modern history.

BidiFy launched in 2012, to become the first competitor of Zeek Rewards and is quickly coming on strong internationally. They have just launched their new penny auction house Bidsson.com and are growing steady in the USA as well as worldwide.

Today, July 4th, 2012, Randy Jeffers has opened for prelaunch his “Bids That Give” penny auction house and MLM Income opportunity (although Randy Jeffers is stating Bids That Give is NOT mlm).

Next week I will be doing a deeper investigation into the whole business model. But I do caution anyone who is looking at Bids That Give to fully understand a couple of concerns I have.

1. Although I personally do not think penny auctions fall under the U.S. Code of what is defined as a direct selling company, at this time that is the only reference point the regulators have to work with, and if any penny auction house is stating “we are not MLM” that is a red flag to be concerned with.

2. History has proven that when a for profit company (with a compensation plan) leads off with “giving to the needy” the SEC, FTC and State AGs feel the hair on the back of the neck’s start to prickle. Several very successful networker marketers have tried this in the past just to have regulators get involved. Randy is a smart businessman and has access to great legal minds, so only time will tell, but this is a red flag concern.

If you love the unique bid auction niche, and you are reviewing Bids That Give, just realize this is a young niche and is still very vulnerable to regulatory actions.

I have always enjoyed speaking with Randy Jeffers and have found he doesn’t back down from the hard questions. I look forward to chatting with him in the near future on this new venture.

Plus in seeing some of the growing pains the other auction houses have or are going through, just be very careful.

Troy Dooly Comes Clean On His Position With Unique Bid Auction Companies Zeek Rewards, BidiFy and DubLi

This is a really short editorial because I take 18 minutes to share my heart. After taking to heart what both the Anti-Scam community leaders have to say, and what some of the leaders inside the network marketing community have to say, I went for a drive with my wife Paige and talked with her. Now I am willing to share a few words to clear up some of the questions folks have about why it seems I am advocating Unique Bid Auction companies Zeek Rewards, BidiFy and DubLi Network.

I want to personally thank the folks on both sides of this issue, for their insights and thoughts. It is through this continued collaboration that we will continue to bring a fair and balanced review on any and all companies so to save financial harm to millions.

Living An Epic Adventure,
Troy Dooly

DubLi Proves Unique Bid Reverse Auctions Work For The Average Consumer

As some of you know when DubLi launched DubLi Network in 2009 here in the USA, I was not only skeptical I may have been one of the biggest critics. However, as I have reported recently, with their changes they made after hiring MLM attorneys, Grimes & Reese and other network marketing consultants, and merging into MediaNet Group, they went on to become the world’s largest online shopping and entertainment network marketing company in the world. But… What about the Reverse (Unique Bid) Auctions, do they really work?

Today, I really just want to focus on a few key points about DubLi (the shopping and entertainment) site, not DubLi Network the network marketing arm.

Now in case you have not watched the video above, I also want to disclose that John Benham, the Senior Director of Marketing at the DubLi Network is a close personal friend, and someone I have been in business with several times over the last couple of decades.

I can also say, it is through John Benham’s influence that I decided to take a closer look at DubLi and the DubLi Network after our initial coverage back in 2009.

Benham, sent me an email last week, and after studying it and working through the links, I found some solid info, that I feel based on the amount of folks who are investigating the unique bid auctions should be aware of.

– The biggest difference between DubLi and everyone else at this time seems to be the fact they have taken the reverse (unique Bid) auctions from being the leading product, and made them more of just an entertainment byproduct of the DubLi site.

Now with that said, it is clear that the reverse auctions truly seem to work…


DubLi Reverse Auction



– Shopping and entertainment are the biggest part. People can save up to 30% on the things they buy everyday from the retailers they already by from…. Apple, Walmart, Nordstroms, Target, etc.

– I did want you to know that 100% of our Xpress (reverse bid) Auctions sell below face value.

– DubLi is selling over 6,000 gift cards a day all below face value! These monies can be transferred to a DubLi e-wallet, DubLi Debit Card or your checking account.

– 100% of DubLi’s Unique Bid Auctions also sell items below value. (These are the Big Ticketed Item Above)

In my opinion DubLi.com is the standard all Unique Bid Auctions should be aiming towards. I don;t care if the auction house has an affiliate program or not!

Tom Chenault Asks The Question Everyone Is Thinking… Is Troy Dooly Endorsing Zeek Rewards & DubLi Network?

Yesterday I received a call from my close friend and long time mentor Tom Chenault because he had received a call himself, from a close friend who asked “Does Troy Dooly endorse Zeek Rewards, and the Unique Auction niche?”

Chenault, went on to mention he had heard my videos were all over Zeek Reward’s site, and that it might have been mentioned that the Association of Network Marketing Professionals also endorsed Zeek Rewards.

Well let me make it perfectly clear, the ANMP aka Association of Network Marketing Professionals, does NOT endorse Zeek Rewards or any other network marketing company for that matter. We do have network marketing companies who sponsor our crusade and help us in underwriting the costs in educating both companies and distributors on the best practices to be used in the network marketing community. And we have sponsors who help underwrite our legal fund when we fight along side the DSA in defeating legislative bills which could harm the network marketing community as a whole.

Now as for me endorsing Zeek Rewards, DubLi Network or any other company inside the Unique Auction niche. I do not endorse any one company. However, I am very vocal in supporting corporate leadership who understand the need to hire the best legal and compliance minds today, to make sure the company has the best chance of becoming a viable network marketing opportunity for the independent business owners who decide to signup to market their brand.

Now I can say that based on the current information I have at hand, DubLi and Zeekler do seem to be the two “Unique Bid Companies” inside the network marketing community who are doing it right, or at least are trying to do it right. That does not mean BidiFy or Co2 Rewards will not get their act together, it just means the others are ahead of the compliance game.

Now for those who may be scratching their head wondering what a Unique Bid Company is, then join the club, I had the same issue.

To make is simple, there are two types of Unique Bid Auction companies in the niche today. Both seemed to have originated in Europe around the middle of the first decade of the 21st century.


Highest Unique Bid aka Penny Auctions. This is where the bidder must have the highest unmatched bid when the auction closes to win.

Lowest Unique Bid aka Reverse Auction. This is where the bidder must have the lowest unmatched bid when the auction closes to win.

Well for some this will clarify where I stand on this issue, for others they will still wonder… For all, I will do two more videos and article on the Unique Bid Auction Niche to help us all better understand why people are attracted to this type of business model.

Living An Epic Adventure

Troy Dooly

Breaking MLM News: Sneak Peak Of The New DubLi Network Infomercial And The Boca Leadership Event

Thanks to John Benham the Senior Director of Marketing of DubLi I have received an inside review of the full 30 min infomercial which will launch nationwide on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX in April 18th. Below you can view a teaser… Plus pictures and info from what I have called the Re-Launch of the DubLi Network in the USA!

Editors Correction: IN the video I state “JOhn Benham is the new CMO of Dubli. This is NOT correct. John Benham is the Senior Director of Marketing of DubLi!

DubLi Network Announces a strategic partnership with Publimedia, a division of Grupo Gestevision Telecinco, S.A., the top-rated television station in Spain, launching the first DubLi Partner Program under its newly-revised Customized Partner Program platform.

Publimedia Joins DubLi Partner Program

Highlights From DubLi Leadership Conference in Boca April 2012

The DubLi Worldwide Leader Event in Boca a Huge Success!

The Marriott Boca Center in Boca Raton, Florida served as the perfect setting for one of the most exciting events DubLi has ever had. The top 250 leaders from around the world attended this elite senior leadership meeting for two power packed days that will change the DubLi opportunity forever.

Some of the event’s highlights included:

  • Key note addresses from DubLi CEO Michael Hansen, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, Dr. Charles King, and many leaders from the field, board of directors, and key headquarters executives.
  • The world premiere of the new “The Deal” infomercial and television campaign that begins on April 18th and will air on ABC, Fox, NBC, and CBS and as well as other networks throughout the rest of the year.
  • A look at the many new enhancements to the DubLi.com portal including the new navigation, look and feel, and new mobile apps that will greatly enhance the DubLi consumer experience.
  • The announcement that DubLi’s parent company MediaNet Group Technologies, intends to apply for listing on the NASDAQ Stock Market during 2012.
  • The first-ever sales certification training for the new white label Partner Program and the announcement of media giant Telecinco as the first company to implement this new program.
  • New tools and enhancements to DubLiNetwork.com including the all new DubLiTV, DubLi Academy, the new Home Parties Program, auto renewal features, and much more.
  • Recognition of the newest promotions for Team Coordinator, Sales Directors and our two newest Vice Presidents- Anton Wieser and ElaineBychenkova. The DubLi Circle of Champions members were also honored with custom crystal awards including Dean Mannheimer, Jorg Wittke, Thomas Schmidt, Villads Vest-Hansen, Walther Richter, Valentin Savchenko, Declan Barnett, and Tom Ashlock.
  • Exciting new additions to the headquarters executive team that bring even more talent and experience to the table to help take DubLi to a whole new level.
  • The announcement of the next DubLi International Leadership Event in Dubai, September 7-9, 2012.
  • And much more.

Source: dublinetwork.com via Troy on Pinterest


#2 Two New Leaders Promoted to the Vice-President Level

One of the highlights of the DubLi Boca Raton Leader Event was the field promotions of the company’s two newest Vice Presidents- Anton Wieser and ElaineBychenkova.

Anton is the first DubLi Vice President in Austria and Elaine is the first female DubLi Vice President in Russia. Please help us congratulate these two great leaders on all of their accomplishments.

#3 The Next DubLi International Event to be Held in Dubai September 7th-9th

At the DubLi Leader Event in Boca Raton, DubLi CEO Michael Hansen announced that the DubLi International Leadership Event will be held in Dubai, September 7-9, 2012. This is sure to be an event for the ages as DubLi leaders from around the world will converge on Dubai for this life-changing experience.

Check back often for event and registration details to be posted soon. Make your plans to attend and be part of history at the DubLi International Leadership Event in Dubai.

#4 John Benham Joins the DubLi Executive Team


At the Leader Event in Boca Raton last weekend, DubLi CEO Michael Hansen announced that John M. Benham has joined the DubLi executive team as the Senior Director of Marketing.

Benham has over 27 years of experience in the marketing, direct sales, and networking industries. He has had tremendous success in building and leading huge national leadership teams in the field, and in serving in senior executive positions of several highly successful companies.

His first 14 years were spent building national field teams in both Primerica and World Marketing Alliance. He then transitioned to an executive role to bring his creative marketing and leadership talents to field forces that grow to over 250,000 leaders with WMA, World Financial Group, World Leadership Group, AdzZoo and others.

John Benham will be focusing his efforts on enhancing the marketing efforts internally for the company as well as working very closely with the field.