Inside Secrets of MLM Compensation Plans by MLM Advocate Len Clements

INSIDE SECRETS OF M.L.M. COMPENSATION PLANS  Presented by MarketWave CEO and DRA board member Len Clements

Len ClementsCompensation plans can be one of the most mysterious and confusing aspects of a network marketing opportunity. Although most companies employ qualified compensation plan consultants to assist them in developing efficient, ethical pay plans, there are a not-so-small minority that do not. Whether it be due to incompetence, deliberate deception, or a reluctant but necessary effort to remain competitive, there are several comp plan aspects being employed today that look great on paper, in theory, that rarely live up to the hype. Some companies are counting on the ignorance and naïveté of their distributors and prospects when designing their pay plans.

That is, they weren’t counting on you hearing a presentation like this one.

Inside Secrets of M.L.M. Compensation Plans is a presentation much like that of a rogue magician who exposes how all the tricks work. Once they’ve done that, the illusions lose their power to persuade. Len intends to do the same thing with M.L.M. compensation plans.

Here are just some of the points that will be covered in this presentation:

1) Why your compensation plan is the least important aspect of your opportunity’s income potential.

2) The importance of where a plan is “weighted” and how most plans today are weighted the opposite of what is most optimal.

3) How BVs and CVs are used to manipulate you and water down a pay plan.

4) Why every plan has “breakage” (unpaid commissions) and how to spot it.

5) Why no plan can pay “infinitely” in depth, and the catch among those who claim they do.

6) Other illusionary pay plan benefits that rarely benefit anyone, and why.

This will surely be a controversial, but extremely enlightening presentation. But to be clear, this discussion will not favor any one type of pay plan over another (see #1 above). The aspects exposed during this 60 minute training will be applicable to any and all types of plans, and every distributor is vulnerable to them regardless of what type of plan their company uses.

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The call is at 5:30 PST (8:30 EST), Thursday, Feb. 4th. To listen only, call: 712-432-1001, access code 485438492# To participate in Q&A (time permitting), call: 712-432-1000, code 569864201# Thanks. Len