Update July 18 2009 On MLM Watchdog Rod Cook Rushed To Emergency Room With Chest Pains

Attention: Current update on the MLM Watchdog Rod Cook – As of July 18, 2009

Marcie Cook wrote…

I will be bringing Rod home from the hospital today-Saturday.
He will continue to be on total bedrest for 10-12 days and take his antibiotic orally vs via IV. Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and caring. Marcie

The MLM Watchdog Rod Cook (Chairman of the Distributors Right’s Association) was taken to the Emergency Room for Chest Pains by his wife and best friend Marcie Cook.

Rod Cook MLM Watchdog Marcie Cook

Marcie, is by Rod’s side right now, and will keep us posted throughout the day. In the mean time let’s set aside any differences we might have in MLM ideology and as Network Marketing family members who love Network Marketing, let’s lift up some prayers for Rod and Marcie.

What would be great, is if everyone who reads this post will send me at email or better yet, leave a comment here on the page so Rod & Marcie can read them.

Rod & Miss Marcie I love you both and we are all praying.

Never Give UP,