uTHRiV Founders Joe Tessin & Brian Dee Share The Real Story Behind Their Partnership


A couple of weeks ago, I have the privilege of meeting Joe Tessin and Brian Dee in Atlanta Georgia in the Club Lounge at the Renaissance Concourse hotel. They took several hours to answer my questions, and to give me some real insight into the passion of launching uTHRiV. 

What brings a Boston Yankee and a Georgia Rebel together to launch a very unique network marketing company? In the interview above you can learn firsthand how Tessin and Dee became friends and then business partners. However, like the uniqueness of uTHRiV, is the backgrounds of Joe Tessin and Brian Dee. Who would have ever guessed these two would connect on such a deep level?

Who is Kirby Cochran, CEO of Wake Up Now? His Secret Agenda May Shock You!

Kirby Cocran CEO Wake Up NowAbout the only two things that would cause a person not to be surprised that he is the CEO of Wake Up Now, is the fact he lives in Utah, and is very active in his Mormon Community! Yet, he and his team have taken this floundering direct selling software company, and turned it into one of the most talked about companies in network marketing in 2014.

I sat down with Kirby Cochran and he shared for the first time his secret agenda with Wake Up Now. Will this agenda help or hurt the WUNLife community moving forward? You Decide!

Behind MLM Live Life 360 Review: Grey pay to play concerns

Live Life 360 launched in early 2014 and are headed up by co-founders Jesse Riddle (CEO), David Wood (President), Sam Robinson (Executive Vice-President of Operations) and Dr. Christina Beer (Executive Vice-President of Science and Research). In his Live Life 360 corporate bio, Riddle is credited with ’more than 25 years of business management experience and 10 [Continue reading…]

Source: Live Life 360 Review: Grey pay to play concerns

Read the full article and join in the discussion over at BehindMLM.

Why Former NFL Denver Bronco Rod Smith Loves MLM Especially Organo Gold

Rod Smith

Rod Smith is a unique success story. He was raised in Arkansas, went to college at Missouri Southern State in Podunk Joplin Missouri, signed with the Broncos as an undrafted free agent, then went on to play all 14 of his professional football seasons with the Denver Bronco’s breaking and setting both club and NFL records year after year. What more he is one of the few top NFL stars that went his whole career controversy free! Rod’s Wikipedia page gives a great overview on his career, ad does the NFL page. 

Rod Smith
So why does a multi-million dollar future NFL Hall of Fame athlete love Network marketing, especially Organo Coffee? Well before I get into that, I want you to watch a video of Rod which was create as a tribute to his career at the Broncos. Listen towards the end as Rod shares in his own words.

As I watched the videos below, I realized two very special attributes about this servant leader.



1. When he signs on to play on your team, he is loyal to the end. He is not one of these guys who uses his fame to jump from company to company looking for the next recognition deal.

2. He loves his team, and will fight to make sure every player gets the credit for the WIN. It is not the Rod Smith show.

Rod Smith

When Rod left football, he went full-time into creating one of the most fascinating multidimensional companies I have seen lately. From an outsiders perspective, it looks as if Rod Smith, created a division of his company around the things he enjoys or uses the most; Communication, Travel, Real Estate, Coffee, Speaking, and most of all Charities.

When Rod enter into MLM he chose a unique company Organo Gold.

Let me leave you with this… Rod Smith is a unique success story, and if you qualify to be part of his team, then you have truly earned a spot with a Servant Leader… A giving COACH! Here is one of the most current News Conferences with Rod Smith. Because it is over 30 minutes long, you get one of the best looks at the real Rod Smith!

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Breaking MLM News: Mary Kay Quits India Citing Regulatory Issues, Poor Sales

Mary Kay is leaving India, which will leave at least 4500 Mary Kay reps looking for a new home! Now, without a doubt it is rough right now in India for direct selling companies, but I sure wish there was a better way to protect the reps!

Mary Kay Leaves India



Direct selling brand Mary Kay India has wound up its Indian operations citing regulatory concerns and poor sales.

Sources close to the development said it was “purely a financial decision”, one that was communicated to its distributors or direct selling agents as early as February.

In its communication to the distributors, Mary Kay Inc said: “We have seen the regulatory environment in India for both direct selling and cosmetics companies dramatically change and change again at an alarming and inconsistent rate, while the country’s infrastructure continues to create insurmountable obstacles. Despite significant investments of time and money, our operation in India has not performed as we had hoped and expected. So, we have made the decision to reallocate the company’s resources to other international markets.”

Mary Kay

Mary Kay Inc entered India in 2007 and has invested close to $20 million in its venture. It launched a number of India-specific products and had nearly 100 stock-keeping units in categories such as skincare, fragrances and cosmetics.

The company had earlier told Business Line that it was thinking of setting up a third-party manufacturing facility in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.

Mary Kay, which has 2.5 million distributors in about 35 markets globally, became famous for offering pink Cadillacs to its top sales persons. In India, it had about 4,500 beauty agents and four third-party warehouses.


The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) is planning to hold its first meeting in India with various stakeholders to address the industry’s concerns. The association, which has CEOs of global direct selling companies on its board, will be seeking a separate legislation for the industry in India.

Direct selling health and wellness firm Amway, too, has said lack of clarity on regulatory norms is hitting its business, with growth slowing to about 5-7 per cent this year.

Speaking to Business Line, William S. Pinckney, Managing Director and CEO of Amway India, said: “Despite the fact that FMCG is a relatively buoyant category, we are seeing moderate growth.

“This is largely due to regulatory issues. If the issues are resolved it will be double-digit growth.”

Pinckney also noted that lack of clarity on the definition of direct selling was creating confusion among distributors.

“We were among the first to invest in direct selling, in 1995. You cannot ask companies to come and invest in India and abandon them midway.” bindu.menon@thehindu.co.in

(This article was published on July 24, 2013)