Troy Dooly Comes Clean On His Position With Unique Bid Auction Companies Zeek Rewards, BidiFy and DubLi

This is a really short editorial because I take 18 minutes to share my heart. After taking to heart what both the Anti-Scam community leaders have to say, and what some of the leaders inside the network marketing community have to say, I went for a drive with my wife Paige and talked with her. Now I am willing to share a few words to clear up some of the questions folks have about why it seems I am advocating Unique Bid Auction companies Zeek Rewards, BidiFy and DubLi Network.

I want to personally thank the folks on both sides of this issue, for their insights and thoughts. It is through this continued collaboration that we will continue to bring a fair and balanced review on any and all companies so to save financial harm to millions.

Living An Epic Adventure,
Troy Dooly