MLM Wireless News: PHPI Has Hired Vegas Based Law Firm To Answer The Global Verge Complaint

Hey I want to get a little update out on the MLM Wireless Niche, especially an update on People Helping People, Inc. aka PHPI and the legal action involving Global Verge.

Last week I shot a video and wrote an article stating… At that time PHPI nor Derrick Rodgers had, in my opinion hired any world class law firm. I based my opinion on the fact a world class law firm would not allow their client to put out any type of marketing email statement, or any statement as far as that goes, which could hurt their case in court.

Well it has come to my attention that the law firm Throndal, Armstrong, Delk, Balkenbush & Eisinger of Las Vegas has been retained by Derrick Rodgers to represent People Helping People, Inc, and I must assume Derrick personally against the civil complaint filed by Global Verge.

As more becomes available form both sides through the court we will get it up so all distributors can be kept up to date on this pending issue.

In other areas of the MLM Wireless niche…

Chris Greco has parted ways with Global Pros, and joined Kevin Sipe to launch TechSoft Mobile. Now from our understanding, and we are still digging into all the facts, Chris is an independent contractor as of this writing, but could very well become an officer in the company, and may hold equity through one of his companies. Agian, this is not completely clear, as we are still searching for the official documentation that TechSoft Mobile is a legit entity and not a sole proprietor.

Ron Williams CEO of Global Pros, reached out this week, and due to pending projects, I have not had a chance to get with him to see how things are coming along with their launch. I plan on connecting with Ron nest week.

Panther Mobile (Harry Aston’s) company is still working through all the refund requests, as he and his team relaunch the company after the split from Kevin Sipe.

I have received some concerns from former and current distributors of Zoom Mobile, which has delayed the second article in the series. I am drafting an email with questions to George Burton, through his attorney Matthew Foreman.

Excel Wireless has launched and seems to be the only MLM Wireless company offering 100% free signup. Not sure how much overhead they have, but based on their compensation plan payouts, I hope they are running a very financially tight business.

Lightyear Network Solutions, bought their first telecommunication company since going public. We predicted that Sherm Henderson would start to buy smaller companies back in February when he took his company public. Keep an eye on this company, because I have a feeling Sherman Henderson is starting to put together a run to become the next billion dollar telecommunication company.

If you have news pass it out way.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

MLM Wireless News: PHPI CEO Derrick Rodgers Responds To Some Of The Global Verge Lawsuit

My hat is off to Derrick Rodgers for responding at all. However, I think in the long run it would have been better if he had responded through the “Best of the Best law firms” he states People Helping People Inc, have hired.

Seriously, it is a good thing for Derrick and PHPI to address this issue. However, I have to question several items in Derrick’s response.

1. Derrick states PHPI has hired the best of the best legal firms to handle this and other legal issues at People Helping People. Well, having invested several of my adult years dealing with litigation attorney’s both as a client and a respondent in cases, I have yet to find one, who did not tell their client to keep their mouth shut, and let the attorney do the talking.

In several of the current cases and potential cases surrounding the MLM Wireless Niche, we have been contacted by the clients litigation attorneys to respond to both articles I have written and other concerns which have been brought up by other reporters, Watchdogs and Advocates.

There are a couple of reasons why litigation attorneys do the talking for their clients.

1. Nothing said by the attorney can be used be used against their client.

2. Litigation attorneys want to get their side of the issue out for the public to fully understand, without the emotional attachment, their clients have to the situation.

Derrick, makes several “personal” statements which can be used by Global Verge in this case. And if Derrick denies he said them, then Global Verge’s attorney will bring up Derrick’s response as evidence. Which leaves Derrick in an awkward position. He will either have to deny he wrote the email below under oath, or he will have to defend his response. Either way what he has stated may be used against him, especially, if Global Verge has a witness who while in the company of Derrick Rodgers heard him say anything about Global Verge.

Which brings up an interesting thought. In my last couple of posts, we say that Derrick was asked about the Global Verge lawsuit. Specifically what had been written in this community, and he “asked that his responses NOT be made part of the minutes.”

Which means, even if he did not use the words “Global Verge” he still addressed part of the Global Verge lawsuit.

Maybe the PHPI distributors can get him to address the following parts of the lawsuit which he did not address:

1. Third Claim For Relief: Misappropriation

2. Fourth Claim For Relief: Conversion

3. Fifth Claim For Relief: Tortuous Interferences with Contractual Relations

4. Six Claim For Relief: Tortuous Interference With Prospective Economic Gain

5. Seventh Claim For Relief: Civil Conspiracy/Concert Of Action

6. Eight Claim For Relief: Unfair Competition/Unjust Enrichment

7. Ninth Claim For Relief: Injunctive Relief

8. Tenth Claim For Relief:

Well, hopefully, PHPI attorneys will soon contact us on behalf of their client and give us their side of things. Maybe we will be able to get copies of the counter-suit Derrick and PHPI may file. Or copies of a settlement offer. Either way, we will post what we are given.

Derrick Rodgers CEO of PHPI Responds To Global Verge Lawsuit

Global Verge Files Civil Complaint Against Derrick Rodgers and People Helping People Inc.